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There is a Turkish romance television series called Hercai (Inconstant Love), which stars actors like Akin Aknözü and Ebru Ahin, along with other actors like Gülçin Santrciolu and Serhat Tutumluer. Here you know about the Herica season 2.

The show also stars actors like Oya Unstasi and Ahmet Tansu Taşanlar. On March 15, 2019, it aired on ATV. ATV has sold the rights to Telemundo, which will begin airing the show on June 22nd, 2021, throughout much of Latin America and the United States.

Storyline Of Hercai Season 2 

Reyyan was born to Nesuh Adolu, the prominent Adolu family of Midyat. Seules her father (Hazar), mother (Zehra), and sister (Gül) have helped her feel cherished Reyyan has been mistreated by her biological grandfather since she was a toddler.

Reyyan gets up early to catch the sunrise. On the way back, a car nearly hits her horse. Reyyan collapses. Miran, the driver, approaches her and offers to bring her home.

Miran is adored by Hazar’s sister Yaren. Fearing she would lose Miran, Yaren vows vengeance on Reyyan.

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Miran & Reyyan Wedding

Miran & Reyyan wed. The next day, Miran leaves Rayyan, leaving her feeling deceived and despised. And she vows never to forgive him. Miran has lied to Reyyan about his identity, background, family, and the wedding. He intended to earn the Adolu family’s trust, marry their innocent daughter, and then desert her the next day, thereby humiliating the entire family and obtaining his first vengeance.

He believes Hazar kidnapped, raped, and killed Reyyan’s parents. So he must avenge his parents’ murders and restore his family’s honor, Azize Aslanbey raised him. But his feelings for Reyyan were genuine, and his grandma made him do it. Mirran feels upset about what he did to Reyyan.

As time passes, secrets revealed, and Reyyan and Miran’s love grows. For his part, Miran is tortured by guilt at the betrayal of his true love, Reyyan. To increase her power as the ruthless Aslanbey matriarch, Azize manages her son-in-law Sultan and orphaned granddaughter Elif.

Reyyan Needs Miran

Despite his dislike for the Adolu family, Miran seeks to regain Reyyan’s trust. Reyyan is slow to realize she needs Miran. Unexpectedly, she marries him. That will also end the animosity between them. But the Adolu-Arslanbey feud intensifies, and Miran is torn between his grandmother’s wishes and his obligation to Reyyan. Miran eventually rejects Azize’s account of events and pursues the truth.

They follow a clue to Miran’s maternal grandmother, ükran, whom Miran had always assumed was dead. They discover Azize bribed the cops to say Miran’s mother was raped. Miran loses it and starts doubting his parents’ deaths.

So Azize starts chasing them, making sure any new leads they find are dead ends. Asked about his mother’s death, she says Hazar murdered her. She gradually regains Miran’s confidence. Reyyan is enraged at Azize’s failure to sever Miran’s grandmother’s link.

It’s time for some family feuds. Elif quits her home and marries Azat, Reyyan’s elder cousin, to reunite the family. Elif’s endeavors are useless, and her grandmother’s fury and desire for retribution drive her to despair. Angry by their frequent bickering and convinced that Azat would never love her as she loves him, Elif kills herself.

Elif’s Death

The death of Elif ends both families’ animosity. Miran and Reyyan settle in Istanbul. Reyyan watches as Azize positions Miran to shoot Azat. This reignites the rage. Unknown stranger saves Azat’s life. To avoid detection, he poses as Aslan Aslanbey, the legitimate heir. Azize hid him and faked his death to prevent family feuds.

Out of desperation, Yaren informs Reyyan that Hazar is not her biological father. Enraged, Reyyan escapes to Miran’s maternal grandmother. Miran and Hazar console Reyyan.

They locate a video of Dilşah’s mother admitting her love for Hazar and informing her friend that Azize is pressuring her to marry her son at ükran’s. Hazar did not kill his mother, says Miran. Mehmet tried to kill Dilşah and Hazar before dying himself.

Actual Father Is Hazar Adolu

To expose Azize, Aslan aids Reyyan’s actual father Mahfuz. But Reyyan distracted Aslan. Jest pushes him to kill Miran. On his second attempt, he dies. So Fusun Aslanbey, Azize’s niece, returns and admits Miran is not an Aslanbey, but Hazar Adolu, his actual father. Astonishing news for Miran. He hides Reyyan in a mansion to escape reality.

The reality makes Hazar want to reconcile with his son, but Miran is disinterested. Miran then plays the rest of his mother’s tape. She tells her friend she’s having Hazar’s child, a son she’ll name Miran. Fears about Hazar’s parenthood fade. Then she meets her biological father and agrees to his one request. Miran accepts Hazar as his father after forgiving her own.

Nasuh goes out to learn why Azize despises his family. His genuine love is Ayşe. And he demands to know why. Azize discusses their past, child, and future plans. Azize awakened one day to find her house on fire and collapsed. Later, Nasuh’s mother informed Azize that their entire family had perished in the fire.

Nasuh’s mother soon notifies Azize that Nasuh has remarried. Azize, betrayed, wants revenge. Her first aim was Hazar’s daughter. She sought vengeance via Miran after Mehmet died. Nasuh remarried after Azize died in the fire. It’s the same Hazar, Nasuh tells Azize.

