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Aggretsuko Season 6: If there’s one thing we can take away from Season 6 of Aggretsuko, it’s that we should never give up on trying to start again, no matter how old we are. The anime’s protagonist, Retsuko, first appeared while she was doing a boring job and hoping for a change.

With listening to heavy metal, she was able to escape her daily routine and express herself. Since then, she has had a very non-routine existence. Retsuko matured as a person and improved as a result of the lessons she learned throughout the years. In Season 5, we finally see the last pieces fall into place that led to Retsuko’s decision to join politics.

We won’t say whether or not this person rises to political power, however. I can tell you with absolute certainty that you have not seen Retsuko again. What the future holds for the lovable red panda, if we ever have the opportunity to find out.

Read on for a complete rundown of everything to expect from the upcoming sixth season of Aggretsuko.

Aggretsuko Season 6 Release Date

Until Netflix acquired her, Aggretsuko was simply one of several characters from Sanrio’s extensive catalogue. Now, thanks to Netflix, everyone’s favourite cartoon panda is a red panda. Produced in an alternate universe where animals stand in for humans and conduct lives not too unlike from our own.

Individuals get up early, feel sad or happy, and work hard to satisfy their own desires. Because of Retsuko’s difficulties in communicating at work, we’ve all come to feel sympathy for her.

Aggretsuko is now a very well-liked anime series. When Season 5 premiered, everyone was wondering whether Aggretsuko would return for Season 6. Absolutely not. Aggretsuko ends with its fifth and final season. It’s unfortunate that there were only 5 seasons of this great programme. Netflix has said definitively that Season 5 is the last, despite persistent speculations to the contrary.

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Aggretsuko Season 6 Cast And Main Lead

Animal features and human expressions combine in Rarecho’s interesting series to represent issues we confront in the workplace. The ensemble cast of this comedy anime is a major reason for the show’s popularity.

Aggretsuko Season 6 Cast And Character

The Japanese voice actors for the abrasive red panda, Retsuko, are Kaolip and Rarecho. Erica Mendez and Jamison Boaz provided the English voiceovers. Retsuko, our heroine, is a twentysomething office worker like any other who struggles with low self-esteem but manages to pull through in the end.

Haida is the second most important character in this anime after the main protagonist. Retsuko has an employee named Hyena Haida, portrayed by Shingo Kato in the Japanese version and Ben Diskin in the English dub.

Although Haida like punk music, death metal is Retsuko’s preferred genre. So yet, he hasn’t informed Retsuko how he really feels about her, but there are plenty of opportunities. The success of Aggretsuko is due in significant part to the efforts of many other characters, such as Director Gori, Fenneko, Director Ton, Tsunoda, and many more.

Aggretsuko Season 5 Recap

Aggretsuko’s red panda heroine, Retsuko, is an accountant by day and a death metal singer at night. She’s not doing it for the money or to find a solution to anything else; she’s simply very, really angry and wants to let it out. The continuous insults from her supervisors and colleagues only make Retsuko angrier. She goes to a local karaoke bar to sing away her growing anger.

Season 5 opens with Retsuko and Haida abandoning their employment in apparent dissatisfaction. Haida is at the vanguard of punk music, and Retsuko’s self-confidence issues are showing signs of improvement. In the last season of Aggretsuko, this one answers the series’ most pressing question: can Retsuko and Haida overcome their fears and admit their emotions for one another?

It seems like a lot of thought went into the ending. They want to do anything they can to make sure Retsuko succeeds. It’s unclear why the show will be cancelled after just five seasons. We don’t understand how they propose to satisfy so many viewers with the series’ conclusion.

Aggretsuko Season 6 Ratings

According to IMDb, the show is excellent and get 8/10.

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Aggretsuko Season 6 Where Can I Watch?

In case you’ve missed any of Aggretsuko, you may watch all of the episodes there. With an average episode duration of only 18 minutes, this TV programme is perfect for marathon viewing.

The last episode of Aggretsuko Season 5 is a full half an hour long, and the overall run time for the season is 10. Since that Aggretsuko can only be seen on Netflix right now, it’s a good time to renew your subscription.

Aggretsuko Season 6 Trailer 

What Is Aggretsuko Series About?

The story follows Retsuko, an office worker who is unhappy with her job. She spends her days in Accounts Payable and her nights belting out death metal at the local karaoke joint.

Is Aggretsuko Season 6 Confirmed?

As yet, there has been no word of a sixth season of Aggretsuko. With season 5 being the last, though, the likelihood of a sixth season of Aggretsuko is low.

Is Aggretsuko Season 5 The Final Season?

That’s right, this book closes the book on this series.

Is Aggretsuko Series Worth Watching?

Try out several episodes of Aggretsuko if you’re interested in some workplace drama.

Is A Trailer Available For Aggretsuko Season 6?.

The sixth season of Aggretsuko does not yet have a trailer.

Where To Watch Aggretsuko Series?

The anime series is available for streaming on Netflix.


In conclusion, Aggretsuko is an anime that shows us that it’s never too late to start again. The protagonist, Retsuko, first emerged while she was doing a dead-end job and seeking solace in heavy metal as an outlet for her feelings.

Retsuko’s decision to join politics is a culmination of her character development throughout time. Aggretsuko has been cancelled after season 5, and Netflix has announced that this is the last season. Read on for a complete rundown of everything to expect from the upcoming sixth season of Aggretsuko.

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