iZombie Season 6 Latest Updates Here!

The first episode of the show was on March 17, 2015, and it ended on August 1, 2019, with five seasons. As soon as Izombie Season 5 came out, everyone was excited for Izombie Season 6.

Let’s check out the article that has all the important information about the movie, like the plot, the cast, the premiere date, the trailer, and more.


Here, Know About The iZombie

The show is iZombie is a CW show about a supernatural crime procedural. When Liv Moore, played by Rose Mclver, is a medical resident, she turns into a zombie and can see the memories of people who have died. As a result of this unique power, she helps solve crimes.

Meanwhile, in March 2015, it aired its first episode. Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright, are the writers of the show, and the show is based on a comic book of the same name. A satisfying ending was agreed upon by all fans. The last season was the best one by far.

However, there were a lot of things in the story that could have been talked about more, so fans have been waiting for some news about a new season. At this point, it doesn’t look like there will be the sixth season of iZombie.

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It’s Izombie Season 6. Who is in it?

  • In this movie, Rose McIver plays Olivia “Liv” Moore. She was a former medical resident who turned into a zombie.
  • In this movie, Malcolm Goodwin plays Clive Babineaux, a Seattle PD detective.
  • An examiner who works for Liv’s friend and Rahul Kohli play this role.
  • Major Lilywhite, in the role of Liv’s ex-fiance.
  • David Anders played Blaine “DeBeers” McDonough, a drug dealer who turned into a zombie that sells brains.
  • She played Liv’s best friend and roommate, Peyton Charles, in the movie.
  • Blaine’s father, Robert Knepper, plays the role of Angus McDonough.
  • In the movie, Bryce Hodgson plays Donald “Don E” Eberhard, a friend of Blaine.

One thing everyone agrees on is that characters play a big part in the progress of any field. Hence, the above are the main characters that should be applauded. They made the fans of Izombie Season 6 have to work hard.

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Season 6 of IZombie Happens or Not 

The show came to an end well and on a good note. A “beautiful bow” is what Rob Thomas said. Our goal is to answer all of the big questions about the long-term arc of the world.

Even though many fans would like to see more of Liv’s future story, many would also agree that the show should have ended where it should have.

Another reason why iZombie season 6 isn’t possible is that it doesn’t have a lot of fans. If you like zombies, you’ll like this show. It has a big cult following and was well-liked by viewers and critics.

It lived up to its full potential and hype during its five seasons, but there isn’t enough to make sure there will be the sixth one. A number of Teen Choice Awards were also nominated for the show, as well.

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IZombie Season 6 Possible Storyline.

Though, if iZombie season 6 were to happen, we think it would be about the following things. Ending the last season, the protagonist and her crew finally get rid of the zombie virus. Liv is killed in the fight for peace in the future after a time skip.

Our other characters are also shown, like Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti, who is now head of the CDC, Peyton Charles, now an attorney, and Clive Babineaux, who is now the head of the FBI (played by Malcolm Goodwin)

On a talk show, who is now the co-captain of the SFPD? However, there is a surprise at the end of IZombie. That being said, Liv isn’t dead as people think.

She and a lot of her kind live on an island that isn’t connected to the rest of the world. They live peacefully and happily there, far from the rest of the world.

This Utopian zombie land could have been the perfect fuel for the sixth season of iZombie. It could have answered many of the viewers’ questions about how such a world works and how and where these zombies get their food and water (which is the not very easily available human brains).

Release Date Of Season 6 of IZombie

The release date for season 6 will never be announced because the show is over. In the ending, we get to think about what will happen to Liv and her friends in the future.

We don’t think that Peyton’s positive response means that they will join Liv and Major right away. Unfortunately, we will never know the answer to that question.

If Netflix ever says when season 6 will be out, we can always hope that it will happen one day, maybe. But don’t believe in too many things. It will be at least a month before you learn if Monarca will have a third season.

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People Expectations From The Show

The season finale of iZombie saw the fight for Seattle come to a head, and it was very exciting. In the end, there is a way for Liv and her friends to make a cure for the zombie virus.

After an impressive heist and some clever trickery, Liv and her friends have everything they need to make the cure and show people that it’s possible.

Toward the end of the episode, Ravi, Peyton, and Clive are on a talk show talking about the last days. They talk about how the outbreak came to an end. Also, Liv (also known as Renegade) is thought to have died in the last battle.

It’s clear that the virus has been wiped out. As a twist, Liv isn’t dead (at least, no more than usual). This is what she and Major came up with: a place where people who didn’t want to be cured because it would kill them could go and live a happy life. She and Major did it!

How zombie island came to be, and how Liv and Major got everyone who wanted to go there to go. A sixth season would have been great for this. How does a utopian zombie community work? Brains come from where?

Are there more coming in, through a secret underground, undead zombie train that goes underground? A few things could have been worked out in a final season that looked more into the ten-year gap.

Hence, Fillmore Graves was a huge company that made a lot of money. If so, did Blaine get out of that well and start making trouble again? Really, even a few scenes from inside the well could be great.

Where Can You Watch The Trailer For Season 6 of Izombie

So, as I told you before, there is no Season 6 of Izombie so there is no official trailer for Season 6. if you haven’t seen it yet, this is the official trailer for the fifth season. It might help you remember what happened, or it might help you if you haven’t seen it.


Finally, it won’t be back for its sixth season. Even tho Liv’s story was over, there might be more stories from this unique land where zombies live with humans.

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