Lookism Is Confirmed Or Cancelled? And EveryThing You Need To Know

Lookism The renown of South Korean manhwas (comics) is growing rapidly. Manhwas are experiencing a similar spike in popularity as Japanese comics and Korean dramas. Audiences throughout the world routinely watch manhwas like The Druid Of Seoul Station, 66,666 Years: Advent of the Dark Mage, Tower of God, Lookism and more.

Today we shall study Lookism which is famous internationally for its narrative. Fans will also watch an anime version of the manhwa by Studio Mir. It is expected to be distributed globally on Netflix in November 2022.

The next instalment, Lookism Chapter 421, will be available soon. Let’s take a quick look back at the history of Lookism, a South Korean webtoon created by Park Tae-joon, before 

Lookism Happen Or Not?

If you read Lookism Chapter 421, you’ll find out that it’s the chairman of Baekho’s strategy for Mr. Kim to make sure that the company doesn’t lose two very important people. Manager Kim has targeted Yohan’s eyes as a 

target. In addition, Gimyung wrote down a plan to destroy Seongeun by staying at a distance. As an alternative, Park HyungSeok is coming back from his workout with Jonggun. Park Hyung Seok may be the only hope for Yohan and Seongeun, but is this true?

On Sunday, November 6, 2022, lookism will upload Chapter 419. In the days leading up to the official release, spoilers and raw scans will be made available.

The Manhwa is available in English on Webtoon. In the future, we will provide more information on Manhwa from South Korea, so please stay tuned.

Lookism Release Date

In addition to becoming the first webtoon-inspired anime series on Netflix, “Lookism” is also a first for the medium. Park Tae Jun, a well-known cartoonist known for creating excellent webcomics, provided the webcomic. The series premiered on Naver in November of 2014. This ensures its status as one of the world’s most acclaimed and impressive pieces of literature.

The Lookism release date is set on November 4, 2022. Netflix is the only platform where the show will debut, and it’s quite improbable that the show will debut on any other streaming service. Since Netflix was the first to distribute the film, it’s likely that the streaming service is 

also the only one with the rights to release it.

Within the framework of the Lookism narrative, a high school guy named Park Hyeong-seok will be shown negotiating the challenges of adolescence while inhabiting two bodies. A regular high school boy who has always been the target of bullying and negative comments gains the ability to switch between his two bodies, which are polar opposites in appearance, allowing him to live two separate lives in a world that values attractiveness above all else.

The guy transfers to a new school and suddenly finds himself in a new body—one that is leaner, taller, cooler, and more conventionally attractive. As a result, he hopes to make up for all the years of being ridiculed by doing everything he possibly can now. There will be elements of both teen and high school drama throughout the show.

Lookism Cast And Main Lead

Netflix subscribers will soon be able to view the new show Lookism. Creators have been mum on whether or not the episodes would be made accessible anywhere else to stream outside Netflix. Once the show premieres on Netflix, it will very certainly appear on other pirated streaming sites like fmovies, pikashow, and many more.

Lookism A number of the important characters in Cast Lookism will be voiced by actors such Shim Kyu-hyuck, Han Shin, Ryu Seung-gone, Jeong Jae-heon, Nam Doh-hyeong, Hwang Chang-yung, and Sa Moon-young.

Cast members have been announced, however their specific roles have not been released at this time. The other further names of the characters and cast members have not yet appeared. Cast members for the English dubs are likewise being kept under wraps.


  • Daniel
  •  Mira,
  • Jay
  •  Crystal
  • Logan
  •  Aru and Goo.

Lookism PlotLine

Lookism centres around a high-school student, Park HyungSeok who is looked down on by his fellow student for his fat. Getting ridiculed and humiliated every day, he asks his mother to transfer him to a different school. He’s relocating to Seoul with the intention of starting fresh at a new high school there. A few nights before the first day of school, he magically transforms into a tall, muscular, and gorgeous new body. One body will rest while the other is being used. He can now use this opportunity to wake up the sleeping body and take over it. Now he’s the original during the day and the gorgeous one when the sun goes down.

