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All American season 3 is a TV show about an American sports drama. April Blair made the show. It premiered on The CW on October 10, 2018. based on the life of a professional American football player named Spencer Paysinger.

Daniel Ezra plays the lead role. In January 2020, The CW renewed the show for a third season. The third season premiered on January 18, 2021, and the first episode was on January 18, 2021. There will be a fourth season in February 2021, and it will start on October 25, 2021.

Premises Of All American season 3 Here

When season two comes to an end, Spencer (Daniel Ezra) decides to return to South Crenshaw High School for his senior year with Billy Baker (Taye Diggs) by his side as his new head football coach. Together, they want to win a football championship so that the school can stay open and make money.

That may not be possible in season three when the Beverly/Crenshaw feud is between a friend and a father and son. It will also have a big impact on his game on the field and the way he interacts with people off the field, as they all try to deal with a very complicated, secret-filled senior year at both Beverly and South Crenshaw.

When Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) was at South Crenshaw High, he was the breakout player. He went on to play for Beverly Hills High, where he won the state title in football. People and things in his life changed in ways he didn’t expect. His athletic career and family life also changed in ways he didn’t expect.

Spencer made a hard decision to return to South Crenshaw High School for his senior year with Billy Baker (Taye Diggs) by his side as the new head coach, but after a bad year, he did it. Together, they want to win a football championship so that the school can stay open and make money.

In All American season 3, That may not be possible in season three when the Beverly/Crenshaw feud is between a friend and a father and son. It will also have a big impact on not only Spencer’s football game but also how he interacts with other people, as they all try to make sense of a very complicated, secret-filled senior year at both Beverly and South Crenshaw.

Actors And Main Cast Of All American season 3

All characters who play in season 3 are given below. as they play their role very well. that a reason for the success of the show.

All American Season 3
All American Season 3
  • Based on Spencer Paysinger, Daniel Ezra is Spencer James.
  • Bre-Z is Tamia “Coop” Cooper, and Bre-Z plays this role.
  • Samantha Logan played Olivia Baker.
  • Jordan Baker as Michael Evans Behling in the movie.
  • He played Asher Adams in the movie “Cody Christian as Asher Adams.”
  • She played Layla Keating in the movie.
  • She played Grace James in the movie.
  • In the movie, Monét Mazur plays the role of Laura Fine-Baker.
  • In the movie Billy Baker, Taye Diggs plays Billy Baker.
  • Hall played Dillon James.
  • Patience Roberts is played by Chelsea Tavares in this movie.
  • In this movie, Hunter Clowdus plays JJ Parker in the movie.

Rating Score Of All American season 3 On Sites

There were 25 reviews of the first season of All American season 3 on Rotten Tomatoes, and they gave it an average score of 6.92/10. This is based on a 92 percent approval rating. The website’s critical consensus says that “All American’s big ideas about class struggles and classroom drama mostly work because of its winning cast”.

This is an “auspicious start to a promising new series.” If you look at Metacritic, which takes into account the opinions of 15 critics, the score is 63 out of 100, which means “generally positive reviews”. 

Season two gets 100% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average score of 8.75/10 based on 6 reviews. Moreover, IMDB gives a 7.6/10 rating.

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Episodes Of All American season 3 All Details

Episodes 1

During an interview Spencer gave, some of his old teammates were hurt and their emotions got the best of them. Spencer now finds himself on the defense. Patience is back. Coop is trying to figure out what happened while she is trying to figure out why Tyrone’s sister is back.

When Billy starts a new school, he has to face something from his past that could be a roadblock to his success. This is why he is excited about the new school. Meanwhile, Jordan and Simone are having a hard time saying goodbye to someone they love.

Episodes 2

Spencer and Billy aren’t getting the hero’s welcome they thought they would from the football team. They quickly realize that they need to change their style and start gaining the team’s trust first.

There are a lot of surprises for Jordan when he finds out who the new football coach at Beverly is and that his starting quarterback job is in danger when the coach starts changing things up.

