Creed III Release Date, Cast, 1st Look Finally Announced Check Here

Michael B. Jordan will make his directorial debut with the upcoming feature-length film Creed III, an American sports drama. The script was written by Keenan Coogler and Zach Baylin, based on a scenario they created with Ryan Coogler.

This is the ninth instalment in the Rocky franchise and the sequel to Creed II. It stars Jordan, Tessa Thompson, Jonathan Majors, Wood Harris, Florian Munteanu, and Phylicia Rashad. Sylvester Stallone has never played Rocky Balboa in a film before, but this one marks his first time out of the role. However, he is still active in the industry through his production company, Balboa Productions.

Creed III Release Date

It was previously announced that Creed III would hit theatres in November 2022; however, the next chapter in the Adonis Creed saga will not be published until March 3, 2023. A November 2022 launch was planned initially. Like the first two films in the series, Creed III is expected to premiere in theatres.

As for a streaming release, it appears likely that Prime Video will be the home of Creed III considering their recent multi-billion dollar purchase of Rocky series owner MGM. The reason for this is that Creed III is scheduled for release after all the Rocky movies.

What Is Creed? 

Adonis “Donnie” Johnson is incarcerated in a Los Angeles juvenile facility in 1998. Mary Anne Creed, the wife of the late heavyweight champion Apollo Creed, visits him and offers to take him home. Donnie is in Tijuana, Mexico, in 2015, training for a bar-based boxing battle.

Donnie decides to pursue his dream of being a professional boxer and leaves his job at Smith Boardley Financial Group after his last bout. Donnie tries out for the elite boxing program at the Los Angeles gym owned by a family friend, Tony “Little Duke” Evers Jr. (the son of Apollo’s trainer, Tony “Duke” Evers), but he is turned down.

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Creed III Plotline

As seen in the first “Creed” film, the protagonist trained under Rocky Balboa (then ill with cancer) to enter the world of prizefighting. Donnie had the help of the former champion as he tried to deal with his father’s troubled legacy and prepare for a championship battle.

Donnie and Rocky faced a father-and-son boxing duo named Viktor and Ivan Dragos in the sequel. As such, they shared ancestry with both Donnie and Rocky. Adonis Creed may have made peace with his family’s history, but he still has some growing up to do. In the third film, Donnie’s life looks to be going swimmingly.

Now the light heavyweight champion, his family also includes a successful musician wife (Tessa Thompson) and a thriving daughter (Amara) (Mila Davis-Kent). At this point, Damian “Dame” Anderson (Jonathan Majors) appears.

Growing up together, Damian and Donnie were inseparable, but while young Creed earned fame in the ring, Damian spent 18 years behind bars. When he finally got out, he ran into difficulty with an old friend. Boxer Damian feels his career was unfairly taken away from him. Donnie is his next target, and he intends to kill him and steal his possessions. These two adversaries were once brothers who have grown apart.

Creed III Cast And Main Lead

Michael B. returns in the title role as Adonis Creed, while Tessa Thompson (Thor on Marvel’s The Avengers) reprises her role as Bianca Taylor. Phylicia Rashad also reprises her role as Adonis’ mother, Mary Anne Creed. Florian Munteanu is reprising his role as Viktor Drago.

Last year, Stallone declared he would not reprise his role as Rocky Balboa. The Hollywood Reporter quotes his representative as saying, “He will not be appearing in the next MGM boxing film.” No other details were provided. Additional performers include:

Is There A Trailer For Creed III?

In 2022, on October 18th, the first official Creed III trailer was released online, providing eager moviegoers a first peek at the film’s story. Just released from jail, Adonis’s old friend Damien has decided to settle the score with his “brother-figure” who he believes abandoned him in search of a better life. Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa is noticeably absent from the trailer. All of the franchise’s fate now rests on Adonis Creed’s shoulders.

Who Is The Creed III Director?

Michael B. Jordan rose to fame after starring in a number of successful television series, including “The Wire,” “All My Children,” and “Friday Night Lights,” before teaming up with Oscar-winning filmmaker Ryan Coogler for the impactful films “Fruitvale Station,” “Black Panther,” and “Creed” (the first in the franchise). Jordan has been in the industry for 20 years, but this marks his directorial debut with “Creed III.”

