Elite Season 6 Finally Release Date Announced Here Are More Updates

Those who have seen the Netflix series Elite Season 6 will recall the characters Samuel, Guzman, Nadia, Carla, Cayetana, Lucrecia, and Rebeca, as well as the infamous Las Encinas high school. Class, an official Indian translation of the series, has been revealed by streaming giant Netflix. This comes after the original Spanish series ran for five seasons.

Class, which has many parallels to Elite, was the most talked about of the several programmes that the platform debuted during its Tudum broadcast on Saturday.

Elite Series Deal With?

The sixth season of Elite will shortly begin a fresh and exciting academic year. The November release of the second season of Netflix’s popular Spanish adolescent drama was confirmed in a teaser trailer.

The soapy combination of murder, mystery, intrigue, sex, and romance on the programme has won it viewers all over the world. New students are being welcomed into the Elite family for season 6 to replace those who have graduated.

In its first season, which premiered in October 2018, Exclusive followed three scholarship kids from the working class as they entered the fictitious elite secondary school Las Encinas. The first season alternates between flashbacks of Samuel, Nadia, and Christian adjusting to their new home and present day flashbacks to their interrogation by police for the death of fellow student Marina.

Different crimes were at the centre of subsequent seasons of Elite, which also included a steadily rotating cast of fresh pupils to replace those who graduated. The conclusion of Season 5, which premiered not too long ago, leaves viewers hanging with regards to the fate of original character Samuel. The problem will be solved, but the remaining students will face new challenges in Elite Season 6.

Elite Season 6 Cast And Main Lead

When season 5 ended, several of the show’s original cast members quit. The roles of Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), Omar (Omar Ayuso), Rebecca (Claudia Salas), and Cayetana (Georgina Amorós) have all been filled. Benjamin smashes open Samuel’s skull in a final-season strike. The fate of Samuel is presently unknown.

Netflix announced Itzan’s departure on May 10 by posting many photographs of Samuel on their Instagram with the phrase, “how we met him, and how we said goodbye, samuel.” Itzan, meanwhile, posted an image of himself in his Elite jersey to Instagram with the message “heart lock.”

And we expect to see returning cast members Carla Daz (Ari), Martina Cariddi (Menca), Manu Rios (Patrick), Pol Granch (Phillipe), Valentina Zenere (Isadora), and André Lamoglia (Iván) for Seasons 4 and 5.

Besides the previously mentioned Carmen Arrufat Blasco, Ana Bokesa, lvaro de Juana, Alex Pastrana, and Ander Puig, Netflix revealed in January 2022 that a total of five additional performers will be joining Elite Season 6. As of right now, their character assignments are unknown.

André Lamoglia (Iván), Valentina Zenere (Isadora), Carla Dáz (Ari), Martina Cariddi (Mencá), Adam Nourou (Bilal), and Manu Ráos are all back for Elite Season 6. (Patrick). Anders Puig (Ser o no ser, El trayecto), Carmen Arrufat (HIT, La inocencia), lvaro de Juana (HIT, Luimelia), Ana Bokesa (Captulo Cero, La que se avecina), and lex Pastrana (Welcome to Edén, Los protegidos) will be joining the cast as new members.

In Elite, Ander Puig will break new ground as the show’s first transgender lead actor.

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Elite Season 6 Plotline

Season 6 of Elite might start up after Benjamn’s incarceration and Samuel’s likely survival or death after his attack, but details about the show’s narrative have yet to be revealed. Elite Season 6 is expected to feature new drama featuring Patrick, Menca, Ari, Isadora, Iván, and Phillipe in place of Samu, Omar, Rebe, and Caye.

Whether or whether Patrick and Iván will be able to date effectively once their troubles (including Patrick’s situation with Iván’s dad) have been resolved. There is a good chance, however, that the pupils of Las Encincas will become embroiled in yet another massive mystery.

When Will Elite Season 6 Be Available To Stream?

In October of 2021, Netflix announced the exciting news that Elite has been renewed for a sixth season. And this December, three new Short Stories will be launched,” the international streaming service continued. Phillippe, Caye, and Felipe (15 December) Saturday, December 20th – Samuel and Omar Patrick on December 23. Season 5 and the short tales have been broadcast, however season 6 has yet to be produced.

In September 2022, Netflix announced that Elite Season 6 would premiere on November 18 with a teaser video announcing the new cast members. This year marks a milestone in Elite history: not one, but two full seasons! Netflix has not officially announced the number of episodes, but based on previous seasons, we can probably assume there will be eight.

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Elite Season 6 Trailer Details

At this time, there is no trailer for Elite Season 6, but we will keep you posted.

When will the fourth season of Elite be available on Netflix? This is all the information you’ll require.

Fans of the adolescent drama Elite were left screaming for more after the conclusion of season 3, and the wait is over. Season 4 is now available on Netflix.

