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A South Korean television series from 2014, Emergency Couple features the acting talents of Song Ji-Hyo and Choi Jin-hyuk alongside Lee Pil-mo, Choi Yeo-jin, and Clara. From January 24 through April 5, 2014, it broadcast on the cable channel tvN at 20:40 every Friday and Saturday for 21 episodes. Reunite as interns at the same hospital, an ex-turbulent couple’s affections for each other are reignite in this romantic comedy-drama.

The show was given a one-episode extension due to its widespread appeal. Further, The drama’s broadcast rights were also sold to nine more nations. Leads to demonstrate gratitude to the public, a special music chat programme named Reply with Music – Emergency Couple was aired on May 6, 2014. if you have not yet seen this series so read this article till the end.Emergency Couple

What happened in Emergency Couple 

Oh Chang-min, a medical student, and Oh Jin-hee, a dietician, fall in love and marry in their early twenties, despite his family’s strong objections. They feel that Jin-hee isn’t good enough for Chang-min since he comes from an affluent and successful family of physicians. As a result, Chang-min abandons his aspirations to be a doctor in favour of a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Because of the way her husband’s family views her, Jin-hee has an increasing sense of inferiority complex. They start bickering all the time and end up divorcing. Since then, Chang-min has returned to medical school and Jin-hee has also go back to school to follow her ambition. However, When they are both interns at the same hospital for three months, they will have to work together in the emergency room. The current situation is that they have to tolerate each other. Hence that condition makes any difference between their relationship or not?  are they again getting close?  Moreover, the series see how doctor gives their 100% for their patients.

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Best Casting of Emergency Couple’s in KDrama

Here we talk about the whole cast that is important in the series of Emergency Couple. There are two main leads: Oh Chang-min and oh jin. Other casts relate to the hospital staff. All the cast play their role perfectly and it affects people’s hearts. Especially the family scenes were created as common people have one in his/ her real life. 

  • Oh Jin-intern hee’s Song Ji-hyo
  • I’m an intern: Choi Jin-hyuk as Oh Chang-min
  • Lee Pil-mo portrays Gook Cheon-soo, an emergency medicine attending physician, in the Korean film.
  • Shim Ji-hye, assistant professor of surgery, is play- Choi Yeo-jin.
  • Han Ah-reum, Clara’s intern
  • Im Yong-gyu, intern, play- Yoon Jong-hoon
  • Characters that serve as a sort of background
  • This is the role of Park Sang-hyuk, a student assistant who marries Young-ae.
  • A character named Lee Young-ae, an intern and the wife of Sang-hyuk was played by Chun Min-hee
  • Go Joong-hoon, chief of emergency medicine, is Choi Beom-ho
  • Dr. Ahn Young-pil, a physician play- Park Sung-geu
  • Jang Dae-il, a third-year resident of Heo Jae- ho’s,
  • Kim Min-ki, a first-year resident play- Kwon Min
  • Choi Mi-jung, the head nurse of the emergency room, is play- Kim Hyun-sook.
  • Heo Young-ER ji’s nurse, play- Lee Sun-ah
  • Choi Yu-ra portrays Son Ye-seul, an emergency room nurse.
  • Lee Mi-young portrays Jin-mother, hee’s Jo Yang-Ja, in the film.
  • Jin-younger hee’s sister Oh Jin-ae is play- Jeon Soo-jin
  • As Kim Kwang-spouse and indie singer Park Doo-Shik portrays him.
  • Chang-mother min’s Yoon Sung-sook is play-Park Joon-geum.
  • Chang-father min’s Oh Tae-Seok is played by Kang Shin-il.
  • Park Ji-il – Chang-uncle, min’s Yoon Sung-Gil –
  • serving as Chang-first min’s aunt Yoon Sung-mi
  • as Chang-second min’s aunt, Yoon Sung-JA

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Emergency-Couple cast image
deetsinfo Emergency-Couple cast images

Assemblies of the cast

  • a priest, Yoon Joo-sang (ep 1 and 14)
  • Jeon Hyung-doctor, Seok’s Dr Lee Han-wi (ep 1)
  • Director of a hospital, Jeon Soo-kyung (ep 1)
  • As an inebriated patient with a pistol, Yoon Bong-Gil (ep 2)
  • a blind date for Chang-min with Jung Joo-Ri (ep 3)
  • Mr Taxi, Gary’s taxi service (ep 6)
  • Identifying DickPunks as an independent group (ep 6)
  • a female patient of Nam Jung-hee (ep 18-19)
  • a female patient in Narsha’s care (ep 19)
  • The role of Kim Kang-doctor Hyun’s (ep 19)

Broadcasting throughout the globe

Thus from October 29, 2014, until June 12, 2015, it aired on PPTV HD at 10:00 p.m. in Thailand. Additionally, Iflix in Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka also have it accessible with a choice of subtitles. 


A warm-hearted story with elements of humour and romance. Time travel is the only difference between this and GO BACK COUPLE. All the characters, including the mother-in-law, are likeable, and there is no obnoxious and over-the-top protagonist.

Chang Min’s performance of a song for his ex-wife was one of my favourites, and I’ve been seeking the song’s title and official video ever since. Still a good show even if I agree with the others who say that 16 episodes were overkill.

IMBI Gives Rating of Emergency Couple

The series of the Emergency couple is a mind-blowing romantic movie as well as it touches the heart of viewers. The rating which is given to it by IMDB is 7.4/10 which means it’s really good and enough to stick with your screens. in addition to My drama list gives it a 7.9/10 in rating.

Emergency couple Teaser available on youtube

The series relate to hospital drama. the teaser of the series gives you an experience of romance with tragedy it is enough to stick with your screens. if you want to see the teaser of the drama just click below the youtube video and enjoy.

End Lines of the Emergency couple –

Undoubtedly, I suggest you see this kdrama because it gives you a nice experience if you like romantic themes. Thank you for reading the whole article. Please share your experience in the comment box if you have any query so you can also ask through the comment section.

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