Five Days at Memorial Season 2 Renewed Or Cancelled? More Updates

In the television show, Five Days at Memorial Season 2, the medical staff of a New Orleans hospital’s intensive care unit was observed as they fought to provide care for Hurricane Katrina victims. As it gave viewers an inside look at one of the deadliest calamities of our time, the series was an emotional rollercoaster.

The TV program was based on the novel by Sheri Fink. Patients, doctors, nurses, and other individuals who dealt with the aftermath were among the many persons Fink spoke with. You get to witness firsthand the doctors’ tragic decisions and how unsupportive they were throughout the calamity. The entire time you watched the series, you were on the edge of your seat, trying to decide whose side you actually backed.

Five Days at Memorial Season 2 Release Date

Fans are eagerly awaiting Five Days at Memorial Season 2. Everyone believes Season 2 will be even more successful than Season 1, which had a huge impact on Apple TV+ (should there be one). Since the events in the Memorial Medical Center following the flood were the centerpiece of the miniseries made for the series, there hasn’t been a renewal as of September 2022.

If there is a renewal, fans can expect Five Days at Memorial to air again sometime in 2023. Since Apple takes a while to notify renewals, there is little we can do but wait. We will keep you updated with any fresh information.

Five Days at Memorial Season 2 Cast And Lead Role

  • Dr. Anna Pou, played by Vera Farmig
  • Dr. Bryant King is portrayed by Cornelius Smith Jr.
  • as Susan Mulderick, Cherry Jones
  • As Karen Wynn, Adepero Oduy
  • Horace Baltz is portrayed by Robert Pine.
  • Diane Robichaux is played by Julie Ann Emery.
  • Virginia Rider, played by Molly Hager
  • Arthur “Butch” Schafer is played by Michael Gaston.

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Five Days at Memorial Season 2 Happen Or Not?

Whether or not Five Days at Memorial will return for a second season is unknown at this time. The fact that the series is based on a true story and we already know how things turned out makes me doubt that it might take many other turns.

Nevertheless, depending on how well the programme performs, they might attempt to explore it in a variety of ways, one of which is as a docuseries. I could envision Apple TV+ potentially producing something akin to this story since it has recently been a standard for docuseries. I believe there is much more they could do with this narrative to pique viewers’ interest (including me).

You may question a few of the actors who portray the physicians and nurses to learn more about the horrible events that occurred. And to learn more about Dr. Anna Pou’s perspective, I’d be interested to see whether Apple TV+ could invite her to the show. The actor or actress who portrays the doctor or nurse could also conduct the interview.

Five Days at Memorial Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for the programme hasn’t yet been unveiled. We will have to wait till the show’s makers officially announce that it will return for Five Days at Memorial Season 2 before finding out.

You don’t have to worry in the interim if you missed the acclaimed first season because you can watch the show on Roku. All you need is a Roku membership. Model Minority, The Summer I Turned Pretty, and Loot (Apple TV+) are more examples of this type of presentation (Amazon Prime Video)

However, you may view Five Days at Memorial’s inaugural season online.

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Five Days at Memorial Season 2 People Expectations

Fans are eagerly awaiting Five Days at Memorial’s second season. As of September 2022, the series has not received a renewal. The miniseries focused on what happened at the Memorial Medical Center following the disaster.

The restart of the programme is anticipated for some point in 2023. You may watch Five Days at Memorial Season 2 on Roku if you missed the first one.

The show could be investigated in a variety of ways, such as a docuseries. No information has been released regarding the possibility of a Five Days at Memorial Season 2.

Five Days at Memorial Season 1 Recap

When Hurricane Katrina hits the coast, it makes landfall in New Orleans. While the storm approaches, the medical staff at Memorial Hospital takes care of their patients. It looks like a bridge connecting the two sides of the hospital may collapse, so Susan Mulderick gives orders to Dr. Anna Pou to move her team to the other side of the building. 

The staff and patients at Memorial Hospital are confident that they will be okay despite the fact that there has been some damage, albeit quite modest. Dr. Pou stays in the hospital with her husband despite the fact that she knows the situation there is still critical. As soon as he leaves, she learns that the levees surrounding New Orleans are failing and the water is beginning to flood the city. Not being able to reach him causes her distress. 

