Elves Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer Confirmed Or Cancelled?

In the Danish series Elves, formerly titled Nisser, a family’s Christmas holiday is cut short by the titular legendary beings. A wild ride, that’s for sure. But will there be an Elves Season 2?

At holiday gatherings, there is always that one person who asks, “Right, what are we watching?” and starts a dispute. Classics like Elf and It’s a Wonderful Life tend to win out over the holidays, but that doesn’t mean they have to be feel-good stories. There are moments when you just desire odd entertainment, and Netflix has it.

Elves Season 2 Happen Or Not?

Neither Netflix nor the show’s creators have confirmed that Elves will be renewed for a second season at this time.

But you shouldn’t let this get you down too much. Since the premiere of the series on the service only occurred on November 28, 2021, it may be too soon to have any solid updates.

Given the volume of content they produce and distribute, Netflix may have found it necessary to refine its curation processes in order to retain just the highest quality programming.

It’s likely that they’ll pay close attention to viewership numbers in December before making a final call. It’s probably already common knowledge that the streamer doesn’t disclose contact information. That means the public has no way of knowing how well a show is doing other than to look at its position on the “Top 10” list and how long it stays there.

Elves Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of Elves is scheduled to premiere on Netflix during the 2022 holiday season. It is the Christmas season, after all, and this is a horror film. A release date other than the winter holidays would be a wasted opportunity for Netflix to gain viewers.

Of course, the plot could continue in a later season, but I feel that exceedingly improbable.

Elves Season 2 Trailer

Netflix has not yet released a trailer for the second season of “Elves.” The first season’s trailer is now available for your viewing pleasure!

Elves Season 2 Cast And Main Lead

In the first season of Elves, we witnessed several characters meet their end, though not all of them were devoured by cannibalistic elves.

These performers would be perfect for season 2 of Elves:

  • Lila Nobel, Sonja Steen (Josefine) (Charlotte)
  • To be specific, Peder Thomas Pedersen (Mads)
  • Hammerich, Rasmus (Moller)
  • Milo Campanale (Kasper) and Vivelill Sgaard Holm (Liv)

Elves Season 2 Plotline Expectations

At the end of Season 1 of Elves, we watched the Svade family and Liv leave the island and return home. They’re hopefully leaving the elves behind for good.

Nonetheless, Kee-Ko is seen hanging to their vehicle. Yikes!

The Svade family needs Kee-Ko back on the island, so either we go back with them or we don’t. Unless, of course, the elves figure out how to leave the island and go after Kee-Ko. In any case, I’m delighted with where the plot could go.

I’m out of ideas for the time being. We will keep you updated on any further Elves-related developments.

Elves Season 2 Latest Updates

A Netflix Christmas horror series, ‘Elves,’ directed by Roni Ezra and originally titled ‘Nisser,’ has been released this year. Jannik Tai Mosholt and Christiana Potalivo created the concept for the show.

The Danish horror series portrays a family who goes to an isolated island to spend their Christmas. But instead of a joyous party, they are attacked by the “Elves” that make this place home and kill everyone.

No one, not even the critics, seemed to like Elves. On IMDB, it has a 5.5 out of 10 while on Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 38% approval rating. Even still, there are still fans of the show who are wondering if Season 2 will be greenlit. Why don’t we find out?

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Elves Season 2 Ratings

The series garnered mixed reviews. The Guardian panned it, giving it a score of 2/5 and calling it “E.T. meets the Wicker Man as bloodthirsty gnomes run rampant.” According to CBR, the show lacked many essential aspects and was “too charming” to be termed a horror series. The Michigan Daily remarked, “(the series) may use some development and possibly more likeable characters, but it most definitely doesn’t lack inventiveness,” despite the fact that it becomes harder to sympathise with Josephine as the series develops. This dark and disturbing take on the holiday season is rarely seen on film.

This six-part surreal horror thriller may not be the next critically lauded Netflix original series, but it is nonetheless highly watchable. An enthusiastic review from Nordic Watch described the show as “combining a Christmas family drama with fantasy, mythology, and terror — on a par with your scariest Doctor Who episode.”

