365 Days 4 Release Date Happen Or Not Confirmed Updates

Netflix’s erotica series 365 Days 4 has been a huge success since its 2020 debut. The third film in the series premiered in August 2022 and has since racked up 39.31 million hours of viewing time on Netflix, and viewers still can’t stop talking about how the story will wrap up.

Blanka Lipiska, whose novels serve as the basis for the films, has not yet published a fourth installment in the series. The movies have already departed so far from the book’s premise, however, that there is yet hope for a fourth film adaptation. We don’t have any official confirmation just yet, but here’s what we do know about the possible fourth episode.

365 Days 4 Release Date

We are not privy to any official release information at this time. Release dates for parts two and three were so close because they were shot simultaneously. It’s possible that a fourth picture hasn’t been secretly shot, but we have no way of knowing. A whole year passed between the events of 365 Days and 365 Days: This Day. It seems like we’ll have to wait until 2024 to enjoy a new movie every day. Netflix usually decides whether or not to renew a programme or movie based on its ratings and reviews, and this franchise was doing quite well. The sooner we get some positive news, the better.

365 Days 4 Plotline

The movie’s future is still unknown. Massimo and Nacho would likely keep competing for Laura’s affections. The next movie 365 Days 4 might explore other underworld activities. After being engaged at the end of the second film, Domenico and Olga are likely to tie the knot in the third. In the novel, Laura ultimately chooses Nacho while Massimo keeps her hostage, poisons her, and attempts to make her pregnant; the way the fourth installment takes might be a reflection of that.

It’s possible that anything may occur; finding out is only a question of time. No one in the production crew has discussed the third film’s conclusion. So, it’s unclear what she ultimately decided. On the plus side, the director may use the void to his advantage in his future project.

365 Days 4 Cast And Characters

365 Days 4 Cast

It’s reasonable to assume that Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone, who play Laura and Massimo, will return for the inevitable fourth episode. Nacho, played by Simone Susinna, will also return since the tale would be lacking in tension without him. We also assume that Magdalena Lamparska, who plays Laura’s best friend Olga, will return.

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365 Days  Recap

Massimo goes to the cemetery to pay his respects to Adriano, his twin brother who was slain in the first movie. He then goes to see how Laura is doing now that she has survived Adriano’s assault. Laura, sexually dissatisfied, seduces Massimo during one of his business meetings against the doctor’s advice that she avoid intimacy until she has time to recuperate.

Laura later relaxes with her closest friend Olga and considers the meaning of her miraculous survival and the direction she should take with her second opportunity. Then, Nacho calls her to express sorry for his lies and that he can’t stop thinking about her. Laura rejects him, but she tells Olga that she is having a hard time controlling her desire to Massimo’s opponent despite being married.

The group of pals goes out to a club for some R&R, where Laura later hooks up with Massimo for some sex after a private strip show. But Massimo is worried by Laura’s earlier escape with Nacho to a private island, and he accuses her of cheating on him; he is also furious because she had not informed him about the pregnancy.

As far as Laura is concerned, his family is to blame for the loss of her child. Massimo attempts to make up with Laura by having sex with her the next morning, but he gives up when Laura starts daydreaming about Nacho. Massimo and his friends frequent a kink club, but he doesn’t use the occasion to cheat on Laura.

Laura, worried about the future of her marriage, focuses on her fashion business and acts as a brand spokesperson to avoid dwelling on her problems. In Portugal, where Nacho happens to be staying for a surfing competition, she and Olga get an invitation to the Lagos Fashion Fair. Despite her best efforts, Laura continues to have vivid sexual nightmares about him despite her attempts to avoid him.

Laura and him meet in the club hosting the fashion show, have a brief talk before Laura kisses him, and then go on to have sex on the beach. For the same reason that Nacho saved Massimo’s life, he is in love with Laura; nonetheless, he will wait for her and not try to push them together. When Laura gets back to her hotel, an irate Massimo is waiting to confront her about her inappropriate actions. Due to Laura’s divorce threats and Massimo’s respect for Laura’s need for space, the couple has just separated.

Laura moves back live with her parents in Poland but is still uncertain about who she loves. Her mother reminds her that she is almost 30 years old, and so it has been over a year since she first met Massimo, and she advises her to put her own pleasure first. Later on, Laura has a dream in which she is with the other two males.

Olga calls to tell her that Massimo knows about her romance with Nacho and that she’s terrified he’ll kill her because of it. Unruffled, Laura makes up her mind that she has to go back to Sicily and see Massimo. As soon as she gets there, she finds out that Nacho pretended to be her chauffeur. He pleads with Laura to remain with him, explaining that his emotions for her developed from friendship rather than love at first sight. When Laura asks for some quiet time to figure something out, Nacho patiently waits for her a second time.

On the beach, Laura and Massimo had arranged to meet. To Laura, he expresses regret for his former dominating actions and his absence following the loss of their child. Massimo’s father instilled in him the importance of not rushing into relationships, and he uses this advice to comfort Laura when she tells him about her affair with Nacho. When he presses her for an answer on the subject of which guy she will select, Laura remains silent.

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365 Days 4 Trailer And Teaser

Instead, I’ll show you the old trailer.

365 Days 4 Poster Look

But if you insist, here’s the dated poster soon.


It’s no secret that this film has gone viral throughout the globe and is now the most-watched title on Netflix. Astonishingly, all three episodes were produced with such precision. They choose beautiful, interesting homes for shoots, but don’t bother to employ a stylist.

Many of the film’s scenes are heavily reliant on the stunning landscape in scilly, giving the impression that a gang of rockies hired a mansion and began filming a low-budget production there. They obviously couldn’t afford a good hairdresser, since Laura’s locks are often a mess. Not once have I seen the wife of a prominent guy wearing any branded accessories or jewellery. She surprises me by taking a cab back home on a regular trip after leaving a letter saying the aircraft is available to her at any time.

The more I think about the scenario, the less likely it seems that such a powerful guy would fail to notice that she had a miscarriage in the accident. After three installments, we still don’t know what occurred in the tunnel. While watching the third installment, I noted that the tempo had slowed down, making the sections with conversation easier to understand. Character growth was the book’s main draw for me. In a tricky twist, the great Massimo lets his guard down and puts the audience in a bind.

He loved Laura just once, but she destroyed him forever. However, I just can’t bring myself to feel sympathy for Laura. That’s very egocentric, childish, and ungrateful of you. My heart goes out to both of the guys since Blanka is driving us nuts at the moment. Regarding Natcho, as I indicated before, I think he was cast appropriately and within the allotted budget. Massimo’s Italian accent is much superior than his own Jamaican one. Natcho seems like such a sweet little lad; surely he can’t be Massimo’s adversary.

At some point throughout the love triangle, I burst into spontaneous laughter. This trilogy’s score has always been excellent, but there are times when it makes me feel like I’m watching a musical instead of a film. I know I’m in the minority when I say I enjoyed the first few minutes of this film and hoped it would only improve from there. Incontestably, the climax implies that a 365 Days 4 is on the way.

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