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There’s a chance you’ve seen it months, or even years, ago. The previous great season or show-stopping finale, on the other hand, simply keeps resurfacing in your memory. For Life had a lasting influence on many people. so it must come for the next season For Life Season 3.

Based on the actual life of Isaac Wright, Jr., the series aired in February 2020 and was created by Hank Steinberg. During his time in jail, he tried to establish the innocence of some of the other convicts, which led him to begin the process of becoming an attorney.

In November of 2020, production on Season 2 began, and it already is completed in February 2021. What will become of For Life season 3 now that so much time has passed?

For Life Season Deal With?

This is something Aaron Wallace never expected to happen to him, and his time in the four black walls known as jail has had an enormous impact on his life.

This criminal and legal drama series’ first season premiered on February 11th, 2020. When Aaron Wallace, a happily married and fatherly guy, gets caught while partying for cocaine smuggling, his life is turned upside down.

Wallace is subsequently given a life sentence for a crime he didn’t commit, even though he didn’t do it. The guy is shown comforting his fellow convicts, all of whom had been wrongfully convicted of crimes they didn’t do. But, how can I assist you? For Aaron, justice is a matter of life and death. It appears as if he treats his pals as convicts, rescuing them as if they were his own.

For Life Season 3 Plotline

Based on Isaac Wright Jr.’s erroneous conviction for narcotics possession in 1991, the first season of the programme is based on his narrative.

For Life Season 3 Plot

To portray the narrative of Aaron Wallace (played by Nicholas Pinnock), a prisoner turned lawyer attempting to get his own life sentence overturned on the grounds that he didn’t commit any crime, “For Life” follows Aaron Wallace (played by Nicholas Pinnock).

Since Aaron was given the chance to return to court at the conclusion of Season 1, For Life has been left hanging in suspense.

This television series exposes the problems and shortcomings in the legal and criminal justice systems in the United States.

According to Deadline, there would be “some modifications” to the second series’ theme.

Season two of The for life has yet to have any new narrative details revealed.

For Life Season 3 Cast And Main Lead Characters

Actors that will appear in season three of For Life include: The cast of For Life Season 3 has been revealed.

  • Aaron Wallace is played by Nicholas Pinnock.
  • Safiya Masry is played by Indira Varma.
  • Marie Wallace is played by Joy Bryant.
  • Anya Harrison, played by Mary Stuart Masterson, is a fictional character.
  • Jamal Bishop is played by Dorian Crossmond Missick.
  • Jasmine Wallace is played by Tyla Harris.
  • Playing Frank Foster in the film was Glenn Fleshler
  • Glen Maskins is played by Boris McGiver.
  • Henry Roswell was played by Timothy Busfield.

For Life Season 3 Cast

  • Alan Burke, portrayed by John Doman in the film
  • In the role of Darius Johnson, Brandon Dirden
  • As Dez O’Reilly, Erik Jensen portrays the actor.
  • Cassius Dawkins, played by 50 Cent
  • Paul Giamatti in the title role of Theodore “Ted”
  • Hassan Nawaz as played by Felonious Munk
  • Jerry McCormack was played by Joseph Siravo.
  • Tom Hansen is played by Matt Dellapina.
  • Ronnie Baxter is played by Toney Goins.
  • Scotty Williams was played by Sean Boyce Johnson.
  • Andy Josiah is played by Royce Johnson.
  • Elaine Josiah is played by Amina Robinson.
  • Marcel Josiah is played by Jace Bently.

Here is a look at the second season of For Life’s reviews.

For Life Season 3 Total Season?

On February 11, 2020, For Life launched. The plot was a hit, and the second season was released on November 18, the same year. ABC aired the first episodes of both seasons.

Is For Life Season 3 In Work Or Not?

There will not be a season 3 of the series despite the fact that it got two consecutive seasons in 2020. You read it correctly. The ABC network has cancelled For Life.

The ABC network’s lowest-rated series to date, despite a high rating and a large number of viewers.

As things stand, there’s virtually little likelihood that another network will take up the show for a second season.

IMDb TV – a free streaming service on Amazon Prime Video — secured an agreement to show both seasons in the hopes that it would develop greater popularity and increase interest in more episodes.

That did not go well, and they opted not to take the project on.

“I am in no way angry with ABC for not renewing For Life for a third season,” actor Nicholas Pinnock said of the decision not to extend the show for a fourth season.

According to him, the network has been “nothing but supportive” of the programme from the beginning.

