Carnival Row Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Episodes And More Updates

Carnival Row Season 2

The fantasy show Carnival Row Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video ended up being one of the service’s hidden jewels. The steampunk TV series, starring Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom, began in August 2019 with eight episodes and introduced us to a gloomy Victorian-style dystopian world broken by war and the split of species, but … Read more

The Dragon Prince Season 5 Release Date Confirmed Or Cancelled?

The Dragon Prince Season 5

The Dragon Prince Season 5 is an original Netflix computer-animated fantasy series developed by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond. Wonderstorm created the video, and Bardel Entertainment did the animation. The show’s critical acclaim for its story, themes, voice acting, animation, and humour is indicative of its wide appeal and gives insight into the show’s global … Read more

Lookism Is Confirmed Or Cancelled? And EveryThing You Need To Know


Lookism The renown of South Korean manhwas (comics) is growing rapidly. Manhwas are experiencing a similar spike in popularity as Japanese comics and Korean dramas. Audiences throughout the world routinely watch manhwas like The Druid Of Seoul Station, 66,666 Years: Advent of the Dark Mage, Tower of God, Lookism and more. Today we shall study … Read more

House Of Dragon Season 2 Is Release Date Confirmed Or Not And More Update

House Of Dragon Season 2 Release Date

According to an HBO representative, House Of Dragon Season 2 Daemon will have plenty of time to complete the Great Valyrian Songbook with Vermithor as the fantasy drama won’t return until 2023. The well-liked Game of Thrones prequel series is expected to return for House Of Dragon Season 2 “sometime in ’24,” according to Casey … Read more

Gangs Of London Season 3 Potential Release Date and Latest Updates

Gangs of London season 3

As the second season of the brutal crime thriller Gangs Of London Season 3 became available as a boxset on Sky and the streaming service NOW, viewers naturally became curious about the show’s future. In the most recent episodes, p Drsù, who plays former undercover cop turned ruthless enforcer Elliot Finch, led the ensemble in … Read more

Yellowstone Prequel 1923 Release Date And Cast Confirmed Or Cancelled? Know more

yellowstone prequel 1923

Fans of Dutton will be happy to hear that the Yellowstone Prequel 1923 world is getting even bigger. In February, streaming service Paramount+ announced that, in addition to ordering more episodes of the hugely popular show 1883, they had also ordered a new show about the Dutton family called 1932. But later, the streamer said … Read more