Bullet Train 2 Release Date May Surprise You Confirmed

Here is the good news for Bullet Train 2 Fans. Bullet Train, Brad Pitt’s newest film, is a unique entry in his canon of action flicks. It’s not like other action movies because of the comedy and the eccentricities of the characters. ScreenRant said that the film’s rising star power has left many viewers hoping for confirmation of a follow-up.

Bullet Train, Brad Pitt’s newest film, is an original in a genre in which he has excelled. When compared to other action movies, this one stands out because to its wit and quirky characters. Due to the film’s increasing popularity, many viewers have speculated about a potential sequel, as reported by ScreenRant.

Bullet Train 2 Happen Or Not?

While no official word has come from the studio, a sequel is certainly feasible if the picture is well received by viewers and does well at the box office. If there were to be a sequel, it would likely be directed by David Leitch, who oversaw the original picture.

In brief, what happens in the Bullet Train 2 Series?

Using the formula established in the previous film, the writers may construct an alternate universe in which random individuals meet via a series of improbable circumstances and Ladybug utilises his wits and kicks to escape a sticky predicament.

Bullet Train 2 Cast And Main Lead

There were a lot of violent fatalities throughout the film, and many of the characters met violent ends. We may, however, anticipate the return of Pitt’s Ladybug, the disruption of things by Bullock’s Maria, and the inclusion of Tyree Henry’s Lemon. It would be interesting to see Ryan Reynolds reprise his role as the villain from the first film if he returns for a sequel.

Starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Joey King, Andrew Koji, Michael Shannon, Zazie Beetz, Bad Bunny, and Hiroyuki Sanada, the original film also included a host of other talented actors. The comic action picture had a great ensemble, and if they can pull off a repeat performance, the sequel may be a smashing blockbuster that opens the door to further instalments.

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Bullet Train 2 Plotline

Because David Leitch is already busy with directing a TV Bullet Train 2 starring Ryan Gosling, the release date of the sequel, should he return, would have to be pushed back to sometime beyond 2024.

Bullet Train 2 Where Can I Watch?

Bullet Train 2 is Streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video are available. It’s also available for purchase or rental on both iTunes and Google Play. If you have cable, you can also watch it whenever you want by using an on-demand service or a streaming app on your TV or streaming device.

Bullet Train Recap

After receiving therapy, “Ladybug,” a former assassin plagued by on-the-job injuries, goes back to work.

His mission is to send Carver’s briefcase on a bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto while he is sick. Ransom for “Tangerine” and “Lemon” is $10 million. They were compensated by “The White Death” for locating it and his kid. The brothers are nervous about their assignment in Bolivia since it was contracted to them by White Death.

As “The Prince” reclines in First Class, Yuichi Kimura approaches him to discuss his sick kid. Fearing for his child’s life, he is convinced to help Prince kill White Death by wiring the bag and Kimura’s weapon with explosives and travelling with them on the train. White Death is notorious for having victims shoot themselves in the head.

Despite “The Wolf” poisoning his new wife and her family on their wedding day, Ladybug is prevented from escaping. During the scuffle, the Wolf is fatally wounded by his own knife and knocked unconscious by the briefcase. White Death’s baby was found by the brothers to have been poisoned with boomslang, the same poison used in Wolf’s wedding murder.

Ladybug is being blamed by Prince Tangerine. After fruitless negotiations, doping the water bottle, and unleashing a snake, Ladybug must conquer Lemon. Tangerine and Ladybug had a hard time convincing White Death’s guys that he has a safe place for his baby and briefcase. After their secret is revealed, Ladybug tosses Tangerine off of the moving train.

Ladybug crosses paths with “The Hornet,” a boomslang-venom assassin hired to kill White Death’s baby. After murdering a concession girl for a new disguise, Hornet poisons Ladybug. After ingesting the antivenom from the hornet, the ladybug tragically passed away.

