Change Days Season 3 Is Released In Next Year or Cancelled? Get Latest Updates Here

Here the good news Change Days Season 3 coming soon. Guys, we’ve got a new reality dating show for you if you ever questioned why it’s a poor idea to air your dirty linen in public. Change Days Season 2, which has already aired five episodes of season 2, will serve as a reminder as to why it’s a poor idea to date, other people, while your relationship is already documented.

You’ll be tempted to stop what you’re doing and take notice of the show’s gorgeous cast right from the start. So, if you’re wondering who these guys are, you need not be concerned; you’ve arrived at the correct location.

Change Days Deal With?

In 2021, Netflix aired a reality Korean series called Change Days. It’s a story about three couples who are battling to keep their romance alive. All three couples reach a point where they decide to take a vacation to Jeju, an island in South Korea. To rekindle the romance in their relationship, they swap partners. As the trial continues, we’ll see if it strengthens or weakens their bond.

The first two seasons of Change Days have aired. The show’s 7.7 rating tells you all you need to know about its success. At the moment, everyone is curious as to whether or not the show will return for a third season.

Change Days Season 3 Happen Or Not?

Change Days Season 3 has yet to receive any formal announcements, which is a shame. Even nonetheless, we’re anxiously awaiting any new information. However, given the show’s initial two seasons of success, we feel a third season of Change Days has a decent possibility of being renewed. Keep checking back for additional information!

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Change Days Season 3 Cast And Main Lead

Season 3’s cast has yet to be revealed due to the lack of official confirmation that it would be renewed. Whatever the case may be, we believe that the cast of season 2 will return for season 3 This season’s cast includes a number of familiar faces, such as:

  • Lee Jeong-Hun 
  • Choi Hui-Hyeon 
  • Kim Tae-Wan 
  • Kim Hye-Yeon 
  • Choi Yun-Seul
  • Min Hyo-Gi
  • Kim Do-Hyeong 
  • Kim Ji-Yo 

Change Days Season 3 Plotline

According to KakaoTV, “Four couples who are considering breaking up for different reasons take a trip.” They went on a date after switching partners for two weeks so they could feel the heartbeat again. What are the chances of him getting the same treatment he received the first time around? If you do, who will be there to greet you when you return it?”

Change Days Season 3 Where To Watch?

Reality dating shows are available on KakaoTV and Netflix, depending on where you live.

Change Days Season 3 Episodes Details

According to Netflix, two more episodes are in the works. Although there are only 12 days to go, it’s likely that there will be approximately 12 episodes.

KakaoTV and Netflix(Instagram) will stream episode 8 of Change Days season 2 on July 22 at 7 PM KST and 9 PM IST.

  • South Korea is the country of origin.
  • No. of Episodes Of Season 2
  • May 18, 2021 through September 14, 2021
  • Date & Time of First Airing: Tuesday
  • Daum Kakao TV was the original network.
  • The length of the film is 30 minutes.
  • Age Requirement: Teens 15 and up

Change Days Season 3 Expectation Of People

Now that our participants have revealed all, new dates call for fresh perspectives and viewpoints on old topics. The contestants have the option of bringing back their original partners, or they can choose a new one.

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Change Days Season 3 Ratings

MyDramaList gave it a rating of 7.7/10.

Change Days Season 3 Other Important Facts

  • It also goes by the name of “Cheijin Dijeu.”
  • Romance is a genre.
  • Reality TV show, Blind Date, Dating Show 

The Second Season of Change Days Contestants

Choi Hui-hyeon and Lee Jeong-hun

While Jeong-hun and Hui-hyeon may be the oldest dating couple on the show, they appear to be fairly comfortable with one other, despite their lack of spark. In addition to becoming a dance instructor, Jeong-hun used to be in the boy band TST. Hui-hyeon owns a Pilates studio and the two met on a blind date.

However, there isn’t much on their YouTube channel. Jeong-hun and Hui-hyeon, on the other hand, have Instagram accounts that you can follow.

T.A.W. and H.Y.K. Kim

As one of the most controversial couples in the show due to Hye-antics, yeon’s the couple has been together for 241 days at this point. 2 years separates the age gap between Hye-yeon and her partner. When it comes to making friends, Hye-yeon has no trouble making friends with the people around her, notably Kim Do-hyeong, while Tae-wan has a hard time making friends and feels left out by his girlfriend. Hye-relationship yeon’s appears to be beset with communication problems, as she refuses to answer any of her boyfriend’s probing queries. Hye-yeon, a primary school teacher, met Tae-wan, a fitness trainer, when he persisted in asking her out.

 Yun-seul and Min Hyo-gi.

Having been together for 529 days, Hyo-gi and Yun-seul started dating after meeting at a friend’s party. Color Rush and Color Rush 2 star Hyo-gi is an actor. Yun-seul, on the other hand, is a college student. Even in their relationship, Yun-seul appears to be an introverted and shy person. Even after only five episodes, the couple, especially Yun-seul, seems to be breaking out of their shell and actually conversing with one another.

Kim Do-hyeong and Kim Ji-yu.

I’m torn between feeling sorry for this pair and blaming them! They’ve been seeing each other for 171 days now. There is a twist: They had previously dated for 9 months, then broke up and went no contact for 3 years. For both of them, it was a very painful split in which Ji-yu abandoned Do-hyeong. Later, Ji-yu, a YouTube star and a math teacher, appeared. Because they are afraid of getting into a quarrel, Do-hyeong have become extremely closed off. That they haven’t discussed some of the most crucial aspects of their relationship and given rise to misunderstandings is a foregone conclusion.

This series is available on the following well-known websites: Netflix. As it stands, there are rumors that a premiere date for Season 3 will be announced within the next few weeks. If a new season is indeed in the works, Netflix is likely to be the first to air it.
We are updating the site as soon as information becomes available, so it pays to check back frequently. To keep up with the latest season premiere dates, make sure to check out our calendar.


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