Hellraiser (2022) You May Surprise With Review And Plotline Of The Movie

Hellraiser (2022) is almost ready to stream on Hulu, which is great news for horror aficionados. It seems likely that this new installment of the infamous (and occasionally gruesome) horror series will be the subject of much discussion. From what I’ve seen in the teasers, this episode looks like a watered-down version of an otherwise complex series.

Whether or whether this shift is for the better remains to be seen, but there’s no denying that David Gordon Green’s Halloween movies were successful because they simplified the story of Michael Myers from the many earlier pictures.

The Lament Configuration from the film Hellraiser is back, and it has fallen into the wrong hands. In the video included below, you’ll see how Mr. Voight (Goran Vinji) has successfully duped some easy marks into unlocking the Cenobite-linked box.

Hellraiser (2022) Release Date 

In the United States, Hellraiser 2022 will be released on October 7 of that year. As of August 2022, it is unclear who will be responsible for distribution in the UK, though Hulu has already announced that Hellraiser will be available for streaming.

Disney Plus, which has handled earlier Hulu releases in the UK, is expected to distribute Hellraiser 2022, though this has not been confirmed as of yet.

Hellraiser (2022) Cast And Main Lead

The lead human actress, Odessa A’zion, who plays Riley, is the show stopper. It appears that Riley’s struggle with addiction is what led her to the puzzle box.

Goran Vinji will play Mr. Voight; Brandon Flynn will play Matt; Drew Starkey will play Trevor; and Adam Faison will play Colin (who seems to be a villain in the movie).

The Cenobites have replaced Doug Bradley with Jamie Clayton as Pinhead, the Hellraiser’s chief Cenobite. Jason Liles portrays the chatty Cenobite known as the Chatterer, Vukasin Jovanovic plays the new Cenobite known as the Masque, and Yinka Olorunnife portrays the weeping Cenobite known as the Weeper.

Members of the following cast must be unmasked:

  • Hing, Zachary
  • Hinds, Aoife
  • Captain K. C. Clarke
  • Abbas Hiam
  • T. Selina Lo

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Hellraiser (2022) Ratings

Sixty-eight percent of the 92 critic reviews on the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes are positive, giving the Hellraiser (2022) an average rating of 6.3 out of 10. According to the website’s consensus, David Bruckner’s Hellraiser is a gift for loyal fans who have endured a string of disappointing sequels. The film received “mixed or mediocre reviews,” according to Metacritic’s weighted average of 22 reviewers’ scores.

  • The average rating for Hellraiser is 6.4% out of 10.
  • On the review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes, Hellraiser only managed a 68% approval rating.
  • The average critical opinion of Hellraiser was 56%.
  • Seventy-eight percent of people who searched for “this film” on Google gave it

Hellraiser (2022) Filming Location

Director David Goyer confirmed that main photography has begun in Belgrade, Serbia in September 2021, saying that the crew was “in the thick” of filming. Filming concluded in October 2021, and the following month, it was announced that Jamie Clayton had played Pinhead, with Brandon Flynn, Goran Vinjic, Drew Starkey, Adam Faison, Aoife Hinds, Selina Lo, and Hiam Abbass joining the cast in various supporting roles. Bradley was approached by Bruckner and the team about making a cameo appearance in the Hellraiser (2022) , but he rejected for two reasons: (a) he didn’t want to cause any problems with the continuing COVID-19 epidemic, and (b) he wanted to preserve the memory of his Pinhead performance.

Hellraiser (2022) Last Seasons

Clive Barker, a horror writer, took matters into his own hands in 1987 and produced Hellraiser, a cinematic version of his best-selling novel The Hellbound Heart. With its complex plot and sadomasochistic take on the ideas of pain and pleasure, Barker’s Hellraiser pioneered new ground in the horror genre. Cenobites, extraterrestrial entities that are “angels to some and demons to others,” were the first of a promising new breed of horror villains. Combined with the Lament Configuration, a cursed puzzle box, this helped conjure up the depths of the human psyche and pave the path to an actual place that is a synonym for hell.

Horror as created by David Bruckner is powerful, psychological, and on the gut level. His Night House stands out for its sophisticated shocks and clever handling of weighty topics; it is at once a terrible metaphor for sadness and the story of a lady haunted by bereavement. The story’s beats take a contemporary tack, addressing perennial human problems, and provide a horrible new puzzle with a terrible price tag attached to its answer. While remaining true to Barker’s original vision, Bruckner’s arrangement of Hellraiser breathes new life into the brand in all the right places, which is especially welcome following a string of generally mediocre sequels to the 1987 original.