There is a power outage at the hospital because of the flooding in the city. While preparing for an evacuation, Susan Mulderick and the team do their best to cope with the terrible situation. Dallas businessman Michael Arvin is attempting to help Memorial, but his superiors are uninterested. The LeBlancs are making plans to fly back to New Orleans to be with Mark’s ailing mother at Memorial. Things are getting worse. After Dr. Pou becomes irritated while treating a patient, Dr. Horace Baltz advises that she take a break. 

A health department official assured Susan Mulderick that there would be rescue boats waiting for them the following morning. He also tells them to put different coloured armbands on patients to prioritise rescue efforts. When night falls, the Coast Guard wants to keep the helicopter evacuation going, but Mulderick calls it off because of the danger. There’s a false report of boats coming in the middle of the night. Mark and Sandra LeBlanc take the boat to Memorial to rescue Mark’s mom. 

The decision to euthanize all animals was made because taking them with people during an evacuation was not a possibility. Law enforcement authorities arrive by boat and notify workers that they must vacate the premises by 5 o’clock. Susan Mulderick asserts that no patient would be abandoned and recommends that Dr. Pou discuss patient comfort with Dr. Cook. Butch Schafer and Virginia Rider are employed by the state of Louisiana to investigate the circumstances behind the deaths of the 45 people who were found at Memorial after Hurricane Katrina. 

The employees they questioned all agree that Dr. Pou deliberately overdosed several patients in order to hasten their deaths. In response to an offer, Pou takes a job at LSU. A CNN producer is reaching out to Pou to obtain feedback from the medical community. Pou talks to a Tenet lawyer, who says she doesn’t represent any one doctor but rather Tenet as a whole. Following the lawyer’s advice, Pou goes out and hires her own set of lawyers to represent her. As a result of the publicity surrounding the investigation into Dr. Pou’s alleged behaviour at Memorial in the wake of Katrina, she has decided to stop practising surgery. 

Toxicology findings from 18 of the deceased patients showed that nine of them tested positive for one or both of the drugs the pharmacist said he gave Pou. A witness who previously told Schafer and Rider that she saw Pou injecting several LifeCare patients returns to testify that she followed Pou to Emmett Everett’s room door. The investigation must continue, Rider is persuaded by Everett’s wife. As he is confident in his case, Rider shows up at Pou’s house and arrests her for the slayings of four patients. 

Although well-respected forensic experts have ruled that many patient deaths were the result of murder, the prosecutors leading the case against Dr. Pou in the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office are less convinced than Schafer and Rider. Pou’s lawyer convinces her to go on 60 Minutes, where she makes a strong enough impression on Dr. Frank Minyard that he wants to speak with her. 

To hear it from Minyard, her father was a close friend of his who helped him get his practise off the ground. The grand jury in Orleans Parish decided not to indict Pou despite the lack of key witnesses and experts. After Pou gives her lecture, Dr. Baltz confronts her with questions about her version of events at Memorial.

Five Days at Memorial Season 2 Ratings

Based on 29 reviews from critics, the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reports a 90% approval rating with an average rating of 7.8/10. “Five Days at Memorial is forthright to the point of punishing,” the website’s commentators agree, “thoroughly describing an absolute tragedy while giving due to those who tried their best to stanch the devastating aftermath.” Based on 18 reviews, the weighted average review site Metacritic gave the movie a score of 74 out of 100, classifying it as having “generally good reviews.”

End Lines-

This is incredibly painful on a heart and gut level. I’m hoping that this series will highlight how resilient the entire team was to stay until they had to go. This series has really touched me. It is horrifying to realise how much agony, loss, and pain these folks had to through in a few of days. You will be reminded of how fleeting and priceless life is through this series. Making difficult decisions, losing pets, and saying goodbye in anguish will all remain ingrained in my memory for a long time. Even when there was no hope left, the medical team showed courage. This series appeared to show the destruction that went beyond the news headlines at the time.

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