In the end, Lemon drinks the poisoned water after becoming suspicious of Kimura and the Prince and shooting the former. Soon after, Tangerine finds his brother’s body inside the train and confronts the Prince, whom Lemon had already marked with a Thomas the Tank Engine label. When the Prince pits Ladybug against Tangerine, Ladybug ends up taking a bullet to the neck.

Kimura’s father, known only as “The Elder,” boards the train. When White Death came to power, he slaughtered his wife and their family. After murdering the Prince’s accomplice to save his grandchild, he and Ladybug find Kimura and Lemon still alive.

When Ladybug arrives in Kyoto, White Death and his army are there to greet her as they get ready for the ambush. The Prince, White Death’s daughter, begs him to use the booby-trapped weapon that belonged to Kimura, but he refuses, reminding her that she was never a part of his plot. While Ladybug distracts White Murder with the bag, White Murder says that he hired all of the assassins on the train to avenge the loss of his wife.

Carver murdered his wife after Tangerine and Lemon slew White Death’s warriors. The one doctor that could have saved her was poisoned by the Hornet. Even the Wolf was included in his list of potential victims.

Upon seeing that Ladybug had taken up Carver’s duties, the White Death was about to have her executed when the briefcase bomb went off, sending them all back onto the train, which Lemon then restarted. Kimura, Lemon, and Ladybug battle with the Elder against White Death and his army. When Lemon tosses a criminal into the water, it causes the train to derail. Although White Death holds Ladybug at gunpoint, his weapon goes off in an explosion.

After the Prince boasted about being the new White Death, Ladybug, Kimura, and his father approached him. The Prince was then run down by Lemon’s tangerine truck. Maria’s intervention changed Ladybug’s outlook on life and the future.

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Bullet Train 2 Ratings

There were 278 reviews for the picture, and 53% of them were favourable, with an average score of 5.60 out of 10. In the words of the site’s reviewers consensus, “Bullet Train’s colourful cast and high-speed action are nearly enough to keep things going once the tale runs out of track.” Bullet Train 2 received “mixed or mediocre reviews,” according to Metacritic, which gave it a weighted average score of 49 out of 100 based on criticism from 59 reviewers. CinemaScore, which surveyed theatergoers, awarded the picture an average grade of “B+” on its A+ to F scale, while PostTrak gave it an 82% favourable rating overall, with 63% indicating they would definitely recommend it.

Bullet Train 2 received a 3.5 out of 4 from Chicago Sun-Times critic Richard Roeper, who appreciated the actors, “the inventive and blood-spattered action scenes,” and the narrative. The Variety critic Peter Debruge said, “Bullet Train seems like it came from the same brain as Snatch, flaunting its pop aesthetic on its sleeve — a Kill Bill-esque blend of martial arts, manga, and gabby hitman movie elements, lacking the vision or humour that implies.”

  • The average user rating for Bullet Train on IMDb was 7.50.
  • In terms of critical approval, Bullet Train only garnered 53% on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • On Metacritic, Bullet Train received a 49% approval rating.
  • Most Google users (90%) enjoyed the flick.

Bullet Train 2 Trailer And Teaser


In the interest of full disclosure, I did briefly peruse some of the one-star reviews, and I have to admit that they were nearly as entertaining as the movie itself. They all cited the graphic violence as the cause for their negative ratings, which is mentioned explicitly in the explanation of the film’s R rating. If you’re bothered enough by violence or any other element of a film to write a review, you should probably check before going.

Okay, with that disclaimer out of the way. Last Friday I took my wife to attend this movie, and I knew right away that we would like it. Bullet Train 2 opens with an ancient samurai history, but Brad soon appears and brings his usual Pitt charisma with him. He has an innate ability to make people laugh. I won’t offer a scene-by-scene analysis of the whole film, but I will say that it has everything: humour, pathos, action, gore, and maybe even a short nudity moment. You’ll love Brian Henry’s performance if you like his work on Atlanta. This is something you should definitely look into. Oh, and Sandra Bullock only appears for the last 5 minutes.

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