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If you are a lover of some action,comedy-drama series so you should read this article. Here, we tell you the currently famous drama Bad and Crazy, which is a South Korean TV show that is still going on. Yoo Seondong is the director of the series. Studio Dragon and Mink Entertainment do help in making this series. This iQIYI original series tells the story of detectives who are “bad and crazy.” They fight against police corruption in this show. on December 17, 2021, it aired on tvN and iQIYI. Every Friday and Saturday at 22:40, it airs (KST).

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 Bad And Crazy: Synopsis

Here, the story is about a corrupt but practical detective who has a split personality and wants to do the right thing. Lee Dong-wook plays Su-yeol, a police officer. He is good at his job, but his ethics aren’t always clear. While, He will do everything he can to get what he wants. Because he is so ambitious. Finally, he gets a lot of jobs in a short time.

When K came into his life, everything changed (Wi Ha-joon). K is a righteous person, but he also has a lot of crazy things going on inside him. It doesn’t matter what he does, he fights back. Moreover, He wants to be a hero. As a police lieutenant at the Mooui Police Department, Han Ji-eun plays Lee Hui Gyeom. He works on the drug squad there. As well, she is also a moral person and very excited about her job.

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Who Played In Bad And Crazy?

The show is too famouse in a few days. And the main reason of it popularity is the charcter which is played with soo passion. There are four main characters in the series around where the story moves.

Main cast

  • Lee Dong-wook plays Ryu Soo-yeol, a corrupt police detective who turns into a champion for justice
  • W: Wi Ha-joon is known as K, a helmet man who has a crazy sense of right and wrong. There are two things about him: He is righteous and also very weird. It doesn’t matter how he feels, he fights back.
  • Han Ji-eun plays Lee Hui Gyeom, a detective from the drug crime investigation team. With Soo Yeol, she also always fights.
  • Cha Hak-yeon is Oh Kyeong-tae, the National Police Agency’s youngest member of the anti-corruption investigation department, and she looks like him.

Supporting cast

  • People who work for the Munyang Police Agency
  • It is the Anti-Corruption Division.
  • Bong-pil’s real name Sung Ji-ru, The chief of the anti-corruption investigation department of the Munyang Police Agency.
  • People who work for the Anti-Corruption Division call Cha Si-won Jae-seon, who is the 2nd Team Inspector of the Division.

There is a drug crime investigation unit.

  • Team Leader: Gye-sik, Narcotics Crime Investigation Team. Lee Hwa-ryong as Gye-sik, drug crime investigation team, drug crime investigation team 1.
  • Shin Joo-hwan is Heo Jong-goo, a member of the Narcotics Crime Investigation Team and a member of the drug crime investigation team number 1.
  • Chan-ki Jeong’s real name is
  • Bong-pil’s real name Sung Ji-ru., a member of the Narcotics Crime Investigation Team and the Drug Crime Investigation Team 1
  • Lee Sang-hong’s real name Do In-beom (Do In-hong), The detective
  • The drug gang is a group of people.
  • She played Brave Chief in the movie, a drug gang boss.
  • Won Hyun-jun played Andrei, the servant of the warrior, in this movie.


  •  Min-Su’s real name is Lee Joo-Hyeon.
  • Seung-suk’s real name is Kang Ae-shim.
  • Kim Dae-gon is Kim Dong-older yuel’s brother, so he plays Kim Dae-gon in the movie.
  • Yoo-gon’s real name is Lim Ki-hong.
  • Nam Woo-Joo is playing Hyeon-soo, a worker who makes equipment.
  • Park Se-joon known as Nam Seok-Nam, is a prosecutor trainee at the Munyang District Prosecutor’s Office in Seoul.

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Total Episodes and Release Date of Bad And Crazy

October 27, 2021, is when the script reading site was first shown off by releasing stills of it. On August 8, the show was filmed in Ochang-eup, Cheongwon-gu, North Chungcheong Province. Then the show premiered on December 17, 2021, and it airs every Friday and Saturday at 22:40. (KST). It is also available on iQIYI in 191 countries so you can watch it there, too. There are total sixteen episodes and according to schedule its last episodes will be telecast in first week of feburary.

Where Can We Watch Bad And Crazy Drama?

People who want to watch the official video before release so you can do so on the internet. In this case, “Bad and Crazy” is the third time that Studio Dragon has worked with iQiyi. The first two were “My Roommate Is a Gumiho” and “Shooting Stars,” which are still in the works. you can watch it clips on netflix and youtube.

Many people in Asia love Korean dramas, and streaming competitors are the main source of acquisitions. Global streamers like Netflix, Disney Plus, and HBO Max are now interested in buying it because it is so good. If you believe IQiyi, “Bad and Crazy” is going to be shown in 191 countries and territories around the world.

Scoring Earn Of Bad and Crazy On IMDB

There are a lot of different rating sites that give the show a good score. IMDB’s most trusted rating site gives it a good score. This movie is good. This is a score of 8.7/10. This is a good reason to stay on your screens. Hence, It gets an 8.7 rating if the show is good.

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Bad And Crazy Is Premier available on Youtube?

It’s possible to find all of this show’s seasons on a lot of different websites. And, If you have Netflix, you can watch all of the episodes on youtube as well. This episode can also be watched online among other places. Also, If you want to see the trailer, we can give you a link to YouTube right below. Just click and enjoy.

My views

To be honest, I was a little curious to see what was going to happen next. It didn’t take long for the story to start to happen. You may not be able to sit down and watch, but every moment will make you think. No, it’s not like the fight club movie at all. I was in love with the drama and had a great time with it the whole time. In conclusion, I highly recommend this drama and get your superb experience. If you have any queries or suggestions so you can share them in the comment section.

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