In May, ABC cancelled the courtroom drama after two seasons, but Variety’s sister site IMDb TV reported that the show may receive a third season. It has just been revealed that IMDb TV would broadcast Seasons 1 and 2 of the series, which featured Nicholas Pinnock as an inmate turned lawyer.

For Life Season 3 Rating

An IMDb TV representative said, via the site’s Twitter feed, “We have nothing to report at this moment on a Season 3 pickup.”

Fans were relieved when Pinnock said that he was not upset with the network for cancelling the programme. According to a tweet, “ABC has been nothing but supportive of our programme, and has championed it from the start.” For Life was not renewed for a third season.

However, he went on to add. Live audience statistics didn’t match up with social media engagement, unfortunately… Network shows aren’t suited for catch-up viewing, despite strong ratings.

1.7 million people tuned in for the season finale of ABC’s For Life, which finished its sophomore run in February with the lowest ratings of any drama on the network’s schedule.

It was Pinnock’s intention to attempt to find a new home for the programme, which was produced by ABC Signature. Sony Pictures Television is credited for bringing the show to IMDb TV, according to reports.) There is no doubt in my mind that, if we are successful in finding another home, I will continue to produce shows that are well worth your time and attention.

For Life Season 3 Release Date Confirmed Or Not? 

Only two seasons into the show’s run and its cancellation is confirmed, according to Lifetime.

Despite the formal statement, there has been no additional news on whether or not the series would be resurrected in any manner. If For Life viewers wish to revisit the series in the near future, they’ll have to rely on repeat viewings.

As a result of Season 2’s impending broadcast, it was decided to scrap the episode. Only 1.9 million viewers watched the first episode of its comeback, according to Variety.

This was the show’s lowest-ever viewership at that moment in time. The number of viewers decreases as the series goes. Subsequent shows had just 1.8 million viewers.

For Life Season 3 IMDb Thoughts

ABC cancelled For Life, but IMDb TV grabbed it up. It is probable that the programme may return for a second season now that it has been recognised an IMDb TV Original. There’s a good chance that, despite the fact that IMDb hasn’t revealed Season 3 of For Life yet, it will be soon. Beyond the initial licence extension, the platform and showrunners have made it plain that they want to see the series through until its last episode is broadcast. There is a bright future ahead for this series, and I’m eager to see where it goes from here.

Trailer And Teaser Of The Show For Life Season 3

For Life Season 3 has yet to have a trailer published. Here’s a look at the For Life Season 2 teaser trailer. ABC published it on October 14th, 2020.

For Life Season 3 Trailer

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For Life Seasons Ending

Season 1 of the show is heavily based on the true story of Isaac Wright Jr., as we all know. Convicted on drug trafficking charges in 1991, which he had not committed at the time of his arrest. Unfortunately, after so many hearings, he was found guilty and condemned to death.

His sentence was later overturned when he began working for his fellow convicts’ defence attorneys while he was jailed.

After a tense cliffhanger at the conclusion of Season 1, Aaron (Nicholas Pinnock) was offered a second opportunity at a trial in his second life. The second season will be much more intriguing to watch because of the protagonist’s double existence. When it comes to such situations, the show will expose the judicial system’s shortcomings.

We’ll be sure to let you know when the third season of For Life premieres, as soon as we learn more.

Stay with us and, more importantly, be safe till then.


Even though the plot is far-fetched, the programme is largely inspired on a genuine event, which gives the creators some leeway.

In and out of jail, there are a lot of cliched characters. A progressive warden who breaches regulations because she is a nice person, crooked prison guards, and decent prison guards are all examples of corrupt or immoral public officials.

A few sections of the performance were excellent, but the main character is played by an English actor, and it was immediately apparent that his American accent didn’t seem like it came from the East Coast of the country. In addition, he seemed to be always enraged, fierce, and lacking in a sense of humour, which made him unlikable. Darius, the actor who played the main part, was excellent, so I’m not sure why they didn’t cast a US actor in the position.

Sometimes the plots are great, but they frequently become lazy or clichéd rather than developing completely.

With tropes such as the remorseful millionaire who supports Wallace, and the warden who joins Roswell and Wallace to right wrong, Season 2 was a big letdown. The outcome is a bizarre attempt to get ahead of the COVID and BLM zeitgeist with a slew of ridiculous legal wrangling and a heavy dose of woke.

Roswell tells Wallace he is “one of the greatest he has ever seen” despite Wallace’s many beginner legal blunders, which is just poor conversation.

Season three is almost certainly on the way, but I don’t think it’s necessary at this point.

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