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Bravo’s “Family Karma Season 3,” a reality programme following the lives of rich Indian-Americans in Miami, may have caught your attention or you may have gotten hooked to it by now. For individuals of Indian origin, the programme launched in March 2020 and has been hailed as a cultural breakthrough in television. The show’s appeal, according to some viewers, may have more to do with the inclusion of the dysfunctional group’s moms and grandparents.

For the second season finale of “Family Karma,” Meaww said that viewers were pleased with the outcome. Reshma and Lopa did attempt to work things out in the last episode, and Brian’s mother had an emotional sequence in which she voiced her concern for her son’s future. Vichal and Richa looked to be having a nice time on their date, and Vichal hopes that Richa will return.

In only two seasons, this programme has become a Bravo TV favourite, much like the “Real Housewives” series on the network. As a result, supporters are eagerly awaiting the commencement of Season 3

Family Karma Season 3 Actually Happen Or Not?

Bravo hasn’t commented on whether or not the programme will return for a third season at this time. The programme, however, has not been cancelled.

It’s interesting to note that, based on the network’s publicity for Season 2, news of the show’s renewal was released just weeks before to the start of Season 2.

When the network announces that the programme has been renewed for a third season, we may expect to see a similar timetable. If we’re optimistic, then so be it.

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Family Karma Season 3 Cast And Main Lead Characters

All of the original cast members are expected to return if and when Season 3 is published, according to Meaww. The real estate billionaire Vishal Parvani and his on-again, off-again companion Richa Sadana will be returning to celebrate Amrit Kapai and Nicholas’ wedding, and their admirers will be thrilled to see them. In addition to Dillon and Shaan Patel, two of the show’s richest cast members, we’d want to see more of them.

Family Karma Season 3 Cast

A report from The Cinemaholic claims that Bali Chainani and Anisha Ramakrishna will be returning as well as Brian and his parents. Because of the lack of information about a Season 3 return, we can only speculate. However, we hope that the original cast and their families will return and continue to entertain us while they “try to balance contemporary living with their culture that is grounded in traditional norms that directly oppose the lifestyle they have openly adopted. 

Family Karma Season 3, What Can We Look Forward To?

The wedding of Amrit and Nicholas, if there is a Season 3 of “Family Karma,” will be one of the most eagerly awaited events. It was Amrit who broke the news of their engagement through Instagram, writing, “we said yes! (emojis) you rescued me… who’s ready for a huge gay indian wedding?!” Vishal and Richa, the other newly engaged pair, are also expected to do well. After Vishal started a new company and bought them a house, Richa consented to marry him (via Meaww).

Having just lost their jobs, Brian and Monica are at an impasse. Brian doesn’t think this is the proper moment to go to Tampa, as Monica would prefer (via The Cinemaholic). Viewers will be interested to watch how this romance and Brian’s circumstances develop. Anisha’s great job in the fashion world, as well as her plans to freeze her eggs, will undoubtedly be mentioned in the future.

Family Karma Season 3 Plot

Despite the fact that we don’t know whether there will be a third season of “Family Karma,” we’d want to watch the Miami families’ joys and accomplishments.

Family Karma Season 3 Premiere Date?

Although the programme has not been renewed, there has also been no announcement of its cancellation. A new season of “Family Karma” hasn’t been confirmed by Bravo, according to Distractify. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Bravo hurried Season 2’s release and didn’t begin marketing it until only months before its launch.

Bravo is under pressure from fans to provide information regarding Season 3 of the programme, according to Meaww, as seen by the large number of comments trending under the hashtag #FamilyKarma on Twitter. Some of the feedback I’ve received is: “Watching Family Karma’s first season has been an incredible experience. I’d want to see them all again!” and “I’ve been a fan of #FamilyKarma for the last two seasons…”

Bravo may reveal Season 3 details sooner rather than later if there is significant pressure from fans.

Family Karma Season 3 Rating And Reveiws

“Indian-ish” is a phrase used to describe the content of the American reality television show Family Karma, which follows the lives of many Indian American families across three generations. These family all moved to the Miami, Florida region about the same time, and it’s a fun fact to know. On Bravo in March 2020, the first season of this show will premiere. In June 2021, Bravo renewed it for a second season with a 6.2 IMDB rating.

Family Karma Season 3 Rating

On IMDb, Family Karma had a rating of 6.4 out of 10. Rotten Tomatoes gave Family Karma a perfect rating of 100 percent. JustWatch gave Family Karma an approval rating of 86%. 69 percent of Google users found this TV programme entertaining.

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Recap of Season 2 of Family Karma

You may want to watch Season 2 first if you haven’t already, since there’s a big SPOILER ALERT here. Intimate scenes abound in Family Karma Season 2. According to what we learned before, Amrit proposes to Nicholas, and the two become engaged. When Amrit tells his grandma that he is homosexual, the audience is overcome with emotion. Even more gratifying is the grandmother’s acceptance of the truth and her declaration that she is happy if her grandchild is.

Vishal and Richa’s takeover of the situation is an intriguing development. New business ventures and a new house for Richa and Vishal follow. Richa finally accepts to marry Vishal after watching his efforts.

Finally, a word about Brian. Unfortunately for him, he lost his job and had an argument with his fiancée during the second season of the show. However, we hope that Season 3 would bring about some positive development for him.

Will Amrit and Nichola Get Married In Family Karma Season 3?

The fact that Amrit and Nicholas tied the knot in Season 2 indicates that the wedding will take place in Season 3. Vishal and Richa’s relationship has improved after they went to therapy together. Do you believe there will be a second wedding? If we don’t want to be left out, we’ll have to stick around for Season 3.

While Monica wants Brian to start again, he can accomplish so by remaining in Miami rather than returning to New York. Moving to Miami would be difficult for her since she now has a place to call home in Tampa.

When and Where to Watch Family Karma Season 3

Bravo has an official programme called Family Karma. As a result of its renewal, Bravo TV will continue to air the show’s new season. With any of the aforementioned streaming providers, you can catch an episode of Bravo: AT&T TV.s, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube TV.s

Family Karma Season 3 Trailer Details Check Here

Family Karma Season 3 Trailer

Commonly Asked Question

Is There a Third Season of Family Karma?

Family Karma’s third season will include a number of exciting new developments. “Family Karma’s” third season would be the most anticipated event if Amrit and Nicholas wed. On Instagram, Amrit shared a photo of their engagement with the caption “We said yes!”

How long has Monica been in a relationship with Rish?

There is no sign of Monica or Rish becoming any worse. During the WWHL After Show, Andy Cohen asked Monica and Rish whether they had decided on a date for their wedding.

How Real Is the Story of Family Karma?

‘Family Karma’ follows the exploits of a group of Indian immigrants to the American city of Miami. Find out more about the cast by reading on. Bravo premiered the first season of the reality series, Family Karma, on March 8th, 2020.


It is impossible for me not to fall in love with these very kinds, attractive (both inside and out), charming, charismatic, and loving folks who also all have an incredible sense of humour!

In terms of importance, my grandparents, aunts, and uncles, as well as my grandmother and grandfather, certainly have a greater place in my heart than anybody else. However, I like how much fun they are having as a group!

It’s impossible for me to select a favourite since they’re all so intriguing and gorgeous to look at while making you laugh and grin. In the meanwhile, I’ll be binge-watching Seasons 1 and 2 over and over again.

The first time I’ve felt passionately enough about a reality show to voice my thoughts publicly!

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