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Imagine that you had a bright future and some revolutionary ideas, but all of that is ruined because your private life has become the subject of public conversation. I know, it’s terrible, right? Malen from Netflix’s Intimacy is a perfect example of this. A rising political star, Malen Zubiri plans to run for mayor in the upcoming elections. When she discovers a leaked sex video of her with a man who is not her husband, her life takes a turn for the worse. In the middle of the scandal, her daughter, Leire, finds herself spiralling.

Intimacy Season 2 spoilers, news, and more are all in one place.

It also introduces Bego, a lady who is desperate to uncover the truth behind her sister’s suicide, who was also a victim of cybercrime. Investigator Alicia serves as an intermediary between the two cases. Our lives are turned upside down as we learn about these four ladies and the devastating effects that being open about one’s intimate relationships has on them.

After the first season launched on June 10, 2022, many fans are already wondering when the second season would be released because the tale is compelling and unique. To answer your question, you’ve come to the proper location!

Intimacy Season 2 Happened Or Not?

No word yet on whether the show will be renewed for a second season. It’s too soon to say if the show will be renewed or not, because it premiered on June 10, 2022. There’s still plenty of time for rejuvenation to occur. Intimacy Season 2 may still be in the works, as the show has not yet been cancelled.

They say Netflix will make a choice after 28 days, but there’s evidence that Netflix takes judgments earlier and later than this. They also say that given the way things wrap up, a second season is possibly an unrealistic expectation.

The major reason I won’t be returning is because the main storyline has been wrapped up. However, as Bolavip explains (translated from Spanish)

The Show Intimacy Deal With?

As the title suggests, Netflix’s newest huge mystery thriller series, Intimacy, is set in Spain and stars a prominent Money Heist actor. Intimidad (as it is known in other places) translates literally to Privacy. Is there a chance we’ll be seeing more of the show, which premiered in June 2022? What do we know about Intimacy season 2 so far?

Txintxua Films is releasing a political thriller in Spanish on June 10th.

The star of the show is Itziar Ituo, best known for her role as Raquel Murillo (Lisbon) in the Spanish series, Money Heist. By offering its top performers their own spin-off shows like Money Heist and even Stranger Things, Netflix assumes that fans would flock to watch these spin-offs.

Intimacy Season 2 Released Date Announced

As the developers of Intimacy Season 2 have yet to renew the show, it’s difficult to know when fresh episodes will be available on Netflix. It’s possible that the series will premiere in the summer of 2023. These are just speculations at this point, and nothing can be said concerning the series’ future.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t seen Season 1, you may check out the Season 1 trailer.

Intimacy Season 2 Storyline

Ane’s death has left Bego in a state of grief, but Alicia and her lover are finally reunited after moving back in together following the end of Season 1. After Leire’s abuse, Malen and Alfredo get back together, and they aid her with rehabilitation. It is revealed in the conclusion that Malen has decided to run for office as a candidate, but she is still haunted by the events of her past, and when she looks at her own campaign poster, she finds it difficult to ignore.

We may see more ramifications of the leaked tape in Malen’s life in Season 2 of Intimacy. Perhaps it will focus on Leire’s past and how therapy has helped her to overcome it.

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The Cast of Intimacy Season 2

Assuming Intimacy is renewed, Season 2 will feature several of the show’s core characters from Season 1.

  • Yziar Ituay as Malen
  • Ane, played by Verónica Echegui
  • Miren is played by Emma Suárez.
  • Playing Alicia in Ana Wagener’s role
  • Bego is played by Patricia López Arnaiz.
  • Leire, played by Yune Nogueiras
  • Theodore Barea Cabrera, Jr.

Does Intimacy A True Story?

Not at all. It appears that ‘Intimacy’ is based on a fictional story. In an interview, Fernández reportedly remarked that the series was motivated by the idea that life may alter in a split second because of the sound of an incoming message. Within moments, a person’s private life becomes public knowledge.

