Engage Kiss Season 2 Release Date, Cast Finalized Or Not? More Updates

When will Engage Kiss Season 2 premiere? Who will be in it? Will it be renewed? Making an original anime series is difficult for a number of reasons, including the fact that there is nothing from which to draw and the need to keep viewers interested at all times. Nothing here is relevant to the recent anime series Engage Kiss, which has won over a sizable fanbase.

The plot twists, amazing growth of the characters, and spectacular fights in the anime will keep people interested for a long time.

The audience is left to wonder if and when they will be able to watch Season 2. All the information we have at the moment is as follows.

Engage Kiss Deal With?

In the new romantic comedy series Engage Kiss, the city of Bayron is a global phenomenon. It is not part of any country, but the sudden appearance of demon danger has caused panic there. Without drawing attention to themselves, private companies and agencies combat these D hazards. The series centres on Shu, a young man who runs a small company dedicated to fighting demons; the series’ other main character is a high school girl named Kirasa, who attends the Bayron City school and signs a contract with Shu to help him fight the D hazards; in reality, Kirasa is a demon. However, she continues to encourage him on his way.

Engage Kiss Season 2 Happen Or Not?

The first season of “Engage Kiss” debuted on July 3, 2022, and concluded over three months later on September 25, 2022. This romantic comedy has an average episode length of about 24 minutes.

Those of you anticipating the show’s return will be disappointed to learn that you have a long wait ahead of you. Studio A-1 Pictures has decided not to renew the anime at this time. However, there are online whispers that suggest a new version could be released in January of 2023.

However, even if these reports are accurate, we still won’t see the premiere of Season 2 of “Engage Kiss” for quite some time. It has been received coldly by viewers all over the world, and its online ratings have been lacklustre across different streaming services.

The show’s ratings haven’t been bad enough to justify cancelling it just yet, so fans still have hope. The writers obviously intend to continue the story in subsequent seasons, as evidenced by the title “Unresolved Grand Finale” given to the season one finale.

Even if the show is renewed in the next few months, Studio A-1 Pictures’ busy schedule means the premiere date will be pushed back. With these factors in mind, the premiere of Season 2 of “Engage Kiss” could happen as late as 2024 or as early as 2025.

Engage Kiss Season 2 Episodes Detailes

The number of episodes in the upcoming season of the Japanese anime series “Engage Kiss” is a topic of great interest among the show’s devoted audience. Engage Kiss is a popular Japanese anime series, and its future has been the subject of much rumour and speculation. There is no word yet on how many episodes will be in season 2 of Engage Kiss from the production company.

Engage Kiss Season 2 Where Can I Watch?

There is no preview at this time. We won’t know for sure if there will be a second season until the show’s producers confirm it.

Netflix has the first episode if you want to catch up. Anyone with a Netflix subscription can apply. You can watch The Summer I Turned Pretty on Netflix, Loot on Apple TV+, or Model Minority on VUDU (Amazon Prime Video)

Engage Kiss Season 2 Cast And Main Lead

The anime series Engage Kiss will be directed by Fumiaki Maruto and Tomoya Tanaka, with animation by A-1 Pictures.

In addition to Soma Saito, Saya Aiwaza, and Akeno Watanabe, the anime also features the voices of actress Lynn as AyanoYugiri and Akeno Watanabe as AkinoYugiri.

Engage Kiss Season 2 Plotline

We hope that whenever a new anime is announced, it lives up to our high standards and provides us with the same level of excitement and entertainment as our current favourites. Similarly, the new anime series Engage Kiss is a romantic comedy featuring attractive women and men. It goes without saying that we should all have high hopes for the new season of our favourite shows. Likewise, the new series Engage Kiss lives up to its hype, providing an entertaining and well-written take on the romantic comedy genre.

Engage Kiss Season 2 Release Date

Even though A-Pictures hasn’t confirmed it, it seems likely that Engage Kiss will return for a second season. Unlike many other anime and manga, Engage Kiss is not based on a preexisting light novel or manga. That puts the debut of a brand new narrative arc into the hands of Season 2.

Engage Kiss Season 2 Popularity

There has been an increase in the number of people watching the first season of Engage Kiss. Having established a sizable viewership upon its debut, the show has gone from strength to strength ever since. Many people are looking forward to the next episode, and a second season has been discussed.

The first season of Engage Kiss was generally well-received and rated. The average rating for the series is 6.50/10 (67% on Analyst, 3.45/5 on Anime-Planet, 7.07/10 on MyAnimeList).

Ratings like these make us wonder if A-Pictures will commit to a second season, though they’re not quite low enough to rule out a renewal. Due to A-Pictures’ busy schedule in 2023, fans of Engage Kiss may have to wait a while for the second season.

Release dates have been announced for a number of upcoming games, including Nier: Automata Ver1.1a, Mashable: Magic and Muscles, Solo Leveling, Eisen Flugel, and Kaguya-sama: Love is War -The First Kiss Never Ends.

