History of Swear Words Season 2 Release Date Confirmed Or Cancelled? Latest Update

Is it likely that “History of Swear Words season 2? This has been the most pressing question surrounding the show since the first season of the Netflix series starring Nicolas Cage premiered earlier in 2021, this has been the most pressing question surrounding the show.

The six-part Netflix documentary series “History of Swear Words” explored the origins, evolution, and modern applications of six of the most common cuss words in the English language, with commentary from a wide range of celebrities and experts in the field.

In addition to comedians Jim Jeffries, London Hughes, Nikki Glaser, Zainab Johnson, DeRay Davis, Joel Kim Booster, Open Mike Eagle, and Patti Harrison, “History of Swear Words” features interviews with celebrities like Nick Offerman (“Parks and Recreation”), Sarah Silverman (“School of Rock”), Isiah Whitlock, Jr. (“The Wire”), and many more.

And, of course, there was a healthy helping of Cage, whose frantic yet curiously adorable energy served as the perfect tour guide through the vibrant world of colourful cuss words.

History of Swear Words season 2 Happen Or Not?

Netflix is notoriously stingy with the information it shares regarding the success or failure of its original movies and TV shows, so we can only speculate as to whether or History of Swear Words” will not be back for a second season.

Brien Meagher, the show’s executive producer, recently told Indiewire about the show’s potential for future seasons, saying, “There’s at least two more seasons of just standard swear words.”

The ‘c-word’ is only one of the big ones we won’t be discussing until History of Swear Words season 2. And then there’s an entire series dedicated to the naughtier swear words spoken in the United Kingdom, which are even more hilarious to me than their American counterparts.

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History of Swear Words season 2 Plot

Despite this, History of Swear Words season 2 will reveal information about curse words to viewers, and some viewers will be exposed to a new English language, including the f-bomb. The show will also compare the attitudes toward the word in countries like the United Kingdom and Australia with those in the United States and Canada in order to place an emphasis on the positive aspects of the word.

History of Swear Words season 2 Cast

Season 1 of “History of Swear Words” featured a number of experts who were well-versed in the topic of profanity, in addition to the renowned hilarious people who were interviewed.

Included in Season 1’s panel of experts were Benjamin K. Bergen, a professor of cognitive science at the University of California, San Diego; Elvis Mitchell, a film critic; Melissa Mohr, author of “Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing; “Linguist and former Merriam-Webster editor Kory Stamper; author Anne H.Charity-Hudley, a linguist and professor of African-American English at the University of California, Santa Barbara

Season 1’s experts may or may not return to share their knowledge of the new vocabulary at the centre of Season 2 if a renewal is given.

Depending on the necessity for further context or specialised insight into a particular curse term, Netflix may also hire fresh experts to debate the new swear words.

It’s possible that, like the Season 1 cast, these specialists will have no prior experience in performance but will instead come from a wide range of academic disciplines.

History of Swear Words season 1 Review

Netflix’s History of Swear Words is a funny, short, and ultimately disappointing documentary series exploring the roots of some of our most common swear words. Each episode is only 20 minutes long, barely scratching the surface of the more intriguing and interesting historical uses of the word, and instead relying on Nicolas Cage and a slew of mediocre comedians to carry the bulk of the show.

Before delving into the meat of each episode’s topic, Nicolas Cage narrates, dressed in a suit and strolling elegantly about a makeshift lounge, and explaining the history of each swear word that will be examined.

Each episode essentially consists of three parts: (1) a brief historical overview of the origin of the selected term; (2) a discussion of the word’s lexical use and evolution over time; and (3) a series of one-liners from a variety of comedians.

The final section of the event focuses on the social and political influence that using the n-word has had in film, television, and radio. The great irony here is that while many stand-up comedians make appearances, none genuinely debate their own art-form and the evolution of curse words.

After watching all six episodes of Netflix’s “History of Swear Words,” you’ll likely feel like you missed a lot of knowledge and browse Wikipedia for more.The F*ck episode reminded me of an old audio joke called “Usage of the Word F*ck,” which develops the word better.

Nicolas Cage is in his element here and offers a few humorous self-aware barbs, so the show’s overall balance between comedians and etymologists works nicely.There are comics from throughout the world, including England, the US, and Australia. This brings up an issue missing from the series: the offensive and prohibited word “C*nt.”

History of Swear Words is a harmless and forgettable documentary series that almost entertains its viewers. History of Swear Words succeeds beautifully when it does, which is a shame.

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History of Swear Words season 2 Release date?

Netflix has not yet confirmed if Season 2 of “The History of Swear Words” will be produced, so there is no information available about when it will be made available. Despite this, there is information available that can assist us estimate when History of Swear Words season 2 might premiere.

If that ends up being the case, then. In the first place, we know that the first season of “History of Swear Words” premiered on January 5, 2021, and that all six episodes were released simultaneously.

We can now extrapolate a reasonable time range for Season 2’s release.

Season 2 production for Netflix could take up to a year from the time it starts (or has started) to the time it’s ready for distribution in 2022.

Season 2 could be released at any point in 2022, or perhaps early 2023 if there is a significant delay in production due to issues including the availability of interviews for History of Swear Words season 2, compliance with COVID-19 rules, and Netflix’s own expectations for production.

The release of a poster or trailer for Season 2 is also a reliable indicator that the release date is approaching, as this was the case with Season 1 and is a standard practise for Netflix.

History of Swear Words season 2 Trailer

Since the season hasn’t been officially announced, there isn’t a trailer for it, but we’ll add one as soon as we have one.


While The History of Swear Words is a fascinating discourse that hits all the right notes, it is not as fascinating as some other documentaries; for example, Sarah Silverman does not try to spice up facts as Nicolas Cage does. The film is a no-holds-barred lecture that covers a lot of ground about the problems with our existing monetary system.

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