Invisible City Season 2 Release Date And Filming Start Or Not?

Invisible City Season 2: Once the first season of Invisible City debuted on Netflix, it immediately became a critical and commercial success. As a consequence, the audience was taken to a fantastical realm where exotic Brazilian culture and cutting-edge city living surprisingly coexist. During the course of the show, Detective Eric looks into a mystery murder in the city. This leads him to a hidden world filled with mythical creatures and otherworldly entities.

Because of its captivating plot, fascinating array of characters, and physically stunning locales, many fans are waiting down the days until the second season starts. We’ll take a look at when Season 2 of Invisible City may drop, who might be returning, and what they might be up to.

Invisible City Season 2 Release Date

The premiere of Season 2 of Invisible City has not yet been announced. The sitcom was renewed for a second season the year before, and production wrapped up in October 2022. This suggests that the release of Season 2 of Invisible City will occur in 2023. The official teaser trailer claims that Marco Pigossi, Manuela Dieguez, and Alessandra Negrini will all be back for more.

Invisible City Season 2 Filming Start Or Not?

According to a recent tweet by one of the program’s actors, production on the second season of the Brazilian action-adventure supernatural series “Invisible City” has wrapped and the project has entered post-production.

When Netflix officially renewed “Invisible City” a month after its premiere, filming on Season 2 started in April of this year. It’s taken almost six months to finish filming the second season. On February 5, 2021, the first of seven episodes made its debut.

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Invisible City Season 2 Cast And Character

Two of the show’s original stars, Pigossi and Negrini, are coming back for more, as shown in the video. At this time, the following actors and actresses have been cast in recurring roles throughout Season 2:

Luna, Inês Manuela Dieguez, Alessandra Negrini, and Marco Pigossi.

Invisible City Season 2 Cast

Invisible City Season 2 Plotline

By the conclusion of the first season, many questions remained unanswered. The show’s renewal for a second season provides welcome assurance that our concerns will be addressed. By the end of Season 1, Eric had gained access to the afterlife.

There’s a good chance that Season 2 will go into the supernatural when we learn what Eric did to come back to life. Is it known where Eric is and whether he is safe? Is there any chance he may reappear among the living? As the portal opens at the end of Season 2, a far larger secret will be exposed.

We had all but given up hope that Eric was still alive when he had a vision of Gabriella, who assured him that his trip was not over just yet. The dialogue suggests that the souls of those murdered by the Dry Body wander until they complete their earthly obligations.

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Invisible City Season 1 Recap

In the first season, Eric (Marco Pigossi), a detective with Rio de Janeiro’s Environmental Police, gets involved in a murder case after finding the body of a freshwater pink dolphin on the beach. On top of that, he learns that mythological creatures that go unrecognised by humans live on a world of their own.

A group of supernatural creatures entice him in when he begins examining murders that match those of his wife Gabriela (Julia Konrad). The river dolphin ghost Manaus, whose body he discovered at the novel’s outset, turns out to be the protagonist’s father, and he, himself, is shown to be half-human.

Invisible City Deal About?

In 2021, Netflix began airing the Brazilian supernatural drama series Invisible City. The first season consists of 7 episodes. Main character Eric (Marco Pigossi) is a Brazilian environmental police officer.

He is conducting an investigation into the circumstances behind Gabriela’s death, his wife (Julia Konrad). Gabriela was slain in the jungles of Rio de Janeiro by a species long considered to be extinct in the wild. Eric uncovers a number of fabled Brazilian monsters throughout his investigation into Gabriela’s murder, including Curupiras, Saci, and Iara.

Invisible City Season 2 Ratings

The reviews for Invisible City were mostly excellent yet varied. Netflix’s viewership and rating data are kept secret. Still, What’s on Netflix reports that as of February 13, 2021, Invisible City was the most watched Netflix original series in Brazil and a top 10 original series in France, New Zealand, and Spain. FlixPatrol claims that on the same day, the programme was one of the top 10 most watched TV series in 12 different countries.

  • The rating for Invisible City on IMDb was 7.2.
  • On Common Sense Media, Invisible City was rated four stars.
  • Ready Steady Cut gave Invisible City 3.5 stars out of 5.
  • Around ninety-five percent of Google users said that this programme was enjoyable.

Invisible City Season 2 Trailer

The Invisible Town video or teaser has not yet been released by Netflix, however the first season’s trailer is available on both YouTube and Netflix. For the first time, a creature with pinkish features is clearly recognised. As the characters suddenly get abilities, the Invisible Town trailer takes a fascinating turn, and more questions are raised than are answered. Similar superhero shows may be sampled when viewing on Netflix. Some of the shoe series you could like include Umbrella Academy, Daredevil, and Lucifer.


The success of the first season of Invisible City on Netflix was cataclysmic for the show. The story follows Detective Eric as he looks into a murder in the city and stumbles across a hidden world populated by mythical creatures and otherworldly entities. Marco Pigossi, Manuela Dieguez, and Alessandra Negrini are all recurring cast members.

Two of the show’s original stars, Pigossi and Negrini, are coming back for more, as shown in the video. The show’s renewal for a second season means we’ll finally receive the answers to the many issues raised at the close of the first season.

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