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As far as surprises go, “Heels Season 2” has been one of the year’s best. Actor Stephen Amell and actor Alexander Ludwig feature in Starz’s new wrestling-themed drama, which was conceived by “Loki” head writer Michael Waldron and stars as two brothers who participate in their father’s wrestling organization and deal with all the turmoil that comes.

A 96 percent Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes confirmed the show’s critical acclaim. A second season was promptly ordered. Here we tell you about the Heels Season 2 Details.

heels season 2 primer
heels season 2 primer

In addition to programs like “Outlander” and “Power Book II: Ghost,” it seems like Starz has discovered another blockbuster, and who knows — this series could even be eligible for an Emmy nomination when the time comes next year. Since the Season 1 finale aired on October 10, 2021, many have shown an interest in hearing more Spade family stories. “Heels” will be back for a second season, and this page will provide you with all you need to know about it.

When is Heels Season 2 coming out?

The second season of “Heels” will not begin production until next year, so if you were expecting for a late summer premiere like Season 1, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

Atlanta, Georgia, was as the primary shooting location for Season 1, which began in February 2020 and was abruptly halted the following month due to the continuing COVID-19 epidemic (via Bleeding Cool).

As Amell revealed on Twitter, filming didn’t begin until September of the next year and didn’t finish up until April of the following year.


According to the show’s production schedule, Season 2 will not begin shooting until late next year at the earliest, and it may not be released until the spring of 2023, depending on how long it takes to complete.

There is still a lot of uncertainty about when Season 2 of The Crown will be released since most prestige television series like to release each new season between the Emmy qualifying window of June 1 to May 31.

Who’s back for Heels Season 2? :

Tweeted by Heels, “Big things are occurring in Duffy, GA” was the official announcement for season two.

Season two of Heels have yet to be announced, however, it is slated to premiere in the early part of 2023.

Among the returning cast members are Alison Luff, Mary McCormack, and Kelli Berglund, who have been elevated to series regular status.

Within a year after his departure from Vikings as Bjorn Ironside, Alexander gained widespread recognition for his portrayal as small-town wrestler Ace on Starz.

The new show was nominated for various accolades, including the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Action Series.

The second season of the Duffy Wrestling League, which ended up in October of last year, is eagerly anticipated by Starz fans.

According to Stephen’s most recent post, several fans expressed enthusiasm about the show’s comeback now that production has begun.

In the words of Instagram user @dpfinn: “The boys are back! For the second season, I can’t wait!

Actors Amell and Ludwig will reprise their roles as Jack and Ace Spade in Season 2. Amell’s breakout performance as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in the CW series made him a household name “”The Hunger Games,” ‘Bad Boys,’ and ‘Vikings’ are among Ludwig’s previous credits.

There will also be a return of Alison Luff as Staci Spade and appearances by Mary McCormack and Willie Day, Kelli Berglund and Crystal Tyler, Allen Maldonado and James Harrison as Rooster Robbins and Apocalypse, and Chris Bauer as Wild Bill Hancock and Roxton Garcia as Thomas Spade.

Deadline reports that Trey Tucker and Robby Ramos, who portray Bobby Pin and Diego Cottonmouth, have been elevated to regular cast members alongside the returning cast members.

In the second season of “Heels,” we may see more of them. Since he recently returned from an extended in-ring layoff after signing with All Elite Wrestling, as reported by Sports Illustrated, it’s unclear if Season 1 Ricky Rabies actor CM Punk will return.

There is a good chance that additional characters may enter the fray in the second season, although it’s not clear who they could be.

Heel Season 2 Storyline

“Heels” finished with Crystal winning the DWL and Ace and Jack in a tense relationship at the conclusion of Season 1. It seems that Staci’s marriage to Jack is likewise in trouble. Staci and Jack seem to be the main focus of the next season, as well as Jack’s efforts to mend fences with his brother and wife.


Another question is if Ace will leave the DWL, even for a short time. The program would be incomplete without him in it and there’s a lot of conjecture about it.

TMZ reports that Season 2 showrunner and executive producer Mike O’Malley will be returning. Charlie Gully, the promoter of Florida Wrestling Dystopia, will also be back. Aside from writing and producing new episodes, Michael Waldron will return to the series as well as collaborate with Marvel Studios and LucasFilm on existing projects.