An unstoppable hurricane can be unleashed with a single click. Aftermath of revenge porn was likened to an epidemic, as a person’s intimate moment travelled from screen to screen at an almost incomprehensible rate. ‘Intimacy,’ a television series, aims to portray the sense of powerlessness that has resulted from the digital age. Furthermore, it demonstrates how the boundaries between intimacy and privacy have grown increasingly blurred.

Where Can We Watch Intimacy Season 2?

Netflix has the film ‘Intimacy’ accessible for streaming. This series is only streamed on the official Netflix site. That being the case, what are you still sitting there thinking about? Relax with some Netflix!

Intimacy Season 2 Rating And Review

Netflix’s top 10 hourly viewership stats are one of the best methods to determine how well Intimacy is doing (which, as indicated above, is a significant indicator of whether the show gets a renewal).

As of this writing, Intimacy has racked up 46.11 million hours of viewership in its first two weeks on Netflix.

The show’s audience hours increased by 90% in its second week, making it the top non-English language show from June 12 to June 19.

  • IMDb gives 6.8 ranking out of 10 to the show’
  • Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a score of 66 percent.
  • Intimacy had a Metacritic score of 69%.
  • Ninety-three percent of those who used Google thought the show was good.

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Intimacy Season 2 Total Episodes

As a result, Intimacy ends its eight-episode run with a flourish, tying up all the loose ends we’ve been following throughout the season. That said, I can’t help but wonder whether this could have been wrapped up in only 5 or 6 episodes, with unnecessary backstory that would have dragged out the runtime.

But each of these stories is essential in its own way, illustrating systematic sexism and violence that women experience in various fields. Throughout the episodes, there have been beautiful visual motifs and intriguing stories, with a tidy montage at the conclusion to wrap everything together.

The way the mystery was revealed and resolved, on the other hand, is less than satisfactory. Andoni’s arrest and prosecution felt a little rushed, but the other subplots – such as Bego and Ane’s – didn’t feel as substantial with extensive flashbacks to stretch this one out until the end.

This isn’t an awful series, but it’s also not a very good one. Despite the weighty subject matter, the film suffers from a lack of focus and pacing. If only there were no cliffhanger endings this time around.

Intimacy Season 2 Recap

The show is more relevant to today’s youth because of how chaotic their lives have become. An individual’s life can be ruined by cybercrime, as well as by the intrusion of social media into his or her private. Internet is a spiderweb, and once you get caught in it, you’ll never get out.

Malen, an up-and-coming politician, has her sex tape released when she’s running for mayor of a small town. Ane, a white-collar worker, commits suicide when her naked images and videos are disseminated around the workplace, in a parallel story to Malen’s. Malen, who is slated to become Bilbao’s next mayor, is the first character to appear in this series. However, when a copy of her sex tape is leaked, she is forced to recant her story. A white-collar worker, Ane, committed suicide after her sex tape was leaked to her coworkers and the media. In the wake of her sister’s death, Ane’s sister sets out to uncover the truth.

The war between two women and the entire cyberworld has just begun. After losing everything in their lives, two ladies decide to take on those who harmed them. Alicia, a dedicated officer, assists the women in their investigations. Bego and Alicia begin their investigations into Ane’s former coworkers and exes. Melen, on the other hand, has decided to divulge the identity of the person who released her film. Suddenly, Melen’s life takes an unexpected turn, and we’re left dumbfounded by the career decision she makes.

Intimacy Season 2 Trailer Is Here


This is the kind of television show that the world desperately needs right now. I was moved to tears by the stories it portrays of women who have been mistreated by males and by those who have no manners or grace. In this way, we learn to appreciate just how weak we are as a species, and how brittle the structures we have erected are. And it teaches us that standing up for our identity, being true to who we are, and facing the world without fear or shame is worth the effort. The message is strong. Moreover, the performance was flawless. Itziar Ituo, on the other hand, is a genius.

In the first chapter of this incredible series, how could I not get hooked. Even in the twenty-first century, women still have to put on a brave face in order to merely play a role in society. It’s remarkable how intimate it can be.

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