Blood And Water Season 3 Release Date Cancelled But Why?

Created by Gambit Films in South Africa specifically for Netflix, Blood And Water Season 3 is a youthful crime drama. Leading roles are played by Ama Qamata, Khosi Ngema, and Gail Mabalane. Set in Cape Town, the show follows a girl who goes to a prestigious high school after becoming convinced that one of the girls there is her long-lost sister.

As of May 20, 2020, the first season’s six episodes were available on Netflix. The show’s second season was officially ordered by Netflix in June of 2020. On September 24, 2021, the second season premiered. It was announced in April of 2022 that filming for Season 3 will begin on November 25 of that year. In 2021, the show was recognised as the best television drama in South Africa. Both its cinematography and sound design were honoured with trophies.

Blood and Water Season 3 Happen Or Not?

Yes! The third season of Blood & Water has been renewed for a second season by Netflix. In a heartwarming video, showrunner and director Nosipho Dumisa personally informed the cast members that they had been renewed for a third season.

At this time, it is unknown if Netflix will renew Blood & Water for a third season. However, at this time, your worries are unwarranted. One to three months is the norm before Netflix reveals whether or not a show has been renewed.

This means that October may be the month in which we learn that production on Blood & Water season 3 has begun.

Blood and Water Season 3 Release Date

The streaming giant hinted at the title of the next new season on October 26: Blood & Water: There Is No Escape From the Truth. The teaser film informed viewers of the release date for Season 3 with the chilling slogan, “Same pals, new blood, and deeper waters.” The video said that the return of Blood and Water to Netflix would occur on November 25, 2022, at 12:00 a.m. PT / 3:00 a.m. ET.

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Blood and Water Season 3 Plotline Expectation

The plot will take an unexpected turn. After Season 2 ended with such a boom and such tremendous cliffhangers, fans had many questions. It looked like the show’s central enigma had finally been revealed. But beneath the surface were other mysteries, ones that would pave the way for Season 3.

Both the network that trades in human beings and Fikile herself leave its audiences wanting more. A major mystery of season 2 was whether or not Puleng and Fikile had a father. When all is said and done, who exactly is Fikile’s biological father?

Even Puleng’s romantic life wasn’t trouble-free; things reached a boiling point during the year-end dance. Puleng and Wade’s relationship has been rocky, and once Fikile catches them kissing in the backroom, things appear to go from bad to worse. When will Puleng, KB, and Wade’s love triangle ever resolve itself?

There were two new people introduced in Season 2 that clearly did awful things to contribute to Fikile’s removal. The most critical piece of evidence suggests that both Samuel and his mother Janet are involved in the human trafficking organisation. As Season 2 concludes, they are ultimately compelled to enter witness protection. Their participation in Season 3 remains unclear.

Blood and Water Season 3 Cast And Main Lead

Blood & Water is a popular Netflix original series from South Africa. The show benefits greatly from its excellent cast, who help bring the plot to life. They are:

  • Please call me Ama Qamata as Puleng Khumalo
  • Taking the place of Fikile Bhele as Khosi Ngema
  • KB Thabang Molaba is a pseudonym for the well-known activist Karabo.
  • Molapo \sDillon Wade as Windvogel Daniels
  • Reece van Rensberg, portrayed by Greteli Fincham
  • Actor Arno Greeff plays Chris Ackerman.
  • A Tahira Kahn portrayed by Mekaila Mathys.
  • With Natasha Thahane in the role of Wendy Dlamini
  • Thandeka, acted by Gail Mabalane Khumalo
  • Selling Ka-Ncube as Matla Molapo

Blood and Water Season 3 Trailer And Teaser

What the Trailer Shows Us Blood & Water’s second season will pick up where the first left off, with the continuing adventures of Puleng and Fikile Beale (Khosi Ngema). The fact that Fiks’ “mother” bought her from people who trafficked children is something she will have to live with forever. Starting November 25th, Blood & Water may be viewed for the first time on Netflix.

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Where Can I Watch Blood and Water Seasons 3?

Blood and Water seasons 1 and 2 are now available on Netflix, so you can binge watch them while you wait for the third season. It’s a South African teen drama with 13 episodes. If you’re looking for something to do in the meanwhile, we recommend checking out our list of the finest teen movies, which includes everything from Grease to Booksmart.

How Many Episodes Are There In Blood and Water Season 3?

At this time, we just don’t know. There were six episodes in the first season and seven in the second. We estimate there will be eight episodes in season 3. There appears to be a pattern in Blood and Water. Season 3 could have more or less episodes, but this is our best prediction for now.

Blood and Water Season 2 Recap

The confused anguish of Puleng’s parents is much to bear a year after the abduction of Puleng’s sister, so she and her mother and father take off for a little while to find some temporary relief.

Through the use of cunning and strategy, Puleng is able to advance in her education, and the collaborative efforts of her class bring her and Fiks closer together.

Fiks is criticised while running for Head Girl. Puleng, meantime, must decide whether or not to notify Wade about her mission, which she is currently debating.

Puleng, it seems, is the subject of her own school scandal. Later, she and Wade will look into a new lead. Fiks has difficulties in the dating scene.

After Wendy’s public confession, Puleng experiences guilt and comes closer to KB. After a tragic loss, Fiks joins his buddies around the pool.

Family members of KB’s are getting on each other’s nerves at a get-together. Before her father’s trial, Puleng thinks back on a series of revelations that have changed her life.

Fiks’ identity crisis arises from her struggle to make sense of her tragic history and uncertain present. Then there’s the fact that Puleng’s success is threatened by a request from out of the blue.

As Fiks grapples with a personal crisis, Reece weighs the benefits and drawbacks of launching a side business. When planning a party, Puleng recruits the help of a reliable friend.

When things look bad, Puleng asks for help. After receiving crucial information, KB is instantly criticised. A company idea was born out of a school assignment.

Things get steamy between Puleng and Wade, a lavish tea party takes form, Reece ups the ante in her game, and Fiks is pleasantly surprised.

Fiks and Puleng are now dealing with the fallout from following a fresh path. Reece takes on more work, and KB prepares for her performance.

An abrupt eruption changes the trajectory of Puleng and Fikile’s future. Meanwhile, Reece loses it, and KB has to deal with the fallout of a hasty decision.

It all goes downhill from there, with Fiks gaining new information, Puleng having second thoughts about her romantic possibilities, and the case taking an unexpected turn during a major party.

Blood and Water Season 3 Rating

There were 5 reviews for Season 1, and the average rating was 6.5 out of 10. This equates to an 80% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Several well-known people, including Gabrielle Union and Lil Nas X, have expressed interest in the show.

  • The audience approval rating for Blood & Water is 80%.
  • On IMDb, Blood & Water received 6.6 out of 10.
  • There was a lukewarm response to Blood & Water on Ready Steady Cut.
  • A majority (83%) of Google users agreed that this TV show was enjoyable.


The acting in this programme is exceptionally seasoned and refined.

I feel compelled to single out Ama for praise because of how brilliantly she manages to communicate a wide range of emotions and how she consistently rises to the occasion.

Because of the excellent setting choices, it is easy to assume that you are at a prestigious private school.

Also, the writers: I was afraid that Season 2 would be dull because Fikile would have already discovered the results of Puleng’s investigation, yet the unexpected turns keep things exciting.

Excited for a third season without a doubt.

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