Back to 15 Season 2 Release Date Confirmed And Cancelled Know Here

Back to 15 Season 2 arriving soon, Netflix has renewed the programme for a second season owing to its massive success, and that’s the only detail we know for sure.

Just how do we look back on our youth? Having a blast in the cafeterias or getting the jitters when we glimpse our first crush? There’s nothing quite like the tense, exciting sense of transitioning into adulthood. As an apology for our practical joke, we’d want to add our first loves to our confessions. Time, however, can never be regained. Back to 15 has been extended for a second season because it hits just the right note by exploring the consequences of being locked in your 15-year-old self.

All we know about Season 2 of Back to 15 is this.

Back to 15 Season 2 Release Date

At this point in time, the only solid fact is that Netflix has renewed Back to 15 for a second season due to the show’s overwhelming popularity. Regrettably, we don’t yet have a premiere date for Back to 15, but we may keep our fingers crossed that it will arrive by the end of the year 2023 or the beginning of the next winter. First of all, this is fantastic news.

Back to 15 Season 2 Storyline

The first season centres on Anita and her circle of loved ones. At the age of 30, Anita reverted to the person she was when she was 15 years old. How? Learn the answer by watching the programme. At the conclusion of the season, Anita’s buddy Joel stumbled across the secret to time travel. The second season of Back to 15 may provide the protagonist’s other perspective on his time spent with Anita when they were teenagers. Their conversations and wordplay will bring back memories of chatting with pals in high school.

Anita was in another nation throughout the past season, and although Joel developed love for her, he was unable to ask her out on a date. As a result, Joel will be the main character and the season will follow his point of view. Anita and Joel’s relationship might develop romantically, and they could end up together if the plot doesn’t take any unexpected turns, such as Joel going back in time to try to alter the present and exacting vengeance on Anita for cancelling their date.

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Back to 15 Season 2 Cast And Main Lead

There is a lot of drama on set because of the cast’s diversity; for example, two actors portray the same character, one as a child and the other as an adult. We don’t have any information on new cast members at this time, but we know that the originals will be returning.

  • As Anita, Maisa Silva is played by Maisa Silva.
  • An mature Anita, portrayed by Camila Queiroz
  • Playing Anita’s cousin Carol is Klara Castanho.
  • Adult Carol is played by Yana Sardenberg.
  • Luiza, Anita’s sister, is played by Amanda Azevedo.
  • Luiza as an adult, portrayed by Mariana Rios.
  • Fabrcio is portrayed by Guilherme.
  • The adult Fabrcio is played by Bruno Monteleone.
  • This production stars Antonio Carrara as Joel.
  • As an adult, Joel is played by Gabriel Stauffer.

Back to 15 Season 2 Episodes Details Are Here

Season 1 of the programme consists of 6 episodes, and each episode is around 40 minutes long. Season 1 episodes were shorter than average for Netflix originals; whether Season 2 episodes will be the same length or longer remains to be seen.

Where Can I See Back to 15 Season 2?

De Volta Aos, the original title of the programme, is now streaming exclusively to Netflix subscribers across the globe.

Back to 15 Season 2 What Happened In The Last Season?

Anita is a thirty-year-old woman who is exhausted from negotiating the challenges of adulthood. Her one true desire is to be transported back to the carefree, joyful, and ever-immature young woman she once was. As a result of having her wish realised, an adult version of herself is trapped within the body of a younger, more carefree version of herself. I know, it’s very out there!

At first, she feels foolish for her decisions, but then she realises that it is her choices that end up shaping her life, and she becomes more careful and takes charge of the situation because she does not want to end up like the 30-year-old woman she has become. With its tested theme of age-related miracles and returning to one’s youth, the programme is an emotional powerhouse that no viewer should miss.

Back to 15 Season 2 Show Start From Which Place?

First Scene: a Brazilian highland town in 2006.

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Back to 15 Season 2 Ratings

  • The IMDb rating for “Back to 15” was 6.6%.
  • Movie review aggregator FilmAffinity gave Back to 15 a 5.3 out of 10 rating.
  • On the streaming service JustWatch, “Back to 15” received a 70% approval rating.
  • Over ninety-five percent of Google users rated this programme positively.

Back to 15 Season 2 Trailer 

There is currently no trailer for Season 2, however you can see a preview for Season 1 on Netflix. While you wait for the first season to drop, there are a tonne of great new Netflix shows arriving in February. Some of these include Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Made Homecoming, and many more.


I stumbled into it and am now watching it.

And I have to confess that it was better than I had anticipated. This was a whole novel idea. Who wouldn’t want to go back in time and fix some mistakes? The story follows a woman in her thirties who accidentally goes 15 years into the past, where she first believes she must intervene in the life of her teenage best friend.

As a result, you should watch 15 to Back.

The readers are looking forward to getting back into the tale and reliving their high school years via the characters. Don’t miss out on any of the breaking Season 2 news for Back to 15.

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