Feria The Darkest Light Season 2 Release Date And Cast Confirmed Or Canceled?

Netflix’s original series Feria The Darkest Light Season 2 centers on two sisters, Eva and Sofia, who are drawn into a dangerous real-world adventure when their parents are falsely accused of a series of murders. Each sister in the Spanish supernatural thriller series deals with hardship in her own way until they all succumb to it and become demons. The fate of the city and its inhabitants becomes increasingly dire as the plot develops.

Agustin Martnez and Carlos Montero’s supernatural premise and storyline, which fused teen drama and supernatural horror, attracted both critics and viewers.

The first season ended on a cliffhanger, with the futures of all the characters still up in the air.

If you were wondering if Season 2 of Feria: The Darkest Light would ever be made available, the answers are below.

Feria The Darkest Light Season 2 Happen Or Not

The first season of Feria: The Darkest Light will be available on Netflix as of January 28, 2022. The eight episodes, which run about 50 minutes each, were all released at once to provide the best possible binge-watching experience.

The second season of Feria: The Darkest Light has not been confirmed or announced. Still, this isn’t always a bad thing to have happen. Because of the show’s recent premiere, Netflix is probably gauging its popularity to determine if it will produce a Feria The Darkest Light Season 2.

Exciting news for fans of the horror show: co-creator Carlos Montero recently revealed in an interview that three full seasons of the show’s story are already written. As a result, if given the chance, the dark adventures in the sleepy Spanish town of Feria could continue for two more seasons.

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Feria The Darkest Light Season 2 Storyline

At the end of Season 1, Belda and Halid pick up Sofia from the hospital. Two cultists take her underground to a secret shrine. Belda murders Halid and then abducts Sofia, bringing her to the temple to be reunited with the demon Umma. The evil creature killed Belda, and a door suddenly appeared. Sofia walks through a demonic portal after being captivated by her mother’s apparition in the shadows of the doorway, allowing a terrifying monster to escape.

In the future, Sofia and her mother, Elena, may get back together. This obsession with rescuing her mother, who seems to be imprisoned in the Kingdom, has been a driving force for Sofia from the beginning. Now that Sofia has effectively sacrificed her entire city by unlocking the door just to see her mother, the story will likely continue to unfold. In the cult, both the mother and the daughter are considered “perfect beings,” giving them authority over the entrance.

In FERIA: THE DARKEST LIGHT, sisters Eva (Ana Tomeno) and Sofa (Carla Campra) spend the night at a bonfire party at the local quarry, and the story begins the morning after. The village is nestled into the Andalusian mountains in southern Spain. The Spanish Civil Guard, clad in tactical gear, has just raided their home, scaring the occupants awake.

They meet with the head detective, Guillén (Isak Férriz), and find out that their parents are under suspicion of being the leaders of a well-established demonic cult. Outside of Sevilla, 23 people are found dead with severe blood loss after a ritual sacrifice took place near the entrance of a defunct local mine. After showing them the security footage that incriminates their parents, he only manages to further perplex them.

Both sisters stay at their family’s Feria home, but they each find very different ways to deal with their loss and bafflement. Eva, the eldest, relies on common assumptions about older siblings in her attempt to maintain a practical outlook. But Sofia, along with other cult members, dives deeper into the mystery in an effort to understand what happened to her parents.

Feria The Darkest Light Season 2 Cast

It is too early to make any assumptions, but we can look ahead to what Feria The Darkest Light Season 2 may hold based on how Season 1 ended.

The show’s main characters are portrayed by Carla Campra (Sophia), Ana Tomeno (Eva), and Isak Férriz (Guillén). Feria The Darkest Light Season 2 will feature them, so that’s a given.

Marta Nieto (Elena), Ernest Villegas (Pablo), Salva Reina (Marcos), Carlos Scholz (Ral), Sauce Ena (Estrella), Carmen Navas (Mar), Jorge Motos (Chisco), Pepa Gracia (Candela), Lazar Dragojevic (Halid), and Angela Cremonte are all regulars who will likely make an appearance (Blanca). Since David Luque’s character, Belda has killed off in the season one finale, he is not likely to return for season two unless a major plot point is revealed.

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Feria The Darkest Light Season 2 Release Date?

Throughout the first season, Eva and Sofia learn that their parents are responsible for the deaths of 23 people as a result of their participation in a cult ritual.

Sofia is relieved that they’ve finally left and eagerly anticipates her reunion with her mom. After she fails in her attempt to open the Kingdom gateway, she runs away, leaving Eva to search for her despite her constant hallucinations.

We now know the parents tried to limit travel to the kingdom in the past, leading to their own imprisonment. At long last, Sofia opens it, but it’s too late for her to stop the devil’s escape.

All of the characters’ futures are up in the air as the series ends on a dramatic cliffhanger. This bolsters the idea of a second season, though Netflix has not made a public announcement. Netflix will most likely look at the show’s ratings and popularity levels before deciding whether or not to buyFeria The Darkest Light Season 2.

Feria The Darkest Light Season 2 Trailer

It’s unlikely that we’ll have time to transport all those records. On the other hand, we can end Feria The Darkest Light Season 2’s possibilities and prospects right where Season 1 left off.

Just in case you want to make an educated decision about watching Season 1 of Feria, here’s a trailer for your perusal.

Checking out the trailer for Feria Season 1 might give you a better idea of what to anticipate from the show.

The show’s program coordinator, Carlos Montero, has hinted in an interview that the show’s plot may have been “pre-arranged.” Accordingly, this demonstrates that a second season is feasible.

The show’s first season ended with everyone on the edge of a cliff. In the aftermath of the disaster, the characters’ problems will escalate dramatically.

Feria The Darkest Light Season 2 Rating

The Motion Picture Association of America’s film rating system, the Television Parental Guidelines, the Entertainment Software Rating Board’s ratings for video games, the Internet Content Rating Association’s ratings for online content and the Marvel Comics rating system are all examples of common boards that decide age rating.

Feria: The Darkest Light Age was given a 17+ rating by one of many such boards and systems designed to categorize and classify entertainment media. The following are examples of the most common factors used to assign an age rating. To determine Feria’s rating for the Darkest Age of Light, these factors were considered.

  • Carnage and Bloodshed
  • Contents: Sexual
  • Extremely Violent Images
  • Note: Explicit Content

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Feria The Darkest Light Season 2 Review

When people want to know if Feria: The Darkest Light is appropriate for their child, they often look up reviews of the book as well. There has been a lot of positive buzz surrounding Feria: The Darkest Light, but naturally, there have also been some negative reviews.

Truth be told, we should all be allowed to have our own point of view. You can check out the mixed bag of reviews for Feria: The Darkest Light over at various review-aggregating websites.


Production on the debut season was scheduled to get underway in February 2021 after the announcement of the season came in 2020. In the new year of 2022, the show debuted with its first episode. If the show is picked up for Feria The Darkest Light Season 2 this year, then we can probably look forward to a premiere in late 2023 or early 2024.

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