Engage Kiss Season 1 Release Date Actually Confirmed Or Cancelled?

Summer 2022 is an ideal time to discover new anime because there are fewer major names than in past seasons. Engage Kiss Season 1 release date, countdown, and anything else you need to know about the original series are all here for those who enjoy teen romance and fantasy anime.

Engage Kiss Deal With?

Another anime from Japan is almost ready for release. Entitled “Engaged Kiss,” it will premiere soon on anime television. Tomoya Tanaka is the show’s director. Fumiaki Maruto wrote the series. The soundtrack is the work of Yoshiaki Fujisawa. This film’s creation will be overseen by A-1 Pictures, a Japanese animation studio. Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, BS11, Gunma, Tochigi Tv, ABC, and Metele are just a few of the stations that will air the show. Tsunako is in charge of designing the characters. Project Engage’s manufacturing is being overseen by Project Engage.

Let’s get a taste of the show’s storyline before its release. A city called Bayron serves as the backdrop for this tale. There is a city in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that is not part of any continent. Orgonium mining is a major industry in the city. Demon catastrophes, also known as D disasters in the Orgonium, wreak havoc on the land. Private Military Companies (or PMCs) go in to help when city police are unable to stop the onslaught on their own

Shu, a resident of the city, serves as the organization’s leader. Kisara, a high school girl, is infatuated with Shu and is steadfast in her devotion to him. Ayano, Shu’s ex-girlfriend who worked with him at PMC, continues to exhibit interest in Shu despite Kisara’s rivalry. Kisara’s jealousy grows over time.

Shu Ogata, voiced by Soma Saito, will be one of several characters in the series. He is an employee of PMC. Demons are the primary focus of his work. Saya Aizawa is the voice of Kisara. She’s a demon girl assigned to work with Shu as part of their agreement to deal with demonic entities. In her heart, Shu is her soul mate. Lynn voiced Ayano Yugiriis in the anime. She is the daughter of PMC President Sharon Holygrail and an intelligent agent. She is a member of the largest exorcist organisation in the world. A calculating person.

Engage Kiss Season 1 Happen Or Not?

Romantic Comedy with Action and Fantasy Elements Taking Place in the Future Bayron City.

Because it’s an original work of animation, not much else is known about Engage Kiss. Trailers and an official synopsis (in Japanese) reveal a heavy action component in the series, which was originally advertised as romantic comedy.

A new energy source powers the city where this story takes place, and we know that. Private military firms (PMCs) have been assigned with the city’s defence due to the city’s vulnerability to demons spawned by that same source.

An unemployed young freelance demon hunter named Shu plays the lead role in the story. A demon girl named Kisara, one of his occasional helpers, is concerned about his well-being. She also used to be a top agent at a PMC where Shu used to work, and Ayano is Shu’s ex-girlfriend and former lover.

As a result, the characters’ personal and professional life must be continually balanced.

Tomoya Tanaka, who previously worked as an episode director on Hunter x Hunter, is the director of Engage Kiss. Fumiaki Maruto, the creator of White Album 2 and SaeKano, wrote the script for the series.

Character designs by Tsunako, who worked on the character designs for Date A Live, feature in Engage Kiss.

As part of a multi-media effort titled Project Engage, Engage Kiss is the first manga adaptation and smartphone game. Takt Op Destiny, a fantasy-action anime that will be released in 2021, is a good comparison.

Engage Kiss Season 1 Cast And Voice Artist

The anime series Engage Kiss was created by Tomoya Tanaka. Tomoya Tanaka has worked on various anime series, including Hunter x Hunter, Naruto Shippuden, and The Seven Deadly Sins, as a storyboard artist and episode director.

Masaaki Takiyama is responsible for both Banana Fish and The Fate. For both Death Note and Black Butler, Chiaki Furuzumi was a key member of the production crews. For the anime, they are both animators. As heard in the promotional video for the anime Darekare Scramble’s theme song, Halco will perform it.

Miyano Yoshikazu lends her voice to Souma Saitou.

Aizawa Saya lends her voice to the character of Kisara.

Lynn was voiced by Ayano Yuugiri.

Sharon Holygrail is played by Rumi Ookubo.

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Engage Kiss Season 1 Storyline

Kisara is revealed to be the devil at the end. When Shu and Kisara realise this, they come to a consensus on a certain issue. Defending his city from the demons that are on their way is something that Kisara has agreed to aid him with. She’s hoping for a reciprocal kiss. Despite the fact that he will lose everything, Shu agrees to the agreement.

Will Shu’s life be put at risk in order to safeguard the city he lives in? Kisara’s methods for persuading Shu to sign the contract will be revealed in the episode. Ayano and Kisara’s strained relationship will also be discussed. Shu and Ayano’s relationship will also be explained to fans.

As a result, the protagonist’s private life will also be featured in the story because he continually needs money. The story’s focus will be on demonic calamities.

Demon possession, which involves establishing pacts with demons to recognize their superiority, may also be part of the story. When the series is released, fans will be able to see how the private military firm responds to the crisis.

Is Engage Kiss Season 1 Anime Trailer Available?

The Engage Kiss teaser video is, in fact, already online. Engage Kiss, the most recent anime, can be viewed by clicking the link.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Is Engage Kiss Season 1 Anime I can Watch?

Official confirmation of this information has not yet been made. Tokyo MX in Japan, on the other hand, may air it, according to our sources. The rest of the world will be able to see it on the same network channel. Netflix may be able to provide a streaming link. However, Netflix has yet to respond.

When can we expect to see the Engage Kiss Season 1 anime on television?

On July 2, 2022, the film Engage Kiss premiered.

Do I need to read Engage Kiss Season 1 Light in order to enjoy this novel?

No, it’s likely that Engage Kiss will air on TV exactly as planned.

The First Preview Images For Engage Kiss Season 1 Episode 1 Have Been Released.

In the meantime, here’s a look at the first episode of the Engage Kiss original anime. On July 2, the episode will air. Below are some sneak peeks at the final product:

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