This leads Layla to find out why Patience left the tour early. Coop and Layla get into a fight over his tour pay. Asher, on the other hand, is keeping a secret from Olivia that could end their relationship.

Episodes 3

As the season starts, Spencer starts to feel the stress both on and off the field. Spencer decides to talk to Layla, who might have a good idea. After Spencer and Billy left, Jordan knows that he needs to step up now that they are gone.

When Asher keeps talking about the summer, Olivia doesn’t want to talk about it. She does everything she can to avoid it. Coop isn’t sure that Tyrone’s sister, Mo, has good intentions, and maybe she’s just being paranoid when she learns some important information about Spencer.

Episodes 4

Following Layla’s advice to see a therapist, Spencer tries to figure out what’s wrong with him. This leads to a shocking revelation. After he learns why Simone is acting the way she is, Jordan tries to help her in the way that she needs it.

It doesn’t matter how long Asher is on suspension. He still wants to show Montes how good of a player he is and earn a spot on the team in some other way. Then, Coop wants to make a music video, so he asks for help from the community. Layla and her dad argue with Patience.

Episodes 5 of All American season 3

The team rallies around Chris and helps him deal with his trauma, which makes Spencer realize that it’s time, to tell the truth to Coop in order to get over his. Laura is worried about Olivia’s sobriety when she sees a change in Olivia’s behavior.

This makes Laura do something that could break up their relationship. In a game, Jordan might get hurt. His desire to get back on the field might have a long-term effect. With that in mind, Patience decides to take care of things on her own because she knows Coop won’t be happy when she learns about it.

Episodes 6

Having been through so much, Spencer needs some alone time to clear his head. He goes to the family’s cabin, but his friends show up.

Everyone seems to be having a good time until some of the couples’ secrets come out, which makes them not want to be with each other. Coop is still reeling from what Spencer said, so he goes out to the cabin with Patience’s help.

Then Billy comes to the house to do a few repairs. When things go awry, Billy and Laura work together to fix it.

Episodes 7

Spencer and some of the other people go on a road trip to see Coop and Layla on tour. Layla is afraid to see Spencer and tell him how she feels about him. Spencer, on the other hand, gets a little more clear about how he feels.

Olivia comes up with a last-minute plan to surprise the group. She notices that Jordan and Simone are acting suspicious, so she asks Spencer for help to find out why. While that’s going on, Patience tries to stand up for herself at the behest of Coop. But JP has other ideas, and Patience is shocked when she learns the reason why.

Episodes 8

It’s a new start. Spencer and Coop don’t seem to be in a good mood about the Homecoming King and Queen nominations that have been made. If Olivia isn’t talking to anyone, Laura lets Olivia and Jordan both take a mental health day so they can bond with each other.

Layla and Olivia get into a fight, which leaves Olivia with a lot of questions. There are new rules at school that Billy doesn’t like, so Spencer comes up with a game plan with a little help from Grace, while Billy isn’t happy about them.

Episodes 9

Spencer is angry with Olivia, which forces him to face some hard truths about himself. Olivia makes things even worse for Billy, Laura, and Jordan, which makes them even more worried about what Olivia will do next.

There are tryouts at Billy’s school to find a kicker. He’s surprised to find out who the best candidate is. Asher has to make a hard decision about his football career, and Coop makes a decision about school after talking to her mom about her plans, too.

Episodes 10

A lot of stress is on Spencer, who is still pursuing his dream to play football. It’s now or never, he knows. It’s a risky move for Jordan when it comes to football.

Olivia goes to a new Narcotics Anonymous meeting in search of a sponsor, but she is afraid she will make the wrong choice. Coop tells Layla some things about Layla’s father. They are shocked when they learn what Jordan has been keeping from them.

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Episodes 11

When a college scout comes to talk to Spencer, he has to decide if the strings that come with it are worth it. There have been changes in the recruiting process. Billy knows this and has an idea of what can be done to help his team. Olivia is very close to a young black woman who was killed by a police officer.

