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The new “Gossip Girl” launched on HBO Max on July 8 as a stand-alone sequel to the hit 2007 CW series of the same name. “Gossip Girl” portrays a fresh group of affluent kids at the posh Manhattan private school, Constance Billard, created by Joshua Safran (an original series writer). Here you get all information about Gossip Girl Reboot Season 2.

In the middle of the season, “Gossip Girl” took a hiatus and returned on Thanksgiving to wrap out the year with its last six episodes. The final three episodes of Season 1 were published on HBO Max on December 2, giving fans much to ponder until Season 2 premieres. Since the show was renewed for a second season back in September, viewers can rest easy knowing that their favorite drama will return (via Variety). Season 2 of “Gossip Girl” is here, and we’ve got all the details.

What Gossip Girl Reboot Is All About?

Gossip Girl is an American teen drama television series that was created by Joshua Safran for HBO Max. CW’s Cecily von Ziegesar’s novel series is the inspiration for this continuation and stand-alone sequel. Executive producers and showrunners of this new series are Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who worked with Safran on the previous series.

Gossip Girl narrator Kristen Bell reprises her role as an anonymous and omniscient blogger. As a result, the film has a vast cast of actors and actresses, including names like Jordan Alexander and Tavi Gevinson as well as Evan Mock and Zión Moreno.

HBO Max ordered a series order for the show in July 2019. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, filming was originally slated to commence in March 2020 but was postponed until November 2020.

For its first two weekends on the air, the HBO Max original series Gossip Girl garnered both positive and negative reviews and set a viewership record for the network.

 On November 25, 2021, the second six-episode half of season one will be released, making it a total of 12 episodes. The show was picked up for a second season in September of 2021.

When Can We Expect Gossip Girl Reboot Season 2?

With only a few months after its release date, there is no indication yet on when the sequel will be released. There is no word yet from HBO Max on when Gossip Girl Reboot season 2 will begin production. In any case, the earliest we’d see a new chapter is probably the summer of 2022.

Prior to the revival’s premiere, Safran spoke about his hopes for the new Gossip Girl, saying that he wanted it to last at least half as long as the original.

To avoid wrapping things up, “I don’t do anything without knowing if there’s more to it,” he remarked. As far as I’m concerned, you’ll be getting more and more Gossip Girl.” Why would we do it again, if there were no more to come? I can tell you right now that I’ve planned three seasons so far. For the first six seasons, we didn’t know it was going to happen. But right now, I’m thinking about at least three.”

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What Is The Plot Of The Story Gossip Girl Reboot Season 2?

Gossip Girl Reboot Season 2 plot

Because the first season hasn’t yet been aired, it’s difficult to speculate about the plot of Gossip Girl Reboot season 2. There are several actors and actresses involved, and they expressed their aspirations and visions for the story’s future in interviews.

“I would say that I wish for her just to tap more into her honesty and not edit herself so much,” says Jordan Alexander, who portrays Julien Calloway on the show. In my opinion, that would be beneficial for both her and the rest of us.

Asked if she could see inside Monet’s house, Savannah Smith (Monet de Haan) responded yes. It’s important for her to learn more about the relationship she has with her parents, as well as her past experiences. For Monet, I believe that family is the key to unlocking her human potential. So, instead of just presenting Julien for a picture, I’d like to learn whether she has any siblings or any close relatives.

With that said, Zion Moreno (Luna La) wants in on the action. She added, “I just want Luna to fall in love.” “I think that would make her more relatable as well,” he says.

As for Season 1 spoilers, Eli Brown (Obie Bergmann) tried his best to keep them under wraps as much as possible. “I suppose I would love to see [Obie] make up his mind, as you’ll see as more episodes are released. It’s a mess.”

Gossip Girl Reboot Season 2 Cast And Main Lead

This means that everyone from Jordan Alexander to Whitney Peak to Emily Alyn Lind to Evan Mock to Thomas Doherty to Savannah Lee Smith to Zión Moreno, who play the show’s main young characters, will be back for season two. Each of those characters was involved in an episode that will undoubtedly carry over to season 2 of the show.

Gossip Girl’s three primary Constance Billard staff members — Kate Keller, played by Tavi Gevinson, Jordan Glassberg, played by Adam Chanler-Berat, and Wendy Fineman-Walsh, portrayed by Mean Ferguson — are all but guaranteed to return for Gossip Girl Reboot Season 2.

 Considering that Kate is the main voice behind Gossip Girl, we have high hopes for Gevinson’s return. The parents of the teens, such as Johnathan Fernandez’s Nick Lott (Johnathan Fernandez), Laura Benanti’s Kiki Hope (Laura Benanti), and Gideon Hope (Johnathan Fernandez), should return next year (Todd Almond). And given how much of a role he played in the second part of Season 1, we can safely assume Davis Calloway (Luke Kirby) will return.
Gossip Girl Reboot Season 2 Cast

Season 1 concludes with the introduction of a few new characters, some of whom we expect to return in Season 2. For Season 2, we can expect more from Obie’s new love interest Grace (Anna van Patten), and Zoya’s new buddy Shan (Grace Duah).

Are There Any Possibly More Cameos In Gossip Girl Reboot Season 2?

