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Should we expect Escape Room 3? A perplexing query that has yet to be resolved. The second film in the two-part series didn’t do as well as the first, therefore the franchise hasn’t been renewed just yet. With $156 million in its bank account, the first film’s sequel has only brought in $51.8 million so far. “The worst thing I think we could have done is, like, given people the answers,” said producer Adam McKay to TheWrap, explaining why the sequel Escape Room: Tournament of Champions left several story threads open.

Escape Room 3 Release Date

We do not yet have a release date since we are currently seeking confirmation. However, even if a third film is made, we won’t see it until at least 2024.

Escape Room 3 Cast And Main Lead

Taylor Russell and Logan Miller may appear in the third film. Additionally, Deborah Ann Woll would be a likely sighting. At this time, we only know the status of these three individuals’ returns. To find out what this franchise has in store for us, we will have to wait.

Escape Room 3 Cast

Escape Room 3 Plotline

We witnessed Minos preparing Zoey and Ben for an escape room task aboard an aeroplane at the very end of the second film. They are unable to outwit Minos. In the prior game, we saw Theo die, and throughout this one, Zoey keeps bringing up a character called Sonya. The cliffhanger that leads to Zoey and Ben being trapped in an even more perilous escape chamber is set up for the third film, should it be made. Before the release of the sequel, director Adam Robitel told EW that they had a “treasure mine of ideas” for a third film, and in an interview with TheWrap, he gave some elaborate speculations of his own.

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“Does the third film continue where the second one left off—on the plane—or does it move somewhere else entirely? I think it’s cool when movies start with the audience, like those jerks that watch these games even though they clearly ought to be locked in an escape room “And he went on to say.

“Surely they are the root of the issue. This group represents the rubberneckers. They were the ones who stood in the Colosseum and watched as the gladiators were slaughtered by the lions. Let’s hope they receive what they deserve.”

Escape Room 3 Trailer

Instead, we need to wait for confirmation.

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