CSI Vegas Season 2 Release Date Cast Confirmed Which Surprise You

In “The Painted Man,” episode two of CBS’s CSI Vegas Season 2, Halloween is a central motif. Episode 2, which will debut on Thursday, October 6, 2022, at 10 p.m. ET/PT and was directed by Sam Hill and written by Craig O’Neill.

Cast members Paula Newsome (Maxine Roby), Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows), Matt Lauria (Joshua Folsom), and Mandeep Dhillon (Allie Rajan) return for CSI Vegas Season 2. Jay Lee portrays Chris Park, Lex Medlin is Beau Finado, and Ariana Guerra is Detective Serena Chavez.

Sara Amini, Joel Johnstone, J.P. Manoux, Elise Marie Dubois, and Christopher Geese all appear in episode two as special guests.

Author of “The Painted Man” As Halloween approaches Sin City, a mannequin prop inside a popular haunted house is revealed to be a genuine dead corpse, prompting the CSIs to investigate. In addition, Catherine enlists Folsom’s aid in her quest for the missing buddy.

CSI Vegas Deal With?

The first episode of CSI Vegas aired on CBS in the United States on October 6, 2021. It’s the fifth show in the CSI franchise and the sequel to the original, groundbreaking CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Paula Newsome, Matt Lauria, Mel Rodriguez, and Mandeep Dhillon play new characters in the first season, while William Petersen and Jorja Fox reprise their roles as Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Also returning as guest performers are Wallace Langham and Paul Guilfoyle, who previously played David Hodges and Jim Brass, respectively. It was originally marketed as an epilogue limited series, but in December 2021, it was renewed for a second season. Neither Fox nor Petersen nor Rodriguez will be returning. There were 10 episodes in the first season. The debut of CSI Vegas Season 2 will occur on September 29, 2022.

CSI Vegas Season 2 Description

The second season of CSI Vegas, the spinoff of the international smash sensation CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on the CBS Television Network, will again take place in Las Vegas. Sin City is not safe, even with all of its bright lights and lengthy shadows.

Crime Scene Investigator Maxine Roby and her talented team (Joshua Folsom, Allie Rajan, Detective Serena Chavez, Chris Park, and Beau Finado) employ science to solve difficult cases. Catherine Willows is back to aid the CSIs in their battle against a death dealer who plans to win big in Sin City.

In order to maintain and serve justice in Sin City, this joint team will utilize cutting-edge forensic tools to do what they do best: follow the facts.

Where Can I Watch CSI Vegas Season 2?

CBS and internet viewers may watch CSI Vegas. This is a unique original series, and it’s only available to CBS All Access subscribers in the United States. In exchange for your $5.99 monthly payment, you will be subjected to “limited” advertisements. A subscription without ads will cost you an extra $9.99 per month.

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CSI Vegas Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date

Episode 2 of Season 2 of CSI Las Vegas premieres on Thursday, October 6 at 10 p.m. (ET). Nonetheless, there is still no set date for its distribution in the UK and elsewhere.

Subtitles for anyone viewing CSI: Vegas Season 2 on catch-up should be made accessible soon. The duration of Episode 2, titled “The Painted Man,” should be similar to that of the remainder of the series.

How Many Episodes Will CSI Vegas Season 2 Have?

Even though CBS hasn’t confirmed anything, we’re guessing there will be 10 episodes much like the first season. Assuming that number holds, there will be 8 more episodes after this one.

Is There A Trailer For CSI Vegas Season 2?

Indeed, there is! The following is a CBS season premiere teaser, released recently:

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CSI Vegas Season 2 Episode 1

“She’s Gone” makes it seem like we’re watching a whole different program, even if CSI Vegas is back for CSI: Vegas Season 2. Since the CBS show brought back Marg Helgenberger’s unretired Catherine Willows and established the continuous mystery surrounding her companion Grace, while also having somewhat less turnover than FBI: Most Wanted and solving a case of the week in 42 minutes, it is clear why the show was so successful. The series’ efficiency cannot be disputed.

In the first scene, Maxine Roby, the lab’s director, is talking to Catherine about her job to find out why she wants to come back. Catherine responds, “Gil indicated that you were short-handed,” explaining that she no longer participates in day-to-day operations at the Eclipse Casino and was just removed from the board. To Max, that just doesn’t seem like the complete picture.

Josh reintroduces himself to Catherine over the body of domineering Lynn Zobrist, and the two then proceed to a murder scene. Because there’s always something strange on CSI Vegas, Josh’s girlfriend and new detective Serena Chavez shows up before Max and Catherine find the mirrored chamber in Lynn’s house.