This makes her want to take extreme steps to get the police to do the right thing. He’s having a hard time because of all the things that are going on in his life. Spencer, Asher, and JJ try to help him. As long as Coop does something nice for someone else, Layla is inspired by him. Grace, on the other hand, learns something about Principal Carter that makes him look a little different.

Episodes 12

It’s when the truth comes out that Laura gets angry. She has to deal with the consequences on her own. As Spencer sees what’s going on, he doesn’t want to be on the sidelines and ask his teammates to do something that could end their season.

In Billy’s case, he has to deal with something personal on his own, but after talking to his dad, he realizes what happened. She also turns to her friends for help because she is worried about Jordan.

Episodes 13

When Spencer finds out that Grace didn’t go to her own college graduation, he asks Olivia to help him throw her a surprise party. This helps them forget about reality.

Billy is worried about his players’ chances of getting into college, so he tries to set up a scrimmage game to help them. It’s not as easy as he thought, though. Coop has a hard time with Layla. During this time, Asher has to think about how he feels about his mom’s fiance and Vanessa.

Episodes 14

To make up for his friend who can’t play in the game against Westlake, Spencer puts more pressure on himself and his young teammates because so much is at stake. As soon as Willie doesn’t show up to the game as promised, Billy and Jordan start to worry.

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Billy also learns something about Willie that he didn’t know before. Laura has to deal with a new problem at work. Olivia leaves Laura with a hard choice. Spencer also takes a trip down memory lane as Coop’s 18th birthday nears. Layla and Preach disagree on how to celebrate Coop, though.

Episodes 15 Of All American season 3

When Billy tells Spencer and Frausto to get on the same page, the night takes an interesting turn when they run into Jordan and Asher, who has a crush on each other.

Olivia is excited to spend some time with Layla, but the night doesn’t go as planned for her. They both get more than they bargained for when they go to Grace for help with their work. Billy, on the other hand, finds himself in a strange situation as he walks down memory lane.

Episodes 16

Spencer’s high school football career is coming to an end. As he thinks about what his future might look like, he is not sure. It makes Asher angry when he finds out that Montes has been keeping something from him.

In the wake of some good news, Grace tries to have a good evening. But Dillion comes up with a way to make it less pleasant. At the same time, the group has a Friendsgiving at Layla’s, but not everyone seems to get a friendly welcome there.

Episodes 17

It’s not over yet! To get away from town for a few days, Spencer, Olivia, Jordan, and Simone decide to go see Simone’s aunt, Amara, who works as a journalist at her HBCU. The group is having a good time on campus, but it’s also giving Simone and Olivia a new perspective that they didn’t expect.

It turns out Damon, the star baseball player, has his own reason for being on the college campus. During this time, Amara is aware of an important story about her college and takes a risk that could make her look bad.

Episodes 18

With Jordan and Simone getting married soon, they start to think about what their new life will look like with the help of Billy and Laura. All you need is love. Spencer and Billy both know how much pressure the football team is under, but to their surprise, they might have a new friend.

This is how Jordan helps Olivia see what has been holding her back, which makes her think about how to balance recovery and love. Then, Layla and Coop both learn things that help them understand what has been going on, too.

Episodes 19 And Final Episode Of All American season 3

Spencer’s life seems to be going well until Billy finds out what Spencer has been hiding from him. Jordan and Asher get some news that they didn’t expect. Coop is excited to go on tour, but she is disappointed when no one from her team can come with her.

She also gets more than she bargained for, which makes her sad. Layla, on the other hand, grows worried about her friend and wants to help her.

Release Date Of All American season 3

On TVNZ OnDemand, All American season 3 is a web-only show that can be watched at any time. During season one, it aired the same episode as the US at 8 pm Thursdays (NZDT), which was 5 hours after it aired in the US.

When season two came out, it was released on the same day as in the United States. It aired at 7 pm on Tuesdays (NZDT) 4 hours after it aired in the United States. All American season 3 was released on the same day as the US and aired at 8 pm on Tuesdays (NZDT), which is 4 hours after it was shown in the US.


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