There is a chance. In season 1, there was no shortage of familiar faces and name-drops. (Perhaps one of the original cast members?) (Prayers are in order.) Safran, on the other hand, told the Daily Beast that he didn’t want to distract from the new characters by bringing back the original cast members.

When it became clear that Season 2 might be a possibility, it was decided to focus on bringing in cameos that weren’t just glorified appearances but had meaningful tales attached to them. The cast will be contacted to see if they’d like to attend when we do get there, so fingers crossed.

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Gossip Girl Reboot Season 2 Reviews And Scores

The Gossip Girl revival launched on HBO Max on July 8 and exceeded expectations in terms of audience. Deadline reports that the show was the most-watched HBO Max original series in its first weekend. In the United States, Episode 1 drew 555,000 viewers, and on its opening day, the revival became the top trending topic on Twitter and had nearly 15 billion impressions on TikTok. 

The show became a huge success almost immediately. The first season of the show was split into two parts. Gossip Girl’s new GG (Gossip Girl) is still running the city and causing havoc on the Upper East Side in the second half, which aired on HBO Max on Thanksgiving Day.

It didn’t take long for Season 2 of the relaunch to be announced to fans. As soon as HBO Max revealed in September 2021 that Gossip Girl had been picked up for a second season, the show’s Instagram jumped right on the opportunity to share the good news in typical GG style.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the series has an approval rating of 37%, with an average rating of 4.90/10. “An ambitious miscalculation, Gossip Girl stutters more than it struts, stranding a stacked cast in a sumptuous sea of rudderless drama,” the website’s critical consensus states. “Mixed or average reviews” is the Metacritic weighted average score of 51 out of 100 based on 28 critics for the series.

Rating: Gossip Girl received a rating of 5.4 on IMDb. On Rotten Tomatoes, Gossip Girl had a rating of 37%.

Gossip Girl Reboot Season 2 Rating

Almost three-quarters of Google’s searchers found this TV show entertaining.

Where Can I Watch Gossip Girl Reboot Season 2?

HBO Max will be the only spot in the United States where you can watch the reboot.

in exchange for which you’ll be required to pay a monthly fee. You can pay $14.99 a month for ad-free service or $9.99 a month for ad-supported service.

As with Netflix and Disney+, you’ll be able to access all of the weekly episodes the moment they air with a subscription. As a bonus, when HBO’s Sex and the City reboot airs in December, you’ll have full access to the network’s back catalog, including classics like Euphoria and the Friends reunion.

Gossip Girl is now available on BBC iPlayer for those who live outside of the United States.

 The first six episodes are currently available for streaming, but it’s not clear when the second half will be released.

You can’t get HBO Max over here in the UK, alas. You may watch the entire series on BBCiPlayer (you’ll need a TV license, however), and you’ll be able to do so rather than waiting for each weekly episode.

You can also watch the original series, which is coming to the platform later this year, so you can binge-watch both the new and old episodes and truly satisfy your Gossip Girl itch with that.

Whether you’re a fan of the ’00s or just curious about what the future holds for the current generation of Constance Billard fans, November 25 is the perfect day to indulge.

Is There Any Trailer For Gossip Girl Reboot Season 2?

Unfortunately, there is currently no trailer for the upcoming second season.

However, we’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.

Gossip Girl Reboot Season 2 Trailer

We can only hope that the wait will not be too long…

Frequently Asked Questions-

Is Gossip Girl set to return in 2022 or not?

The second season of Gossip Girl has been confirmed for September 2021. Although a release date has not been announced, rest assured that you will be the first to learn about it. Season two is expected to premiere around the same time as season one, which would be in early July of 2022 when filming on the new episodes has yet to begin.

Why does Audrey look like Blair?

Throughout the series, it’s clear that Audrey is based on Blair in many ways, including her perfectionism, her fashion designer mother, her floundering romance with Aki Menzies (Evan Mock), and her dalliance with bad boy Max Wolfe (Thomas Doherty).

How many episodes of Gossip Girl reboot will there be?

The second season of Gossip Girl will have six episodes, but it will not finish there. For a second season, HBO Max has already given the show the go-ahead. Upper East Siders can take a deep breath.

Why is Chuck and Blair’s son called Henry?

As a young man making his mark in the New York music industry, it’s exciting to watch him blossom. How did Chuck and Blair come up with the name Henry for their son? When Chuck was shot, he took the name “Chuck” as his new moniker.

End Lines-

No matter how much you enjoyed the original, you should not expect it to be the same in this adaptation. Fans of the original series (like me) may find the show’s focus on Instagram and influencers to be unsettling now that it has been modified to match the contemporary adolescent culture. 

There are a few complaints about the instructor’s storyline and the teachers’ performance, which resembles a GCSE theatre lesson. Even while there are a few nods to the original program, they don’t seem to have made an effort to bring in any true cameos. The majority of the characters have stayed flat and uninteresting, with little to no room for growth.

Overall, the primary cast of teenagers does an outstanding job with the screen time allotted to them, portraying a wide range of personalities and portraying their roles to the best of their abilities. Max Wolfe and Chuck Bass have a lot in common, but the actor’s erratic nature makes him a joy to watch and he does a good job of portraying the character. It’s refreshing to see such a diverse range of characters in a show set in modern-day New York. Overall, it’s a respectable 6/10 for binge-watchable drama television.

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