Keep Breathing Season 2 Is Release Date Cancel? Get All Latest News Here

Melissa Barrera, a Mexican actress and singer, has had a lot of success with movies like “Scream,” “In the Heights,” and “Vida.” Now, she has a new Netflix movie called “Keep Breathing” to add to her list of movies. Wait For Keep Breathing Season 2.

In this survival thriller, a young woman is the only person to get out of a plane crash alive. Netflix just put out some first-look photos of the show, as well as information about its release date, cast, directors, and more.

The show is co-run by Martin Gero (Bored to Death) and Brendan Gall (Blindspot).

It seems like plane crash survival stories are all the rage right now, what with this show, Yellowjackets, and The Wilds.

Who Is In Keep Breathing Season 2?

The journey Drama is about a lawyer in Manhattan named Liv. Liv is tired of her life as a machine and the highs of living in the city. Her relationship with Danny, which goes on and off, is also not going anywhere.

Liv decides to take a trip of a lifetime in a private plane to get out of her usual routine. But when the plane crashes into thick trees in the wilds of Northern Canada, she gets more than she bargained for.

Liv’s parents and Danny are desperately looking for her, so she must survive alone in the harsh jungle and get over the bad things that have happened to her in the past if she wants to make it out alive.

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When will Keep Breathing Season 2 Come Out?

The limited series with six episodes will come out on Thursday, July 28, 2022. So The Keep Breathing Season 2 come after that. Possibly in the end of the year or in the beginning of next year.

Cast And Main Lead Of Keep Breathing Season 2

In addition to Melissa Barrera, who plays the main character Liv, the series will also feature Jeff Wilbusch (Unorthodox), Austin Stowell (Catch-22, Bridge of Spies), Juan Pablo Espinosa (Acapulco), and Florencia Lozano (One Life to Live, Narcos). Maggie Kiley (Dr. Death, Dirty John) and Rebecca Rodriguez will be in charge of the show (Queen of the South, Doom Patrol). Kiley will be in charge of the first three episodes, and Rodriguez will be in charge of the last six episodes.

  • Melissa Barrera plays the main character and the only one left alive. Liv
  • Austin Stowell plays a man named Sam, who is also on the plane.
  • Juan Pablo Espinosa plays Liv’s dad
  • Florencia Lozano plays Liv’s mom
  • We don’t know who Jeff Wilbusch plays.

Martin Gero and Brendan Gall came up with the idea for the show, and the two of them, along with Iturri Sosa, wrote it. Gero and Gall worked together on the NBC drama series Blindspot in the past. Bloody Disgusting says that Maggie Kiley directed episodes 1-3 and Rebecca Rodriguez directed episodes 4-6. Along with Kiley, Gero and Gall are also the show’s executive producers.

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What Is The Story Of Keep Breathing?

We don’t have an official synopsis of the show yet, but Netflix did tell us what it’s about.

After her private plane crashes in a remote part of Canada, Liv (Melissa Barrera), a lawyer from New York, is the only survivor. To stay alive, she must fight both the harsh Canadian wilderness and her own painful memories.

Does Keep Breathing Have A Trailer?

There is not yet a trailer for the show on Netflix. It won’t be out until the end of July, so that’s pretty normal. We’ll probably get a trailer a few weeks before the premiere, maybe around the middle of July.

Keep Breathing Was Made From A Book?

No, Keep Breathing seems to have been made up by the co-showrunners of the series.

Before the show came out, Netflix gave us a sneak peek so we could see what it would look like and what to expect.

Since it’s a survival thriller, it’s hard to show how urgent and tense it is through pictures, but we do see Barrera’s character Liv looking around and figuring out how dangerous her situation is. Austin Stowell will probably play Sam, a fellow passenger on the plane. In one picture, Liv is standing near Sam’s body. Maybe he lives at first, but then dies while Liv is taking care of him.

Another picture shows Liv using what looks like a compass, and several others show the beautiful scenery of British Columbia, Canada, where the show was filmed, which is fitting since it takes place on the “remote Canadian frontier.”

What Will Keep Breathing Be About?

The logline for the show was released by Netflix. It says, “After her private plane crashes in the remote Canadian frontier, New York lawyer Liv Barrera is the only survivor. To stay alive, she must fight both the harsh Canadian wilderness and her own past traumas.” The show will only have six episodes, each of which will be an hour long.

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