The conclusion of Hellraiser (2022) ties together the Hellraiser (2022) overarching themes, which include a cautionary tale about human desire and hubris and how the meanings of blessings and curses change as we move beyond the realm of the purely human. This article explores Bruckner’s Hellraiser’s climax in great detail.

Hellraiser (2022) Plotline

After an innocent man is tricked by sleazy millionaire Roland Voight into solving the Lament Configuration, Hellraiser (2022) begins with a fresh cycle of unearthly images (Goran Visnjic). A lawyer for the hedonistic millionaire and magician Roland Voight, Serena Menaker, travels to Serbia to get an unusual item from the mysterious Lorenz, who had expected Voight to come in person.

When sex worker Joey Coscuna begins flirting with Menaker during a spectacular orgy at Voight’s Berkshires estate, Menaker orders him to wait in another room. Then Joey meets Voight, who has him complete a mechanical puzzle box for a “reward.” As Voight requests an appointment with Leviathan, Joey is suspended in midair by chains that fly out of the box after he is wounded in the hand by a blade activated by solving the arrangement.

Riley McKendry, a former addict now clean for six years, shares a house with her brother Matt, his partner Colin, and Nora. Riley’s boyfriend Trevor persuades her to take the puzzle box from an abandoned storage facility. Riley comes home late and gets into an altercation with Matt, who believes she has relapsed and makes her leave. Riley, upset, walks to a deserted park, where she opens the box and just escapes being harmed by the blade. Riley is confronted by a gang of malformed humanoids called Cenobites, who demand that she select someone else to give the box to.

With regret about their fight, Matt visits the playground and finds Riley passed out. Matt cuts himself on the box while trying to rouse her up, then walks to the nearest public toilet to treat his wound. Riley hears Matt scream, but before she enters the bathroom she observes the box has changed shape.

They believe the box is to blame for Matt’s disappearance, so Riley and Trevor go looking for Menaker. After Voight vanished, Menaker concealed the box to make up for her part in the loss of life, but when she learned that Riley had solved the puzzle, she attempted to steal it from her and was injured by the blade. Cenobites kidnap Menaker after Riley and Trevor leave.

Following this, Riley travels to Voight’s estate, where he discovers the aforementioned journals and learns that the box may be set up in a variety of ways, each of which needs the victim to be “marked” by the box’s blade before the Cenobites can lay claim to them. When finished, the box grants its owner a wish from Leviathan. Riley gets a vision of Matt, but when she investigates, she learns that the Cenobites have flayed him to death.

Riley is taken home by Trevor, Colin, and Nora. While Riley fills Colin in on her discovery, Nora flips a switch to reveal an underground passage. After accidentally closing the door on Nora, Trevor quickly realises his mistake. It turns out that Voight is still alive and he uses the box to stab Nora. After a failed effort to leave in Trevor’s vehicle, the Cenobites capture Nora and the party is forced to return to the house. The Priest, the commander of these men, mocks Nora before he flays her.

Trevor and Colin lose control of the van as Riley witnesses Nora’s abuse in the rearview mirror. After escaping the disaster, Riley runs into the Priest, who demands that she complete the puzzle by sacrificing herself or two others in order to unlock the final two permutations. The Cenobites follow after Riley, Colin, and Trevor as they try to return to the mansion in the hopes that they may use Riley’s car to get away. After Trevor is hurt by the Chatterer, one of the Cenobites, Riley figures out the next configuration and stabs the Chatterer, designating it as the Cenobite’s next victim.

Once inside the estate, Riley, Trevor, and Colin are safe from the Cenobites thanks to the reinforced steel doors. Voight visits Trevor secretly after Riley and Colin leave him alone to recover in a room. Trevor betrays Voight and admits he plotted to kill Riley in exchange for a favour. Riley and Colin are going to entice another Cenobite inside so that he may be the final sacrifice. Riley lures one inside the house, but he accidentally knocks over the box.

While trying to avoid being stabbed by Voight, Colin looks for it. Voight explains that after making all of his sacrifices, he wanted to experience something new, and that his “prize” was an apparatus connected to him that twisted his nerve endings, causing him chronic anguish; now his goal is to remove this “gift.” Voight adds that he hired Trevor to track down potential victims and fill out the box. To isolate himself and his companions from the Cenobites, he completes the final configuration and locks them within the mansion.

