High Rise Invasion Season 2 Release Date Happen Soon Confirmed? Know More Info Here

With a gripping debut season, High Rise Invasion is off to a strong start on Netflix. Until the High Rise Invasion Season 2 begins, we can’t wait! While Netflix is yet to make a final decision on whether or not to renew the anime series, we’ll keep you updated on the status of the upcoming second season.

What Is High Rise Invasion?

The Japanese anime series High Rise Invasion, which will premiere on Netflix for the first time, is a horror-mystery hybrid. Netflix’s first original anime series, High Rise Invasion, was aired in complete length.

Anime series High Rise Invasion will premiere on Netflix in 2021. The anime was a great way for many people to learn about the story, but it is not the series’s original. Tsuina Miura’s manga series, which began running in 2013, is the basis for the anime.

The first season of the anime was animated by Zero-G studio. Since then, the studio has also produced anime adaptations including Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It, and Grand Blue. The first season of High Rise Invasion premiered on February 25, 2021, and all episodes were shown (12). A second season of the anime is already being discussed. Was there any word from the network or the showrunners about the future of the show?

High Rise Invasion Plotline

Yuri Honjo, a high school student, is the central character of the anime High Rise Invasion (). Suspension bridges link hundreds of towers, and Yuri Honjo finds himself in this “unnormal” location. Some “masked figures” are savagely murdering their fleeing victims in this location, all the while looking perplexed.

Yuri Honjo’s sole options in this horrible world are to either kill the masked individuals or kill himself. He must choose one or the other. Yuri is determined to demolish this nonsensical universe to survive, but what will be her ultimate destiny?

High Rise Invasion Season 2 Happen Or Not?

Zero-G, Netflix, or any other associated company with the anime has not yet renewed it for a second season as of July 2, 2022, at the time of writing. In some cases, the revival of animes can take years. Unlike TV Dramas, the fact that an anime has not been renewed in 1-2 years does not diminish a new season’s chances. Fans are eager to glimpse the masked sniper’s face in season two of the anime.

So, will we find out who this person is? Even though the new season of the anime has yet to be officially announced, some key characteristics can be used to hypothesise about a probable new season. The same assessment is frequently made by decision committees, and the series is renewed for a second season as a result.

High Rise Invasion Season 2 Cast And Main Lead 

The cast of High Rise Invasion is fantastic, and they will all reprise their roles in the upcoming second season. What do you think about this cast?

  • Sniper Mask is played by Yuichiro Umehara.
  • In the role of Yuri Honj, Haruka Shiraishi takes centre stage.
  • In the role of Kuon Shinzaki, Akira Sekine makes his acting debut.
  • Mayuko Nise is portrayed on screen by Shiki Aoki.
  • Rika Honj is played by actress Junya Enoki.

Is High Rise Invasion Season Have Enough Material?

Initial source material must be available if a new season of an anime is to be produced. The original is a manga written by Tsuina Miura and illustrated by Takahiro Oba, as we indicated at the beginning of the post. Manga Box magazine published the Kodansha manga series from December 5, 2013, until April 10, 2019. Seven Seas Entertainment in English provides access to the manga in its original language.

There are no more volumes in the manga series, which consists of 21 in all, and it has come to an end. However, the sequel manga for ‘The High Rise Invasion Arrive’ is still being written. It is estimated that 150 chapters of manga were reworked for the first season of the anime based on the first 12 volumes of the original manga. All 21 volumes and 257 chapters of the manga series are included in the collection. Another season might be squeezed out of the remaining 107 chapters and 9 volumes.


According to the remaining stock, we can only expect one more season out of the show. A sequel manga series exists, however it does not appear that we will see a third season. Seven volumes of “High Rise Invasion Arrive” were broadcast, however the final volume was published on April 24, 2021.

High Rise Invasion Season 2 Manga And Anime Popular Or Not?

The anime High Rise Invasion is ranked 785th on Myanimelist’s popularity list. The official Japanese Twitter account, on the other hand, has only 4.9k followers. Netflix animes are popular around the world, but in Japan, they aren’t as popular as they are in the rest of the world. This anime, while not as well known as DanMachi or Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro, in Japan, is at least as frequently searched on Google as other well-known shows. All of the previously named anime series have been given new seasons.

High Rise Invasion Season 2 Release Date

It’s possible that a second season of High Rise Invasion will be possible because of the manga’s ample source material. The average length of time it takes to produce an anime is one year. A second season could be coming around 2023-2024 if Netflix renews the anime for another season shortly. In the meanwhile, we’re hoping for a renewal, but speculation is running rampant.

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How Far Into The Anime High Rise Invasion Season 2 Have Things Progressed?

Readers should be aware that this section of our post contains spoilers for the upcoming season of High Rise Invasion.

When Yuri first arrives in the High Rise world, she narrowly escapes death and forms an alliance with Mayuko, a fellow high schooler armed with a knife. Yuri spends the season trying to find her brother Rika while also evading the lethal mind control of the masked men. Yuri realises that the world does not have a god, and that if she approaches being a god, she will get greater power and influence. Yuri befriends other people trapped in the world and defeats various mask wearers in order to uncover this.

