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Has Warner Bros. Scheduled an October 4, 2024, Release for “Joker 2”? Inquire about It!Joaquin Phoenix’s return as “Batman” villain Arthur Fleck in “Joker 2” is anticipated with great joy because the film is a comedy.

Many people were impressed by Joaquin Phoenix’s turn as the Joker in Todd Phillips’s 2019 film. In the DC film, Arthur Fleck undergoes a radical metamorphosis. He transforms from an outcast victim to a violent antihero who isn’t scared to show the world how it truly is.

Now we know that Joker 2 is being created, thanks to Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix (who portrays the Joker). Arthur Fleck will indeed return for Joker: Folie à Deux. You may put on your finest clown getup now that you know all there is to know about the narrative, cast, and release date of Joker 2.

Joker 2 Cast And Main Lead

In Joker 2, Joaquin Phoenix, who won an Academy Award for his portrayal of the Joker, returns to the role. Phoenix said he would consider returning to the Joker role if the perfect opportunity presented itself. Director Todd Phillips is back for more, adding his own style to the film.

The most intriguing casting rumour comes from THR, which states that Lady Gaga will co-star in an unnamed role, but many fans assume she will portray Harley Quinn. Her classic Hollywood allure may bring a new depth to Joker’s dreary setting.

Joker 2 Plotline

The first film was intended to be a standalone origin tale that provided fresh insight into one of cinema’s most iconic villains. Joker deserves most of the praise for creating a realistic yet complex depiction of Phoenix’s character through his dedicated acting.

However, because the film’s story isn’t resolved entirely, there’s room for the existing universe to be explored further in future instalments. The Hollywood Reporter claims that instead of a drama, Joker: Folie à Deux would be a musical, showcasing the abilities of new co-star Lady Gaga.

In addition, a leak, as reported by The Wrap, has indicated that Arkham Asylum will serve as the primary setting for the bulk of the film’s action. This will allow for large-scale cameos from the Rogue’s Gallery and set the stage for an in-depth examination of the Joker and (hopefully) Harley Quinn’s characters.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. continues to use the Joker in its projects, using a variety of actors to play the villain in various DC continuities. Such examples are Jared Leto’s portrayal in Suicide Squad and Barry Keoghan’s most recent portrayal in The Batman.

These movies were all made around the same time, all trying to tell somewhat different tales about the same subject, which can make them seem incoherent to some. Perhaps it is irrelevant where Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix falls into this, but it will be interesting to watch how this particular film series continues to redefine the villain.

Joker 2 Filming Location

Is it planned that Joker’s location be on the West Coast? Gotham, directed by Todd Phillips and set in sleazy 1970s New York, will be filmed in Los Angeles thanks to $12.6 million in tax credits from the state of California awarded to Warner Bros.

Phillips, the filmmaker, remarked that “no other city had greater resources than L.A.” when it came to the film business. A warm welcome to everyone involved with “Joker: Folie à Deux” from the California Film Commission’s Film & Television Tax Credit Program is appreciated. “After spending the previous several years filming at famous locations around the United States and across the world, I’m excited to get back to work in California, my adopted home, and to do my part to help the state by bringing a production of this scale here.”

Maybe Joker and Harley (Lady Gaga) will meet in a filthy 1970s Los Angeles version of Arkham Asylum….

Joker 2 (Joker Folie à Deux): What Does It Mean?

In both English and French, the term “shared psychosis” (folie à deux) is widely used to indicate to a “delusion or mental disease” that affects more than one person in close proximity to each other.

The title suggests that we will once again delve inside the shattered mind of Arthur Fleck, while it may also refer to a second protagonist, a genuine person with whom Joker reveals his intentions.

While we all have opinions on how poorly Joker dealt with mental illness stereotypes, we can only hope that the sequel improves upon the first.

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Joker 2 Production Cost

The announcement comes on the heels of the revelation that Warner Bros. had cancelled “Batgirl,” a DC film with a $90 million budget that was reportedly close to completion. Studios seldom cancel movies outright, but the cancellation of “Batgirl,” which will neither air in cinemas or on HBO Max, sent shockwaves across the entertainment business. Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, who directed the film, expressed “shock and sadness” at the project’s unexpected cancellation. The DC offshoot was cancelled due to the lack of favourable tax incentives.

Warner Bros. wants “Joker: Folie à Deux” to succeed in order to save its floundering DC Comics division, despite the absence of “Batgirl” from the production schedule. Both “The Suicide Squad” and “DC League of Super-Pets,” which both premiered in cinemas and on HBO Max in 2021, were box office bombs. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. is still trying to figure out how to make its 2023 DC movie “The Flash,” which has a budget of $200 million.