With the help of the Gasp, one of the Cenobites, Riley manages to get away, collect the box, and open the metal doors, allowing Colin to be cornered by the other Cenobites. Colin is subjected to The Gasp’s abuse until Riley intervenes and they cease. With the box, Riley stabs Trevor, designating him as the ultimate offering. When Voight pleads with the Priest, he is able to change the recompense he is promised to “power.” A huge chain falls from the ceiling and impales Voight, sending him straight to the pits of Hell.

When Riley brings the box to the Cenobites, the Priest will give her an option of gifts. When Riley says no, the Priest is understandably dismayed and tells her that she has instead chosen Lament and must now bear the burden of knowing that all that blood was wasted without producing any tangible results. The Cenobites are gone and the box resets to its previous condition.

Riley and Colin are walking out of the mansion when Colin says, “Did you make the correct choice?” Riley doesn’t respond. After waking up naked on an altar in Hell, Voight is brutally transformed into a new Cenobite.

Hellraiser (2022) Performance Of Cast

Among the new generation of actors, Odessa A’zion as Riley McKendry stands out and carries the Hellraiser (2022) on her shoulders.

As the principal Cenobite, Jamie Clayton adds her own flair to the role made famous by Doug Bradley.

There’s something special about Clayton here; new fans will remember the main Cenobite and may even do some reading up on her.

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Hellraiser (2022) Is It Worth Watching Or Not?

Positive Points- Hellraiser is a reboot that employs the Cenobites mostly as a storytelling device to establish a new plot without relying too much on the original film.

The second half of the Hellraiser (2022) makes up for the first half’s predictability with some excellently clever actions by the protagonists.

Cenobites’ fresh new styles are well appreciated. Therefore, props to the wardrobe department.

The picture stays true to the spirit of the original, which doesn’t fit neatly into either the supernatural horror or slasher subgenres. It’s its own subgenre, defined by emotional intensity (usually pain) and sexual tension (usually yearning).

Negatives Points- When put in context without Riley, the protagonist, and the primary Cenobite, the other characters come out as somewhat uninteresting. Yes, even the wicked Roland Voight, portrayed by Goran Vinci.

The terrifying sequences aren’t all that terrifying. There is violence, albeit it’s not quite as graphic as the first movie.

Even though these segments should be the focus of the audience’s attention, they are merely filler and offer nothing of note.

Hellraiser (2022) Where Can I Watch?

On Friday, you may watch Hellraiser on Hulu (opens in new tab) (October 7). Time of release is either midnight or three in the morning Eastern Time. As of this writing, Hulu has not made this data available to the general public. The length of Hellraiser is another mystery.

In other words, you can’t get Hulu unless you live in the United States.

Is It Possible to Watch Hellraiser Online in Canada?

As of yet, there is none indication that the pioneering Cenobites will make a trip north of the border. No announcements have been made regarding the availability of Hellraiser 2022 on Disney’s video-on-demand service. In most cases, Hulu originals like “Little Demon” and “Hellraiser 2022” will become available on Disney Plus’s “Star” platform a few months after their premiere in countries outside the United States. In the event of a change, we will provide an update here.

Is It Possible to Watch Hellraiser Online in the United Kingdom?

The truth may shred your spirit, but the answer is… no. Absolutely not. Hellraiser’s worldwide debut on Disney Plus in the UK has not been confirmed or announced as it has been in Canada.

Is It Possible to Watch Hellraiser Online in Australia?

On Wednesday, October 26 at 9 p.m., Paramount Plus will air the world premiere of the new Hellraiser (2022). Australia will benefit from this.

Paramount Plus costs AUD$8.99 a month and provides access to live sports, Paramount Originals, ViacomCBS content, and more. This includes recently released movies and TV episodes including NCIS: Hawaii, the horror film Yellowjackets, and the latest installment of the Dexter series, Dexter: New Blood. Even better, new clients may try out the service risk-free for 7 days without having to pay a cent.


The Hellraiser (2022) trailer suggests that Hulu is getting close to adding the Hellraiser (2022) for streaming. It seems certain that this new installment of the classic horror series will be the subject of much discussion. The film’s horrific puzzle box, the Lament Configuration, has returned, and it has fallen into the wrong hands.

On Friday, you may watch Hellraiser on Hulu (opens in new tab) (October 7). With Doug Bradley no longer on the Cenobites’ roster, Jamie Clayton will now take his place. Whether or whether it will be made available on Disney’s VOD service is yet unknown.

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