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As you all are fed up with all boring same theme stories so don’t get bored because here we tell you about your favorite series Go Live Your way season 3. It is an  Argentinian musical and romance streaming television series, whose creator as well as the director is Sebastián Mellino. Furthermore, After Edha, it became the second Argentinian Netflix Original Series. If you haven’t seen this series yet, read this article and stay tuned with us for more information. Hence here we discuss the season 3 details like release date, cast, or more.

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The storyline of Go Live Your Way Season 3 is what’s going on.

The story begins with a dancer and musician Ma Caceres has a lot of skill. With her childhood closest friend Gaspar Fontan, she formed a band and she sings lead in the band as the lead vocalist. To further her skills, she applies for a scholarship to Saint Mary’s Academy, which is well-known for its prestigious dance workshop. She gets the scholarship, but she wants more. After considerable deliberation, Isabel decides to try out for a scholarship, but she is unsuccessful.

After that, In Spain, Ma’s aunt offers to locate Ma the best ballet school, as her son resides there. Isabel, on the other hand, had no idea that Ma went to Ramiro, the owner of Saint Mary’s, to complain about the unfairness of her not being awarded a scholarship. Mercedes’s husband, the school’s owner, grants the scholarship without consulting her. In order to get accepted into the school and meet new people, Ma has persuaded her aunt, who is fine with the concept.

Despite this setback, Ma will have to confront Lupe, the school’s owner’s daughter. During the academic session, Lupe is the best and most popular student. As a result, Ma and her new pals Zoe and Simon will do all in their power to unseat Saint Mary’s top talent, Lupe. As a result, Ma and Lupe, as well as Lupe’s mother, become bitter rivals (the school principal).

Meanwhile, Ma has a crush on lvaro, Lupe’s brother and the basketball team’s best player. It’s Juanma (Lupe’s lover) who’s lvaro’s biggest competitor. Ma’s and the other characters’ life at school, conflicts, and love lives are the focus of the program. In the second season, she tries to search for her father. Let’s wait and see what happens in Season 3.

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Go Live Your Way Season 3 casting

who  will Perform in Go Live Your Way Season 3 | All cast updates 

The character of the program is the fundamental reason why the series has had such an influence on so many people. All of them are fully committed to their roles, which helps to elevate the show’s star. Most importantly we hope that Go Live Your Way Season 3 comes back with the same cast.


  • Mía Cáceres
  • Ramiro Achával
  • Mercedes Taylor
  • Lupe Achával
  • Alvaro Paz
  • Juanma Portolesi
  • Zoe Celetian
  • Simon


  • Federico Nacas’s real name Simón Hempe 
  • Nicolás Ferrari’s real name Daniel Rosado as
  • Tobias Aceras real name Manuel Ramos
  • Martín Beltrán real name Bautista Lena
  • Olivia Andrade’s real name Antonella Carabelli
  • Lola’s real name Carolina Domenech
  • Ivana’s real name Nicole Luis
  • Martina’s real name Ana Paula Pérez
  • Nina Canale’s real name Sofía Morandi
  • Mara Mucci’s real name Agustina Mindlin
  • Mauro Moreira’s real name Andrés Montorfano
  • Gloria’s real name Ana Florencio Gutiérrez 
  • Marcelo Villa’s real name Gonzalo Revoredo
  • Florencia’s real name Florencia Benitez
  • Mariana Cáceres real name Josefina Achával
  • Isabel Cáceres’s real name Melania Lenoir
  • Fabricio’s real name Samuel Nascimento
  • Rosario’s real name Johanna Francella
  • Yosy’s real name Yosy Machado
  • Teresa’s real name Luisa Drozdek
  • Javier Paz’s real name Daniel Campomenosi
  • Hortensia’s real name Marina Castillo
  • Sofia’s real name María José (Majo)
  • Agustina’s real name María José (Majo) Cardozo

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Go Live Your Way Season 3 Release Date update by Netflix

Netflix premiered the fifteen-episode first season on February 22, 2019. The same platform aired the second season, which consists of fifteen episodes, on June 21st, 2019. Netflix released the spin-off film “Go! The Unforgettable Party” on November 15, 2019. Despite the show’s official Instagram page promoting season 3 in February 2020, Pascual confirmed the series’ cancellation in August 2020, despite Netflix’s lack of confirmation.

Netflix has not yet confirmed the show’s cancellation of renewal. Even the date of the occurrence is unknown. However, there is no launch date set yet since 2021 is drawing to a close. The majority of people, including us, believe that the show concluded with season 2. Hence, It is feasible for a new season to begin. However, in our judgment, that is not going to happen anytime soon. 

Available Languages of Go Live Your Way Season 3 series

Since the show is available in two languages one is Spanish and the other is English. You can watch it on Netflix. If you have any further information on telecasts in additional languages, please share it with us in the comment area.

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IMDb gives Rating Go Live Your Way Season 3 

The series is one of the well-known shows, so its ratings are good on a lot of different sites. IMDB’s most trusted rating site gave it a good score. This series has a score of 7/10, which means it is good. Certainly, this is a good reason to keep your screens. 7 is given to shows that are actually good.

Fan-made Trailer of Go Live Your Way Season 3 update on youtube

Netflix has this heartwarming and uplifting tale. Both seasons of the show are now streaming on Netflix, but season 3 is not released yet so its trailer is not available also but we hope that as all-season available on Netflix therefore next season will release soon on the same platform. if you’d like to see the trailer, you can do so by following the link below.

In conclusion-

In summary, I would like to say that the narrative was fantastic. This is a typical teen drama. The show’s soundtrack is fantastic. In short, the story of a little girl striving for her ambitions is inspirational. Overall I recommend you to see this series and if you have any or particularly query ask through the comment section I will try to clarify the same as soon as possible. Thank you for reading the full article.