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Creed II Recap

Adonis “Donnie” Creed, with Rocky Balboa as his trainer, regained the WBC World Heavyweight Championship and his 1967 Ford Mustang [b] in 2018, three years after losing to “Pretty” Ricky Conlan. Creed won six consecutive bouts. Bianca Taylor accepts Donnie’s proposal. Despite Bianca’s suggestion, Donnie and Rocky remain in Philadelphia.

In 1985, Ivan Drago, a Soviet boxer, assassinated Donnie’s father Apollo Creed. Since losing to Rocky the same year, Drago has been living in poverty in Ukraine. Ivan uses promoter Buddy Marcelle and his son Viktor to pit Donnie against Donnie. After Rocky declines Viktor’s challenge, Donnie relocates to Los Angeles.

Donnie and Bianca go to an upscale Los Angeles condo close to his adopted mother and Apollo’s widow, Mary Anne. Preparing for the match is when Bianca learns she is pregnant. Donnie decides to get in shape, so he hires Tony “Little Duke” Evers, the son of Rocky’s trainer, to help him out. Donnie enters the match unprepared and sustains an injury as a result. Due to Viktor’s disqualification for punching Donnie while he was down, Donnie retains his World Heavyweight Title. Even after a loss, Viktor’s popularity in Russia only increased, and he went on to win additional high-profile bouts.

Donnie, whose body and self-esteem have both been damaged, withdraws from Bianca. After Rocky and Apollo split up, Mary Anne helps him get back together with Donnie and prepares him for a rematch with Viktor, who is being tormented by Ivan. Bianca’s hearing loss worsens throughout pregnancy, and as a result, her daughter Amara is born deaf. His name is Rocky, and he is her godfather.

Viktor mocks Donnie in public, but his father puts pressure on him behind the scenes because he values the attention of the media and the Russian delegates. It was at a state dinner that he and Ivan finally reconnected with his mother and Ivan’s ex-wife, Ludmilla, for the first time since she departed after Ivan’s defeat to Rocky. Upon spotting her, Viktor hastily leaves the table and scolds Ivan for trying to win over individuals who had previously expelled them. At a derelict place in the California desert, Rocky and Little Duke teach Donnie how to fight from the inside and take Viktor’s powerful blows.

Donnie, more focused than ever, holds his own against Viktor in Moscow. Even with his ribs cracked, Donnie knows that Viktor prefers to win by knockout and uses this to his advantage. In the eleventh round, Donnie repeatedly knocks Viktor to the ground. Ludmilla leaves after the second knockout, which upsets Viktor. To his credit, Ivan admits his son was probably right. Viktor has no way out but fights valiantly anyhow. Ivan decides to stop fighting in order to protect his kid, whom he values more than the protection of Russia’s elite. His soothing words bring relief to Viktor. Meanwhile, Rocky watches Bianca, Donnie, and Little Duke celebrate outside the ring.

Viktor and Ivan will train in Ukraine after the game. When Rocky wants to spend time with his son Robert Jr. and grandchild Logan, he travels to Vancouver. Donnie reconciles with his father and his legacy while he and Bianca present Amara, who is now equipped with hearing aids.

Creed III Rating

The film has an 83% approval rating on review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of 6.9/10 based on 310 reviews. The critical consensus on the website reads, “Creed II’s commitment to franchise formula adds up to a sequel with few true shocks, but its time-tested generational themes still deliver a solid punch.” Based on scores from 45 reviewers, the film has a ” good reviews” average of 66 out of 100 on Metacritic. PostTrak stated that moviegoers gave the film an 87% positive score and an 89% “certainly recommend,” while a CinemaScore audience survey awarded the film an average grade of “A” on a scale of A+ to F, the same as the original.

  • Creed II received a 7.1 on IMDb.
  • Rotten Tomatoes gave Creed II an 83% approval rating.
  • The average rating for Creed II on Vudu is 4.53 stars.
  • There were positive reviews for this film from 91% of Google users.


The same enthusiasm that made the first Creed so enjoyable is present in this follow-up. Michael B. Jordan’s performance as both the fierce boxer and the sympathetic boyfriend is superb. His unfiltered feelings deserve a prize. I saw Rocky IV in the theatre and was worried that Creed 2 would be too similar, but the writer went deep to create a fresh story about personal development and atonement that doesn’t rely too heavily on the old rivalry between Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago. The director also deserves praise for the film’s aesthetically pleasing presentation. To put it simply, it was fantastic. Expecting Creed III.

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