Despite star Ezra Miller’s persistent presence in the media following claims of abuse and misbehaviour, the company plans to release the superhero film as a blockbuster. The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson, has been a recent high point for DC, earning $770 million throughout the world.

Director Todd Phillips, whose work on “Joker” earned him a total of 11 Oscar nods, is set to return for the follow-up. He is also working with Scott Silver on the script. The original film’s budget of $62.5 million was surprisingly low for a comic book movie. Warner Bros. had to share its large profits from “Joker” with co-financiers Bron Creative and Village Roadshow.

Joker 2 Release Date

We expect to see The Joker 2 in theatres on October 4, 2024. It is anticipated that much of the first film’s cast and crew will return for the sequel.

Joaquin Phoenix is returning to play Arthur Fleck in the sequel, which will be directed by Todd Phillips and named Folie à Deux.

To say that “Joker” is a comedy is an understatement, and fans are eagerly awaiting Joaquin Phoenix’s return as “Batman” villain Arthur Fleck.

After the 2019 origin narrative, directed by Todd Phillips and co-written by Scott Silver (“The Fighter”), Phoenix is back in the title character. With “King of Comedy” tendencies and “Taxi Driver” aesthetics, Phoenix won the Oscar for Best Actor in a film about political corruption in Gotham City, in which the Wayne family, of mega-wealth and power, rises to prominence as Bruce Wayne (Dante Pereira-Olson) grows up an orphaned child. The twisted relationship between Joker and Batman goes farther than conventional DC superhero movies, especially when you consider that there are hints that Arthur (Phoenix) may be half-siblings with Bruce.

After taking home the Golden Lion at this year’s Venice Film Festival, “Joker” went on to become 2019’s sixth highest-grossing film. The movie broke records as the first R-rated picture to earn over $1 billion at the box office. Both Phoenix and Hildur Gunadóttir went on to win Academy Awards; Phoenix for Best Actor and Gunadóttir for Best Original Score. In total, “Joker” received eleven nominations.

In June of 2022, Phillips teased the title of a “Joker” sequel on Instagram. Warner Bros. plans to release the film on October 4, 2024.

Joker 2 Trailer And Teaser

There is currently no trailer for Joker 2, as development has not yet begun. While you wait for the next episode to be finished, check out the Joker trailer down below in the meanwhile.

Joker 2 Rating

With 592 reviews, Joker has a 68% approval rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of 7.3/10. There is a general agreement among the site’s reviewers that “Joker offers its famed core character a chillingly credible origin story that serves as a stunning showcase for its actor — and a dark progression for comics-inspired film.”

The film has an average score of 59 out of 100 on the review aggregator Metacritic, based on the opinions of 60 professional reviewers. CinemaScore audiences awarded the film an average grade of “B+” on a scale from A+ to F, while PostTrak audiences gave it an 84% favourable review (with an average of 4.0 stars out of 5.0) and a 60% “definite recommend.”

  • On IMDb, Joker had an 8.4 rating.
  • The audience rating on Joker was 68% on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • On Vudu, “Joker” was rated 4.38 out of 5.
  • More than nine in ten people who used Google said they enjoyed the video.

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Joker 1 Recap

Arthur Fleck, a clown and aspiring stand-up comic, takes care of his mother, Penny, in crime-ridden and economically stagnant 1981 Gotham City. Medications for the neurological disease that causes Arthur’s inappropriate laughter are provided by social services. Arthur’s coworker Randall arms him for self-defense after he is attacked by young criminals. Sophie, a single mother next door, is the object of Arthur’s affections, and he asks her to witness his stand-up performance at a comedy club.

Arthur’s handgun slips out of his pant leg and onto the floor of a children’s hospital, where all the patients and their families can see it. Randall tells their manager that Arthur stole the gun, so Arthur loses his job. While feeling down and still dressed as a clown, Arthur has a laughing fit on the subway and is attacked by three inebriated businessmen, killing two with his own gun and wounding the third in self-defense.

Billionaire mayoral candidate Thomas Wayne, for whom the murdered men worked, has condemned the killings and called the killer’s supporters “clowns.” Protesters dress up like Arthur and wear clown masks as a response. Due to severe budget cuts, the social service programme that provided Arthur with his medication had to be discontinued.

Sophie watches a stand-up performance by Arthur, which unfortunately bombs due to his uncontrollable laughter and the lack of audience reaction. A letter written by Penny to Thomas is intercepted by Arthur, who accuses Thomas of being an illegitimate father and scolds his mother for keeping the truth from him. He visits Wayne Manor and meets Thomas’ son Bruce, but he quickly leaves after getting into a fight with the butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Unfortunately, Penny had a stroke and must be hospitalized.