Max and Catherine mourn Lynn’s shattered mirror death as a newcomer called Beau Finado discovers blood evidence beneath the mirror. Following Catherine’s ghostly disappearance to find Grace, CSI Vegas tells viewers that Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle are aboard a yacht. The mystery of her other, unsaid motivation in CSI Vegas Season 2 will be to track down the other lady.

It’s easy to see how Catherine’s quest for Grace and the rest of the CSI team’s participation in that search, as well as her eventual confrontation with her former colleagues at the Eclipse, will play into future episodes. Catherine has Grace moments, just like Grissom and Sara did when they saved Hodges.

After finishing her FBI training, Allie Rajan has come back to Josh. Serena reappears and gushes over what she’s heard about Allie from Josh, and a somber piano melody plays as she tells him Los Angeles was “too far away.” That subplot having been created, Allie assists the team in creating a 3D map of the murder scene’s DNA evidence, which includes a bloodstain that was left there five years before the actual incident.

While Max and Catherine examine some of Lynn’s patients, Serena speaks with her longstanding psychiatrist, who claims that the person who attacked Lynn back then is gone. Alan Herskovitz laments that, because to Lynn, he finally felt like he fit in.

Allie says, “You’re full of surprises,” then she asks Josh about his connection with Serena, which has been going on for two months, and he doesn’t talk about it. Catherine informs the pair that one blood trail indicates the murderer angled Lynn’s body to avoid an identifying mark. When she and Josh get back to the house, they discover the missing pommel horse has been torched in the backyard fire pit.

The return of Beau, who uses his magic to remove the burn layer and reveal the skin-healing substance tar. While Max remembers that Alan was scratching throughout his interview, Catherine encounters Grace in the lab. When Serena visits Lamont Moore’s house, Alan has already fled but has left a bloodied cloth behind.

Moore, like Lynn, displays ECT-related scarring on his temple. When Moore and Lynn were younger, they both went to the same doctor, who, like Moore and Lynn, had a room with “mirrors everywhere.” Max verifies that Alan’s blood was used to stain the material. He got hurt while killing Lynn, so the police were able to simply follow him to the hospital where he was holding a hostage.

He says, “I slapped you in the face with it, and you still don’t see it.” He was also a patient of the physician. Alan releases his prisoner after being persuaded by Catherine and Max, but only after saying, “It was all planned this way.”

Catherine tells Max about Grace, one of her West Las Vegas University students, while Josh texts Allie, asking to chat. Before Grace disappeared three weeks ago, she found her a job at the Eclipse. Catherine’s pursuit of Grace ultimately led to her dismissal from the casino’s board of directors.

Grace’s body is buried in the Nevada desert at the end of “She’s Gone,” confirming that Catherine’s quest to discover what the board covered up and why her friend killed for it will be the main focus of Season 5.

It’s understandable that Helgenberger would be absent from much of All Rise if she weren’t supporting Catherine. Her experience in the classroom makes her an ideal guide for the young group. Also, it helps set her apart from Grissom and Sara in their respective roles. Catherine is more of a second supervisor and partner to Max now, rather than a teammate.

This opens the door for Max to develop into a more multifaceted figure and provides new avenues for personal and professional advancement for the rest of the cast. Even then, viewers are aware from the get-go that Helgenberger, like William Petersen and Jorja Fox (per TVLine), is only signed on for the upcoming season, meaning that Catherine will also leave at the conclusion of Season 2. When she reclaims the Eclipse from its criminal element in “She’s Gone,” the ending is bittersweet. Catherine’s tale serves as a stunning backdrop for an exciting year.

CSI Vegas Season 2 Ratings

  • The average rating for CSI: Vegas on IMDb was 7.55.
  • On the review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes, CSI: Vegas has a 77 percent approval rating.
  • FinaleTV rated CSI: Las Vegas as 9.31 out of 10 overall.
  • This TV program was enjoyed by 88% of Google users.

CSI Vegas Season 2 Episodes 3

Dead lady found in the driver’s seat of an abandoned automobile by a bunch of teenagers in a Nevada ghost town prompts a CSI investigation.

  • Ep. 3 of Season 2: The Gun’s Tale
  • On the air: October 13th, 2022


The producers of CSI made a smart move by reuniting some of the original cast members with the new series. I, for one, am glad to see Sara and Gil back on the small screen. I was relieved to find that the show’s original vibe, atmosphere, and editing technique had been preserved (with of course some upgrades on the set, characters, stories, etc). The woman who played Maxine was a terrific choice and did a fantastic job. Allie’s acting didn’t persuade me that she is talented or enthusiastic about her chosen profession.

To me, this program is considerably slower than the original and previous CSIs, therefore the writers just need to make the narratives more engaging. Still, I plan to add this to my queue of crime series to watch; it’s just that I can’t say for sure how I’ll feel about it if and when the original cast members go.

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