Dilşah Is Alive

Azize reveals Miran’s mother, Dilşah, is alive. Awakened from her slumber, Dilşah struggles to acclimate to her new existence. Miran, on the other hand, is happy. Recognizing Azize’s plight and her hatred for Hazar and Miran, Reyyan persuades Miran to forgive Aziz

Reyyan’s doctor says she won’t survive childbirth, therefore she wants Miran’s family at her side. While Miran mourns Reyyan’s passing, Hazar continues to doubt Azize’s motherhood.

Reyyan goes into a labour coma. Hazar dies. Afraid of losing Reyyan, Miran is unable to appreciate his son’s birth. Surprised to learn of Hazar’s death, Reyyan awakens. Miran and Reyyan go into the hut to mourn. The family moves on and the dispute is settled.

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Hercai Season 2 Cast And Main Lead Here

The amazing acting of the actors in showing the consequences of raising a child with revenge and hatred has enthralled me. Seeing the transformation of Miran from a person filled with fury, retribution, and hatred to a loving, forgiving, and understanding human being through learning to love is a beautiful thing to see. Emotional tension is generated by their presence together.

Also, Viewer’s feelings for Miran and Rayaane grew stronger as I spent more time with them. Excellent performance, captivating score, and captivating directing.

  • Miran as Arslanbey/Şadoğlu
  • Ebru Şahin as Reyyan Aslanbey/Şadoğlu
  • Gülçin Santırcıoğlu as Sultan Aslanbey
  • Ahmad Harhash as Ahmet Aslanbey
  • Serhat Tutumluer as Hazar Şadoğlu
  • Oya Unustası as Gönül Aslanbey/Şadoğlu
  • Ahmet Tansu Taşanlar as Azat Şadoğlu
  • Serdar Özer as Cihan Şadoğlu
  • Gülçin Hatıhan as Handan Şadoğlu
  • İlay Erkök as Yaren Şadoğlu/Bakırcıoğlu
  • Macit Sonkan as Nasuh Şadoğlu
  • Ayda Aksel as Azize Aslanbey / Ayşe Derbent
  • Ahmad Harhash as Ahmet Aslanbey / Ayse Derbent
  • Cahit Gök as Fırat Demiralp/Aslanbey
  • Feride Çetin as Zehra Şadoğlu
  • Güneş Hayat as Esma Demiralp
  • Aydan Burhan as Hanife Derbent
  • İnci Şen as Nigar Katarcı
  • Aslı Samat as Melike Aştutan
  • Eylem Tanrıver as Keriman Çetin
  • Ebrar Alya Demirbilek as Gül Şadoğlu
  • Eda Elif Başlamışlı/Duygu Yetiş as Elif Aslanbey / Şadoğlu
  • Gökhan Yavuz as Rıza Demir
  • Kutay Şahin as Mehmet Aslanbey
  • Aysun Metiner as Dilşah Aslanbey
  • Yusuf Bedir as Bedirhan
  • Burak as Tamdoğan Filipos
  • Rana as Cabbar Gabriel
  • Emrullah Omay as Mahmut Kim
  • Aydan Taş as Şehriyar Taşkın
  • Sarp İkiler as Caner Katarcı
  • Güven Hokna as Şükran
  • Ahmet Kayakesen as Harun Bakırcıoğlu
  • Ferzan Hekimoğlu as Dennis
  • Zuhal Yalçın as Asiye
  • Doğan Bayraktar as Aslan Aslanbey
  • Barış Yalçın as Mahfuz
  • Elvan Demirez as Seyda
  • Ayşegül Günay as Füsun Aslanbey
  • Dilaray Yeşilyaprak as Zeynep Aslanbey
  • Sera Kutlubey as Azra/Güneș

Hercai Season 2 release date

Release date Of Hercai Season 2

Season 1 consists of one to twelve episodes, which will be released between March 15 and May 31 of this year. Between September 20, 2019, and March 27, 2020, there will be between 13–38 episodes in season 2. From September 18th, 2020, through April 25th, 2021, 39–69 episodes of Season 3 will be released.

Rating Of Hercai Season 2 On IMDb

In addition to the scriptwriters and the performers, I’d want to express my admiration and gratitude to everyone involved in making this narrative come to life. This is more than just a Shakespearean love story about the IMPACT OF LOVE on people’s lives.

It’s long past time for us to show our appreciation for playwrights from throughout the world. Also, This is the first time I’ve seen a Turkish drama, and the characters are so well-developed that it’s mind-boggling. Dramas like these are essential in a world where greed, pride, and power have become the fundamental core of human life.

Love, on the other hand, is a potent force for social change in a society characterized by a rigorous set of values and cultural norms. Moreover, The show got a good rating from IMDb, 6.4/10.

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Hercai season 2 Episodes

There is Season 1 which consists of one to twelve episodes, which were released between March 15 and May 31 of this year. Between September 20, 2019, and March 27, 2020, there will be between 13–38 episodes in season 2. From September 18th, 2020, through April 25th, 2021, 39–69 episodes of Season 3 will be released.

Trailer Of Hercai Season 2 Available On Youtube

A lot of the married couples in this show had a lot of love for each other. Miran, on the other hand, was a great husband and an actor. A lot of the twists and turns in the story made viewers want to know more and Fan’s heart was racing, which they loved! We provide you with the trailer of the show which will increase your interest in this wonderful show.

End lines-

Incredible and wonderful, this show is. When you see it, your heart goes on an excursion because it’s so genuine. My eyes have shed so many tears that they could form their own river. When it comes to a program like this, I won’t give anything away, but please give it a shot. One of a kind, in the greatest possible manner. I’ve never been more in love with anything. So I strongly recommend you to see season 2 of this wonderful drama.

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