Finding Ola Season 2 Cast And Release Date Confirmed Announced

After much anticipation, Hend Sabry has confirmed that the critically acclaimed Netflix series Finding Ola will return for a Finding Ola Season 2. Season one of Finding Ola premiered on Netflix in February and immediately became one of the most popular shows there. Egyptian comedy series Ayza Atgawez (I Want To Get Married) premiered in 2010, and the show followed the life of its protagonist, Ola Abdel Sabour, as she went through a midlife crisis (basically.)

Hadi El Bagoury and Hend Sabry craft a stunning narrative about the protagonist’s life following her divorce. In the closing moments of the finale, Ola is asked if she will continue riding on the felukah, and she turns to the camera to exclaim, “I’ll keep going!” Since the Tunisian-Egyptian starlet, Hend Sabry, recently announced that filming on season two will begin soon, it appears that both Ola and Hend Sabry meant this in a “philosophical” and literal meaning.

Finding Ola Season 2 Happen Or Not?

There is currently no word on whether or not Finding Ola will be renewed for Finding Ola Season 2. It’s not shocking, though, because it’s brand new. Anyway, let’s make some assumptions.

To begin, I enjoyed Finding Ola, but Netflix needs to give it the green light before I commit any viewing time. In general, Netflix ignores negative feedback and instead follows data. With only six episodes in the first season, it’s hard to tell if the tale can sustain itself or if a Finding Ola Season 2 is even possible. It’s common practise for Netflix to debut a series and then cancel it a few weeks later, which inevitably infuriates the show’s fan base.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a renewal, but in the meantime, check back here in the coming months for any news.

Finding Ola Season 2 Cast And Main Lead

If the series is revived, we can expect to see Hend Sabry, the stunning actress, return on our televisions. Ola, the character she portrays, is a young mother and entrepreneur who is just getting back on her feet after a breakup.

The award-winning actress Sawsan Badr, who plays Ola’s mother, and the actor Hani Adel, who plays Ola’s husband, are also expected to return. Nada Mousa, Mahmoud El-Leithy, and Dalia Shawky are a few of the other actors in the cast. We should have an open mind about the prospect of a new cast in Season 2

Given where Season 1 left up, it’s safe to assume that many of the same characters will return for Season 2.

The role of Ola Abdeisbour will be played by Hend Sabri.

  • In the show, Hany Adel will play Hisham, Ola’s spouse.
  • Nada Moussa will be playing Nesrine.
  • The role of Soheir will be played by Sawswn Badr.
  • For the role of Montasser, MohamoudEl Leithyhas been cast.
  • Playing the role of Nadia is Aisle Ramzy.
  • Salim will be played by Omar Sherif.

They’re all the same lovable people from Finding Ola Season 2 but a new storyline means there might be some fresh faces in Season 2.

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Finding Ola Season 2 Storyline

Ola, a newlywed with a perfect life, wonders what went wrong as her life suddenly changes after only a month of marriage.

They seemed like a great family when we first met her; the kind of family you always wanted to have. Ola is forced to decide out her next steps after a divorce that drastically alters her life. How can she be the best businesswoman in town while also taking care of her family of four?

Finding Ola Season 2 Release Date

Finding Ola Season 2 has not yet been given a premiere date, and at this point it appears that a premiere has been ruled out. A launch date for Season 2 of “Finding Ola” is unlikely to be discovered, given the show’s creators have not yet made such a statement.

The first episode of Season 1 of Finding Ola reportedly aired on The Cinemaholic in late January 2021In total, the shooting of the first season took approximately a year and a half to finish. Reconnoitering Ola The likelihood of a Season 2 premiere occurring in the first half of 2023 is low. The first season dropped like a flash on February 3, 2022.

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The first season of Finding Ola was fantastic and completely won over the fans. And so Season 1 of Finding Ola has piqued the interest of fans, who are anticipating a Finding Ola Season 2.

Till date, there has been zero production planning. If it does happen, it will probably follow the first season’s lead and make its world premiere on Netflix.

Finding Ola Season 2 Review

While the programme does initially portray women as antagonistic toward one another by introducing the character of the nasty mother-in-law, it moves away from this trope in later episodes. It’s great to see Ola accepting her ex-girlfriend husband’s as someone she can support instead of trying to destroy. Women are seen to be really happy and celebratory over Ola’s divorce and the opportunity it presents her to begin a new chapter in her life, suggesting that the show does more than only propose challenges to society; it also celebrates these problems.

The show also realistically depicts a generational divide. Ola finds herself for the first time in her interactions and introductions with young people. For example, when her kid learns to accept her divorce or her romance with someone much younger than her, she gains a fresh perspective on herself.

The show oversimplifies the corporate world, making it seem less challenging than it actually is. Her accomplishments and the work that goes into building a business are being treated as if they happened by magic. Nonetheless, it might be forgiven because the show mostly focuses on her maturation.

Despite this, the show still has a lot of appeal. According to Hend, the show is genuine to Egyptian women yet still resonates with viewers worldwide. The show is perfect for marathon viewing and is certain to make you happy even if you stay up late.

People Asked Questions ?

  • Is there season 2 for Finding Ola?

Actress Hend Sabry of Tunisia said on Tuesday that theFinding Ola Season 2 of Netflix’s “Finding Ola” will be coming soon. On Instagram, Sabry posted a clip with the description, ” Season 2 of #Finding Ola shortly on.”

  • Is Finding Ola renewed?

Hend Sabri, star and executive producer of the dramedy “Al Bahth An Ola” (Finding Ola), which premiered exclusively on 3 February earlier this year, announced the renewal of the show for Finding Ola Season 2 on her official Instagram account.

  • How did Finding Ola end?

The series concluded with Ola on the boat, looking out at Cairo. The climactic tableau represented her realisation that she did not require a guy to be happy. That was the final piece to her puzzle.

Finding Ola Season 2 Trailer

Since the preview for Season 2 has not yet been released, all you can do in the meantime is watch the Season 1 preview again and relive all the great moments from that season.

Ola opens the first season teaser by admitting that a lot can happen in a year, from a happy marriage to a bitter divorce. She’s recently divorced and needs to figure out how to balance her roles as a mother, an entrepreneur, and a business owner. Do not miss out on the premiere of this amazing series on Netflix.

Hend Sabri On Finding Ola Season 2

The 42-year-old starlet broke the good news in an Instagram photo featuring Ola Abdel Sabour, the show’s protagonist, stating, “I’ll keep going!” at the close of the pilot episode. The video is available here on Bazaar Arabia.

The famous TV show, which has been airing since its first broadcast on February 3, is about a woman named Ola Abdel Sabour. While attempting to take care of two kids at once, she has a number of challenges in her daily life.

Finding Ola has generated a lot of talk on the internet because to its impressive plot and well-defined directing, and it also serves as Hend Sabri’s directorial debut. Moreover, the multitalented Tunisian personality has already revealed that season two will soon return on Netflix MENA with a slew of brand new surprises and storylines. “As Ola has shown us that the conclusion of one narrative is simply the beginning of another,” the Tunisian actress says, “the show’s renewal for a second season represents Ola’s opportunity at a second chance, only on Netflix.”


In short, a premiere date for Finding Ola Season 2 has not been set by the producers. However, on February 3, 2022, Netflix premiered the first season. Since the producers have said nothing and made no preparations for Season 2, we may expect it to launch in January of 2023.

We promise to keep you apprised of the status of this show and its cast, and to be the first to let you know when a new season becomes available. Keep checking back for changes, and feel free to leave feedback in the space provided below. Keep coming back to this page for future updates and info about the show.

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