  • As of December 2021, Elves was among Netflix’s top 10 most-watched shows.
  • According to IMDb, the Elf movie only got a 5.6.
  • The audience rating for “Elf” was 38% on “Rotten Tomatoes.”
  • On Filmweb, “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” received a 4.8/10 rating.
  • 77% Viewers on Google favoured this programme.

Elves Season 1 Recap

All right, the English dubbing was excellent, so it earns a point there. The creatures were interesting to look at, but the manner they emerged from the ground was eerie. The main character…return those stars to me, but wait, the actress who played her was quite good at capturing the annoyance of a brat, so…okay, you get those two stars back, but she gets none. Given that Mom was dumber than the cows and Dad was more dull than anything in a stable, barn, or pasture, it’s clear that she should have been the one to make the ultimate sacrifice. The relationship between the brother and Liv was intriguing, but they were barely in the film.

It’s annoying that tourists can’t immediately get arrested for breaking the law in national parks and other protected areas. If you travel down a private road, you might get a warning, but if you chop down a tree on a tree farm, you should be arrested. You’ll be spending the next 10 days in our nuthouse, so…roll credits, movie’s over”

Kids who view a dead cat and conclude that the animal “probably ate itself” require professional help.

Every elderly lady who gives the go-ahead to a child’s casual attitude as a reason to feed her to the animals deserves a cell.

Even though Dad was about as brain dead as the average zombie in any given Z-film, I have to side with him a little when he’s trying to keep his family from being eaten because any mother who tells her child “it’s not your fault” when there’s a dead guy we know of only died because the kid did what even the mom told her not to should have been the one fed to the critters so she can’t spawn any more like that one. So long as he doesn’t develop a personality, he can stay.

Read a book on “how to seem human, even when that’s in doubt,” says Hollar, who is described as “tall, black, and ghastly.”

It’s entertaining in a cringeworthy way, but I really wanted Krampus to make an appearance at the end and redeem the show, and he doesn’t.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a season 2 of Elves?

There has been no official word on a Season 2 renewal. The premiere of Season 1 on Netflix occurred on November 28, 2021, and now viewers are wondering if the show will be cancelled or continued.

Elves Season 2 How Many Episodes?

So far, Elves has only aired for a single season. There is a streaming version available on Netflix right now.

Is there a Lego Elves season 2?

There’s always a chance the plot will continue in a later season, but I find it highly improbable. Season 2 of “Elves” will premiere on Netflix in time for Christmas 2022.

When the Elves movie ended, what happened?

In the last frame of “The Elves,” Kee-ko can be seen cowering beneath a parked vehicle. Because of this, it accompanied Jose off the island, despite the odds. Jose would attempt to tame the beast and keep it hidden from her family if a second season were to be made. Yet Kee-ko was still a juvenile, and its savage nature would develop over time.


There are suggestions that the show will be renewed for a second season. Since the streaming service probably keeps track of how many subscribers they have, it is unlikely that they disclose viewership data to the general public. It has been announced that season 2 of “Elves” would be available on Netflix in time for the 2022 holiday season. It’s possible that the plot will continue in a subsequent season, but I don’t think it will happen. There is currently no trailer available for Season 2 of Elves, but you can watch the Season 1 trailer right here!

It was excellent. The young lady who plays the lead is a newcomer to the acting scene, and I think she and the rest of the cast did a fantastic job.

This show has so much going for it, it deserves to be viewed. Season 2 can’t come soon enough for me.

I noticed a handful of the bad comments below, and they read a bit silly. I really hope the reviewers have some idea of the harm they’re causing when they rate something poorly for no good reason other than to be negative.

Take Kim Brown as an example. This Kim is not genuine; it’s just a TV show. The tiny kid is played by an extremely skilled and hard-working actress. Little kids going to the United States to wreak mayhem with elves and then returning home to leave the mess for you to clean up is highly improbable; calm down, Kim. There must be an introduction to every story. Since you seem to have such a vivid imagination, perhaps you should try writing one.

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