After the murder of Marina and the subsequent drama unfolded in the 2018 Spanish series, viewers all over the world were immediately captivated. Many more controversies have followed, and it seems like we’ll finally discover out who killed Polo at the end of season 3.

Though Season 4 has premiered, not all of the original cast members have returned. As of Season 2, Ester Expósito (Carla), Danna Paola (Lu), lvaro Rico (Polo), and Jorge López (Valerio) have all departed from their roles.

Season 4 was shot entirely by the end of 2020. New cast members have also been confirmed. In season 4, Carla Daz, Martina Cariddi, Manu Rios, and Pol Granch join the previously established cast.

The release date, cast, trailer, spoilers, and information about what’s to come after Season 3 of Elite are all included here.

Elite Season 6 Rating And Reveiws

The reception to Elite was quite positive. Among the review aggregate website’s 14 critics, the first season got a perfect score of 100%. “Elite is extremely digestible, technically strong garbage TV for anyone with a guilty pleasure pallet,” the website’s critical consensus states. The show has been called a “guilty pleasure” by other critics as well. As Natalie Winkelman of The Daily Beast put it, “with Euro-cool aesthetic and engaging characters, Elite is trashy, diverting pleasure.”

While praising the first season, John Doyle of The Globe and Mail wrote, “Elite is no masterpiece but is one of those curiously satisfying, binge-worthy oddities.” Similarly, Vogue’s Taylor Antrim praised as “going down like a cool glass of verdejo” and recommending a binge-watch. According to Antrim, Netflix is “airing worldwide TV productions that slavishly steal television clichés,” and he wouldn’t give the show a second glance if it were a CW show. “But a Spanish prep school is alluring uncharted territory,” the reviewer gushes. The premiere of Season 4 of Elite was well received. 

Three of the critics that reviewed it on Rotten Tomatoes gave it a good rating. The premiere of Season 5 of Elite was well received. At Rotten Tomatoes, out of 4 reviewer reviews for Season 5, 3 are favourable.

  • On IMDb, Elite had a 7.4 rating.
  • Rotten Tomatoes gave Elite a 97 percent approval rating.
  • Ninety-two percent of Google users rated this programme positively.

Elite Season 5 Recap

In addition to Armando’s demise, Samuel’s body lying in a pool is a major plot point of Elite season 5.

Even though Samuel and Rebeka are trying to hide it, the audience knows that Guzmán killed Armando. With the promise of aid, Benjamn coaxes Samuel into confessing to the police; but, after Samuel is in custody, Benjamn abandons him.

But the authorities offer Samuel a deal: amnesty in exchange for proof that the principle was involved in illegal data trafficking with Armando. Samuel receives the SIM card, but then he and Benjamn get into a fight because of it. In the process of falling, Samuel hits his head on the ground and ends up in the pool.

Patrick puts out a rescue call. Omar and Rebe arrive just in time to see their pal on the verge of death. Benjamn, who is being blamed, says it all happened by mistake.

The fate of Samuel will be revealed in Elite Season 6, which will begin up immediately following Season 5. If the latter occurs, Benjamn may be arrested for the murder of his former student. That will have far-reaching effects for Ari, Mencia, and Patrick, his children. As an aside, this may signal the arrival of a new leader at Las Encinas’ helm.

“After Samuel’s death, Las Encinas confronts a new school year aiming to have a makeover by covering up mistakes in the past,” reads the official Netflix synopsis. Unfortunately, racism, misogyny, domestic violence, and LGTBI-phobia are just some of the challenging themes that will be discussed in the halls of the illustrious university this academic year. Students will have to take the initiative to solve these problems if the system’s administrators do nothing.


Superb show that I watched in its entirety over the course of several days. All of the performers deliver outstanding, faultless performances, showcasing a wide variety of nuance and depth. There’s no denying that ‘eye-candy’ advertisements bring in the masses, and that it certainly doesn’t hurt that they’re all attractive to look at. However, it’s for the best that no effort is made to hide the maturing process, which includes the appearance of wrinkles and other telltale signs of ageing in the skin.

The translation from the original Spanish is practically spot on in the English dub.

Elite seems to condone adolescent drug use, sexual assault, and infidelity at first, but redeems itself at the end. To reveal much more would be a spoiler.

Also important to the series is the normalisation of the LGBT+ community, with same-sex relationships treated with the same degree of depth as their heterosexual counterparts. After decades of discriminatory representation, this is greatly appreciated. 

Those who object and say, “Keep it private,” are ignoring the reality that straight people celebrate their sexuality every day of the year in literature, theatre, and public life without facing any backlash. A straight man may go down the street holding his wife’s hand in any city in any country and not fear for his safety. Meanwhile, there are still 76 countries where it is legal to murder a gay person. This includes several rather liberal countries.

It’s great to see a major player like Netflix taking chances on ambitious subjects with programmes like Elite and Heartstopper, and other services like Prime, Disney, and Hulu with Love Victor, and having those bets paid off with strong viewership.

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