During this time, Rika is hunting for her sister, but Mamoru Aikawa, the most effective opponent we’ve ever encountered, is going to kidnap her. Kuzuma Aohara and the Swimmer Mask are killed by Aikawa’s use of the Great Angel mask, which he can control with his mask-controlling abilities.

The city’s massive rail cannon can be controlled by Kuon Shinzaki, one of the most likely contenders to become a deity. It wasn’t long until Kuon and Sniper Mask were able to unite, and their affections for each other gradually brought them closer together. Yu Makoto is the real name of Sniper Mask, who goes on a journey of self-discovery with Kuon’s support. Even though Rika and him are close, it’s his goal their next encounter will shed light on him.

So, what can we expect from the upcoming second season of High Rise Invasion? Is it true that Yuri and Rika are reuniting? At the hands of the Aikawa, Rika’s life is in peril. Yuri and her companions are tasked with taking down the formidable God-candidate, who is guarded by masked assassins. Rika will be happy to know that Yuri has defeated Aikawa and will be reunited with him in the land of hell if he does.

High Rise Invasion Season 2 Coming On Netflix

We don’t know when the second season will be released because the show hasn’t been renewed yet. After all, it could take as long as 2022 before Netflix releases the second season of this anime series, which requires the creation of dozens of various dubs and subs.

High Rise Invasion Season 1 Recap

During the High Rise invasion, a skyscraper that reaches the clouds is investigated as part of the larger plot. Yuri appears to be a regular young woman with a normal life as a youngster. But one day, when she passes a skyscraper, everything changes.

At the top of a building, she observed a masked man use an axe to hack off the head of a second man, who was lying unconscious on the ground. The man in a mask followed her wherever she went since she was the only one who saw what happened.

Throughout the story, she learns that she is not alone in her feelings. Yuri’s final battle with Archangel at the end of the pilot season had a significant impact on the rest of the plot.

High Rise Invasion Season 2 Rating And Reveiws 

This week on Anime News Network, Jean-Karlo Lemus and Steve Jones gave their thoughts on the show in their “This Week in Anime” feature. According to Lemus, the show doesn’t provide the “greatest first impression,” and while he first despised it, he eventually grew to accept it, comparing it to Gantz and said that it “preoccupied itself with panty shots and various states of undress.” Even though it’s “not for everyone,” Jones appreciated the series’ depiction of the baddies and expressed his optimism for a second season.

  • IMDb’s rating for High Rise Invasion is 6.5/10.
  • Anime-Planet gave High Rise Invasion a rating of 3.543 out of 5 stars.
  • Ninety-three percent of those who used Google thought the show was good.

High Rise Invasion Season 2 Trailer And Teaser 

Is there a High Rise Invasion season 2 trailer available? No. The second season of Stranger Things has yet to be announced by Netflix. At this time, we do not have any trailers. When it’s out, we’ll let you know.

Here’s the trailer, in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Is The Manga For High Rise Invasion Finished?

With more than 100 chapters to go in the manga, there is plenty of material for a second season to pick up where the first one left off, which was Chapter 150. In addition, there is a spin-off series called High Rise Invasion Arrive, which is the sequel to the popular anime.

In the future, you’ll be able to get additional information about High Rise Invasion Season 2 now that you have this information. The release dates for Black Clover Season 5 and Haikyuu Season 5 are also available on our website. Make sure to check out the websites below for further information.

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Is Last Season Good As Manga?

A cloud-touching skyscraper mystery is investigated as part of the overall story of the High Rise invasion. At the tender age of six or seven, it is easy to see that Yuri is just like any other young girl. While walking by a building one day, all of a sudden, everything shifts in her favour. She witnessed a masked man behead another man with an axe from the top of a building. Since she was the only witness, the masked man followed her everywhere she went.

While reading the novel she realises that other youths are going through similar experiences. A crucial factor in the rest of the story was Yuri’s final battle with Archangel at the end of the pilot season. Afterward, God said that they were functioning on the same frequency. That allowed her to have an impact. However, despite the fact that Aihara was not saved. Yuuri was found alive by Aikawa, who was unaware of it.

In order to get Yuri under their control, he established contact with Rika and asked her to do so.

However, Rika was adamantly opposed to it. As a result, Aikawa used the Angel Command on him. This marked the end of the pilot season. Rika’s fate will ultimately be known in the second season.

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

How Much of the Manga Will Be Featured in the Second Season?

The anime has has aired 149 of the 258 chapters that have so far been published in the manga. The second season will most likely be the final one, considering there are only roughly 100 chapters left.

Is This the End of the High Rise Invasion Program?

Season two of the show is still up in the air on Netflix. We’re not sure why the streaming service hasn’t approved the show yet, but we can rule out a lack of material.

High Rise Invasion Season 2 may be seen on Netflix



It’s a good show, but it’s a little too fast-paced for my taste. Only a few characters make it to the next chapter. Even if you’re not a fan of gore, this film is still worth seeing if you enjoy the teaser. The reader is given a brief introduction to a slew of characters, but they are never given much screen time, if any. Also, it hasn’t had the same kind of mainstream appeal as most other anime. It’s decent, though a little lifeless. If you’re unsure, I’d recommend checking out the trailer first. However, I adore it.

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