We think it’s unlikely that A-1 Pictures would choose Engage Kiss season 2 over the excellent Lycoris Recoil season 2. Overall, due to low ratings around the world, it’s unlikely that Engage Kiss will be picked up for a second season, and if it is, it won’t premiere until late 2023 or early 2024.

Engage Kiss Season 2 As Sequel Of Season 1

The April 24, 2022 announcement of “Engage Kill,” a video game based on the Engage Kiss anime, was made. Square Enix is creating a mobile game for both Android and iOS. On September 25th, 2022, a brand new opening animation was unveiled. As such, the game will be a direct continuation of the first season.

Engage Kiss Season 2 Rumors

media streaming service The Chinese version of Netflix, Bilibili, mistakenly listed the anime series Engage Kiss with 26 episodes instead of the correct 13. Sneaky (anime leaker) revealed this data on their Twitter page.

Tweeter and anime leaker Sneaky claims to know with certainty that a second season will be announced on January 7, 2023.

Engage Kiss Season 2 Latest Updates

This special Engage Kiss event will take place in Tokyo, Japan on January 7, 2023. Many of the actors will be there, including Soma Saito (Shu Ogata), Saya Aizawa (Kisara), Lynn (Ayano Yugiri), Rumi Okubo (Sharon Holy Grail), and Akari Kito (Kanna Ogata). Season 2 news is likely to be discussed at this gathering.

Sales of the Blu-ray, the show’s overall success, and the availability of the cast and crew are all factors in determining whether or not the show will be renewed (studio). Unfortunately, we do not have enough information about Blu-ray sales, but the series’ popularity can be gauged by looking at the top anime ranking websites.

There are mixed reviews for the Engage Kiss anime; it has a 7.07/10 rating on MyAnimeList, a 3.4/5 rating on Anime-Planet, and a 6.5/10 rating on IMDB, which isn’t great but also isn’t bad enough to cancel the show.

When it comes to the third and final factor—the studio’s availability—bad news for Engage Kiss fans is unfortunately inevitable. A-1 Pictures, the animation studio in charge, has a full schedule for the upcoming year. More than 5 anime series are in production at the studio right now, including Nier: Automata Ver1.1a, Mashle: Magic and Muscles, Solo Leveling, Eisen Flugel, and Kaguya-sama: Love is War -The First Kiss Never Ends.

Furthermore, A-1 Pictures also animated Lycoris Recoil, another original anime similar to Engage Kiss. With Lycoris Recoil’s higher viewership compared to Engage Kiss’s, A-1 Pictures is more likely to invest in animating the sequel to Lycoris Recoil rather than the third season of Engage Kiss.

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Engage Kiss Season 2 Worth Watching Or Not?

The popular manga and anime series that share the same name, Engage Kiss, served as inspiration for an anime adaptation. There is a wide variety of anime series available. While some are excellent, others are merely satisfactory. Is it worthwhile to spend time on the Engage Kiss anime series? The choice is yours, of course.

Engage Kiss Season 2 TrailerAnd Teaser

There has been no word of a return, so there will be no new teaser. Production apparently hasn’t even begun yet, and judging by the timeline, it could be a while.

But stay tuned because we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we find out anything new.

Engage Kiss Season 1 Recap

Every resident of Bayron City, a forward-thinking metropolis powered by a recently discovered energy source, is guaranteed to live in the lap of luxury. There are no preceding works for Engage Kiss, an original anime series that combines romantic comedy and comedy elements.

The protagonist, Shu, is a young man who loses his parents and younger sister in a demon-related tragedy. After that, Shu made up his mind to get even with his parents. Yet, he wonders if his younger sister is still alive.

Shu’s reckless spending means that he is constantly on the verge of financial ruin, despite the fact that he resides in a very affluent city. On the other hand, his demon companion Kisara is always there to lend a hand. She made it her mission to get in touch with him so that she could be there for him whenever he needed it.

She gets most of her strength from smacking lips with Shu. However, since making the pact with Kisara, Shu has been suffering from memory loss. Even though he doesn’t remember much about her, Shu once dated a woman named Ayano, who is now an integral part of the city’s defence team. But will Shu ever get justice for his loved ones?

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A sizable subset of anime fans have warmed to “Engage Kiss.” To date, Studio A-1 Pictures has not renewed the anime. Fans are optimistic that the show will return given that its ratings aren’t low enough to warrant cancellation.

Engage Kiss has not been officially renewed for a second season by Studio A-Pictures. The anime was created independently of any existing light novel or manga series. This delays the release of new content for fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, how long will Season 2 of Engage Kiss last?

There is no word yet on how many episodes will be in season 2 of Engage Kiss from the production company.

What website can I go to to watch the first season of Engage Kiss?

If you want to watch Engage Kiss, Tokyo Max has the first season available.

How long does the Engage Kiss manga last? 

The manga adaptation of Engage Kiss has not concluded.

Is the entire light novel of Engage Kiss out yet?

There has been no progress made on the Engage Kiss light novel.


The staff at Engage Kiss Productions never gets tired of giving their fans the best in new anime and video game content. Now that word has spread about the new anime series Engage Kiss, fans everywhere are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the show’s second season.

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