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The next film in the Evil Dead franchise, Evil Dead Rise, will be released in April 2023, and there are a lot of facts about it that will pique the attention of horror aficionados. Released in 2013, Evil Dead was a remake/sequel to the classic Sam Raimi films.

It was an unexpectedly successful example of a remake that maintained the integrity of the source material while improving upon it. The upcoming film Evil Dead Rising is the fifth installment of a franchise that also includes the unrelated television series Ash vs. the Evil Dead. Like Evil Dead, Evil Dead Rising is a Raimi series spin-off (2013). The Deadites have returned to frighten a fresh round of victims.

Although though Raimi and Fede lvarez expressed interest in continuing the storylines of Mia Allen and Ash Williams from Army of Darkness and Evil Dead (2013), respectively, those films were never made, in part because Bruce Campbell declared he was through portraying the role after the TV programme.

Lee Cronin has taken over the reins after lvarez’s Evil Dead came out a decade ago. Some previously-announced projects have been scrapped or delayed since 2013. In light of this, the anticipated public unveiling has been delayed. There are new characters and a new setting in Evil Dead Rising. If you’re a fan of the movie, read on to find out everything you need to know before it’s released.

Evil Dead Rise Release Date

Originally scheduled for HBO Max in 2022, Evil Dead Rising will now debut in theatres on April 21, 2023, thanks to a change in release strategy and positive test screenings. There are more movies than Evil Dead Rising that were intended to premiere on HBO Max this year.

Blue Beetle, House Party, and Magic Mike: Final Dance were all slated to have their world premieres on HBO Max. Furthermore, this is quite similar to what Paramount accomplished with the 2017 horror smash Smile. The Smile was originally intended to be a Paramount+ original film, but following successful test screenings, the company opted to release the film in theatres instead.

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Evil Dead Rise Trailer

Shortly after Campbell, the film’s executive producer, tweeted a preview of the film, Warner Bros published the complete red-band trailer for Evil Dead Rising in early January 2023.

In little over two minutes, we see all the gore and innovative use of mundane things that fans of the Evil Dead series have come to anticipate. This early footage promises a picture that is as as violent as any of its predecessors. There’s a moment when Beth seems like she might replace Ash Williams or Mia Allen in the series.

When the story draws to a close, a bloodied Beth rises up and fires up a chainsaw. It’s worth noting that Evil Dead Rising seems to place a heavy emphasis on family and children, with many of the jump scares and story elements focusing on the young children and their aunt’s interactions with them.

The idea of children experiencing the horrible world of the Necronomicon alongside an adult was explored in Ash vs. Evil Dead, but this is the first time the children are youngsters, and the Ash Williams stand-in is obviously not as acclimated to the horror as her predecessor.

Evil Dead Rise Plotline

According to Warner Bros.’ official story summary, here’s what happens in Evil Dead Rise:

In “Evil Dead Rising,” the action shifts from the woods to the city, where Sutherland and Sullivan portray estranged sisters whose reunion is cut short by the advent of flesh-possessing demons and who are forced into a primordial war for survival against the most horrifying kind of family conceivable.

Cronin calls the film a “heartwarming and touching family drama” in a satirical tweet. With the comment “Damn kids never clean up the kitchen,” he uploads a photo of a bleeding kitchen surface. With this indication and the fact that Cronin’s last film dealt with delinquent youth, it’s intriguing to speculate about which member of the LA family may be possessed in Evil Dead Rising.

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A opportunity to modernise the property with fresh, terrifying concepts may be found in a story-driven remake. As Lee Cronin is behind both the script and the camera, fans of his first film, A Hole in the Ground, should anticipate a similar moody, unsettling atmosphere. Cronin penned the script and served as director for the 2019 release, which was well received.

A mother’s son returns home after exploring the woods behind their home behaving quite strangely. The mother begins to wonder whether her son is indeed a “Changeling,” the name given to the being left in place of a kid stolen by fairies in European tradition.

The film follows a parent as they experience dread in a rural setting that is both eerie and beautiful. As there is no humour in this film, it is difficult to predict if the fourth Evil Dead film will continue the same crazy, hilarious tone as the previous three.

Evil Dead Rise Cast And Main Lead

Ellie, a mother of three played by Alyssa Sutherland in Evil Dead Rising. Beth, her sister whom she hasn’t seen in a long time, is portrayed by Lily Sullivan. Together with Bridget (Gabrielle Echols) and Danny (Morgan Davies), the other characters are Kassie (Nell Fisher), Jessica (Mia Challis), Scott (Tai Wano), Gabriel (Jayden Daniels), and Jake (Billy Reynolds-McCarthy).

Evil Dead Rise Cast And Main Lead

Like its 2013 predecessor, Evil Dead Rising features an entirely new group of characters. As a result, it’s clear that this installment of the film series will diverge from the plot of the others. The Evil Dead flicks increasingly resemble the Conjuring films in that there is just a tenuous thread connecting them.

The sequels to Army of the Dead moved away from following Ash Williams and instead explored how the Necronomicon has influenced other communities that were in the dark about what was happening.

As a fourth wall breaker, Ash does not appear in the film until the very end of the 2013 remake of The Evil Dead. Campbell cuts to him in shadow, leans forward, and shouts his signature catchphrase. Campbell only served as an executive producer, thus he won’t be appearing in Evil Dead Rising.

Evil Dead Rise Where To Watch

You may buy or rent the first four Evil Dead movies at any time, and you can even watch them online in certain cases. The Ash vs. Evil Dead TV series is available to view on both Netflix and Starz.

Evil Dead Rise Episodes Details

The duration of Evil Dead Rising, at 96 minutes, will make it the longest installment in the Evil Dead franchise. The Evil Dead clocked in at 85 minutes, Evil Dead II at 84, Army of Darkness at 81, and the latest installment at 91.


New characters in a new setting populate Evil Dead Rising, a reboot/sequel to the original Sam Raimi trilogy. Lee Cronin is updating the Evil Dead brand with a fresh plot and direction for the upcoming film Evil Dead Rising. There is zero humour in Evil Dead Rising, which takes place in a gloomy rural setting. The 96-minute runtime of Evil Dead Rising makes it the longest installment in the franchise.

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