Murray Franklin, the host of a popular late-night talk show, mocks Arthur by showing clips of his failed performance and calling him a “joker,” which infuriates Arthur. After sneaking into a private screening, Arthur confronts Thomas, who reveals that neither he nor Penny are his biological parents. Arthur, still unwilling to accept the truth, steals Penny’s file from Arkham State Hospital, which details how she was a narcissist and adopted Arthur while she was a housekeeper for the Waynes in the ’50s. Penny’s abusive ex-boyfriend raised their son Arthur until he died behind bars. After Penny failed to stop the abuse, she was sent to an asylum called Arkham.

Arthur, distraught, unexpectedly visits Sophie at her apartment. Frightened, Sophie talks to Arthur as if the two had never met, saying that she just recognises him from down the hall, then asks him to leave. The movie rewinds to times when Arthur thought he saw Sophie, only to show that she wasn’t there at all, proving that they were total strangers and that his whole relationship with her had been an illusion. Arthur kills Penny the next day in the hospital as revenge for her lies. Due to the sudden success of Arthur’s stand-up clips, Murray invites him to come on his show, where he accepts despite having planned to commit suicide on air.

Arthur’s ex-colleagues Randall and Gary visit him at his apartment, and Arthur kills Randall out of revenge while sparing Gary for treating him kindly in the past. Two investigators, suspicious of Arthur’s participation in the subway deaths, stop him on his way to Murray’s television studio, where he is dressed in a colourful costume and clown makeup. The cops pursue Arthur as he runs onto a train car full of protesting clowns. After one of the detectives shoots a protester accidently, a riot breaks out, and Arthur is able to make it to the studio before the police can catch him.

Arthur, still smarting from Murray’s previous ridicule, requests Murray to announce him as Joker just before the programme goes live. Arthur goes on stage and makes some gruesome jokes before admitting to the subway murders, raving about how society abandons the poor and the mentally ill and berating Murray for making fun of him. After an argument with Murray, Arthur shoots him dead on live TV with his handgun. As the terrified viewers run away, Arthur launches into a rant before the broadcast is abruptly interrupted. As riots break out in Gotham, police take him into custody.

Thomas and his wife are killed by a rioter in an alley but Bruce is spared. After being released by rioters in an ambulance, Arthur jumps atop the car and dances to the applause of the audience, smearing blood in the shape of a smile over his face. Later at Arkham, Arthur has a session with a therapist and chuckles menacingly to himself over a joke he wants to tell her but doesn’t because he thinks she won’t grasp it. Even as an orderly pursues him through the halls, he manages to get away, leaving bloody footprints behind him.


Easily one of the most stunningly gorgeous and meticulously put-together films ever made. Like the mythical Phoenix, Joaquin manages to rise from the ashes of his previous life. He creates the most chilling pathos possible. Such a mesmerising performance deserves to be immortalised on film. If you’ve seen him perform, you know why a brilliant actor like him stays under the radar: his joker laugh, walk, dancing, shenanigans, and finally eyes will leave you wondering. As a result, his art speaks for itself, and it does so well.

Joaquin is Arthur Fleck and his eventual metamorphosis into the Joker; he is not to be compared with Heath Ledger, who also portrayed the Joker. Both performances are utterly compelling.

Those who criticise the show because they think it’s dismal or violent should know that much worse things are happening in the real world. Calling it frightening and inciting crime is such a biassed view, or are you so weak that a movie like this makes you take up crime? There is nothing in this movie that has not been been portrayed on the big screen before. This is ridiculous, or a “Joke,” to say the least. There have been several critically acclaimed films that similarly feature graphic depictions of violence, gore, child abuse, sex, etc.

No reviewer has explored Arty’s background or the factors that led him to become the comic industry’s most infamous villain. He was abused as a youngster, played by his mother, beaten by lads in the alley, savagely bullied by guys on the subway, made the scapegoat at work, sacked, and taunted cruelly by the “suave” Murray. Will these critics still be the same individuals if they’re put in the same situations? For what right do they assume they have to pass judgement on a mentally ill man who was driven farther and more into the dark side by his unjust treatment throughout his miserable life?

Does Joaquin de la Hoya merit an Oscar this year?

Unless the Academy Awards staff are too petty to get over their animosity against Phoenix for speaking out against them in the past, of course he does. They’ve ignored this fantastic performer three times now; why not for Gladiator? Toe the Line? Who is this mysterious being, the Master?

All I can say is, don’t trust the opinions of those who are getting paid to write about movies; instead, see it for yourself and make up your own mind as you wait for Joker 2. This level of acting mastery is worthy of being studied as a teaching tool at universities and colleges that provide acting programmes. However, familiarity with Batman, Gotham, and Arkham is helpful if you want to get straight in. Clowning about is hard work, as depicted in the film, which follows Arty as he endures innumerable trials and humiliations in order to retain the career he loves until he spirals into madness.

When we hear of any developments, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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