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Review And Ratings Of Heels Season 2

Critics were overwhelmingly enthusiastic about Heels. The series has a 96% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of 8/10 from 25 reviewers. Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig sell hard in Heels, an intriguing new drama that offers interesting aspects on both sides of the rope, according to the reviewers’ consensus report. Based on the reviews of 12 reviewers, the series has an average Metacritic score of 73/100, meaning “The consensus seems to be positive.

Where to Watch the Game ( Heels Season 2 )

Other executive producers include Peter Segal, Julie Yorn, Christopher Donnelly, and Patrick Walmsley in addition to Waldron. Peter Segal, who directed numerous episodes of Season 1, is also an executive producer. Mike O’Malley will reprise his role as Charlie Gully in the second season, in addition to serving as showrunner and executive producer. STARZ has commissioned Lionsgate TV to create Heels, which is produced in collaboration with Paramount Television Studios.

Season 1 of Heels is now available to watch on Starz and Hulu. While the premiere date for Heels Season 2 has not been announced, keep an eye on Collider for the latest news.

Updates on the Heels Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer for heels season 2 has not yet been released, but it is expected to appear shortly. The first season’s trailer may be seen in the video embedded below.


Following the two brothers as they argue about the course of the campaign as well as the long-term legacy of their father, who initiated the promotion, is at the heart of this storyline. As Jack Spade and Ace Spade, respectively, Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig feature in the primary drama, which follows the two brothers as they argue about the course of the campaign and the long-term legacy of their father, who initiated the promotion in the first place.

Short Recap Heels Season 1

Season 1 of “Heels” ended with Crystal winning the DWL championship with Ace and Jack at odds. Staci and Jack’s marriage is also in jeopardy at this moment.

It looks that the following season will mostly center on Staci and Jack’s efforts to repair his reputation with his family, particularly with his brother and his wife.

The DWL’s program would be substantially weakened if Ace decided to leave, even for a short period of time, even if it was for a short period of time.

Season 2 of The Walking Dead will be overseen by Mike O’Malley, who will also serve as showrunner and executive producer, according to Deadline.

As Charlie Gully, the promoter of Florida Wrestling Dystopia, he will make his third appearance in the film.

While working with Marvel Studios and LucasFilm on other projects, the original creator, writer, and executive producer of the series, Michael Waldron, will return to the project.


On which wrestler’s character is Heels season 2 based?

Heels” is not WWE’s Adam “Edge” Copeland; it’s his co-star Alexander Ludwig from Starz’s “Vikings” who appears in the initial images. For pro wrestling enthusiasts, the likeness is remarkable, which speaks well for Ludwig- and Stephen Amell-led drama’s authenticity.

In Heels, who taught the performers how to walk?

So when it came time to recruit a wrestling coordinator for Starz’s upcoming wrestling drama, Heels, the producers went with Luke Hawx. More than 20 years in the ring as a professional wrestler, trainer, and promoter, the seasoned professional has competed all over the world.

Are Heels based on the WWE?

There is little doubt that Heels will be influenced by real-world pro wrestling moments from the WWE and beyond, as Michael Waldron hinted at in the premiere.


Filmmaking like this hasn’t impressed me so much in a long time. The cast is really outstanding. Each of the characters seems like a genuine person to me, and that’s because they’re all so credible and personable. Viewers are kept guessing as to what will happen next by the continuous escalation of the story’s events.

Wrestling fans and non-wrestling fans alike will enjoy this compelling drama, which goes well beyond the usual fare of a good wrestling event. There are so many lessons to be learned about what it means to be a true family and what it means to make the tough decisions that are necessary for life. Not a single frame of this show is a dud. You’ll be itching to see “the rest of the tale” after each episode.

This is a fantastic program that has me eagerly anticipating its next episode. Thanks to everyone involved in making some of the finest movies I’ve ever seen possible, including the authors, directors, producers, performers, and everyone else involved in the production process. I Hope Starz will bring this narrative back soon since I’m sure there are many more that feel the same way. Truly excellent television!