Expected to alter the struggle between Big Deal and Ilhae, Vasco’s appearance in Lookism in chapter 418. In addition, viewers see Yohan and Manager Kim engaging in a vicious altercation. Seeing his fighting ability of Yohan, Manager Kim predicts that stopping Yohan would not be easy. You’ll see Jahyun and Vasco at the chapter’s close.

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The Talk On Social Media About Lookism

The next Chinese anime show on Netflix has already generated widespread excitement among viewers. The series’ webtoon adaptation, thanks to its success, has made it easy to recognise and appreciate. In all honesty, viewers have a right to have hopes for the new show. The show stands out due to its unique premise and plotline. The mixture of drama is intended to be just right.

The Netflix Anime Twitter account has been teasing the new series. The @NetflixAnime Twitter account, which is officially affiliated with Netflix, just tweeted, “Lookism is coming to Netflix on November 4!” Park Hyung Suk manages to get through high school despite inhabiting two radically distinct bodies…. After the hashtags “#TUDUM #TUDUMjapan #Lookism,” the teaser for the show will play. The trailer has piqued people’s interest, and things are looking up.

What To Expect From Lookism?

The next anime drama series Lookism will premiere on Netflix. Seventeen-year-old Park Hyung-Suk, who thinks of himself as unattractive and out of place socially, is the protagonist of the drama. Her unsightly appearance and excessive weight had always made him the target of cruel remarks and bullying. Everything had to pile onto Hyung-ng-sorrow, Suk’s his fatness, and his lack of money.

One of the bullies, Lee Tae Sung, orchestrates Hyung-transfer Suk’s from his high school to a Seoul preparatory school. When he transferred to Jae Won High, a school with an unusual approach to education, he was not surprised. As soon as Hyung-Suk leaves for his new school, he enters an alternate universe in which he is a much more physically attractive, taller, and thinner boy. The release of lookism has been set.


His unsightly “first self” was sleeping next to him. Upon entering and waking up in one body, Hyung-Suk causes the second body to fall asleep, leading to the unexpected realisation that both bodies were his. The show will deal with the dramatic and unexpected events that occur in a teenager’s life.

Some of these performers could potentially be seen by the crowd. The upcoming programme Lookism will feature Shim Kyu-hyuck, Han Shin, Ryu Seung-gone, Jeong Jae-heon, Nam Doh-hyung, Hwang Chang-yung, and Sa Moon-young.

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Lookism Episode guide 

The creators of Lookism have not yet released a full guide to the episodes. Officially, the series will debut on Netflix. There won’t be a weekly release schedule for the show’s episodes; instead, they’ll likely all be released at once.

The producers have not yet disclosed the projected number of episodes for the following season or the average run time of each episode. The premiere of the show is set for November 4, 2022. The show was originally created in Korean, however it will be dubbed in various languages and shown worldwide.

Is Lookism Trailer Released?

On September 25th, 2022, the first lookism trailer was unveiled. Netflix has published the official one minute and nine second trailer in Korean. The trailer, however, features English subtitles. Park Hyeong-Seok, the show’s protagonist, opens the trailer by reflecting on his past and saying, “Everyone would just laugh at me,” before showing various clips of him being the target of bullying and describing himself as “a fat and not-so-good-looking boy.”

The fact that he had zero friends was exposed. In a surprising turn of events, he no longer recognises or even recognises himself. One night he looks in the mirror and sees a different, improved version of himself: more attractive, taller, and thinner than usual, with his other, less attractive body laying next to him in bed.

The modernised Park Hyeong-Seok was portrayed as a popular high school idol, admired by both the female student body and the male faculty for his impressive athletic, aesthetic, and intellectual prowess. The series concluded on Netflix on November 4, 2022. The trailer gave off an extremely positive first impression, with solid indications of high-quality animation and an engaging tale.

As a kind of popular culture, webtoons and Manhwas have become more well-known throughout East Asia. Not to mention, several TV adaptations of these works of art have been huge hits. By adopting Lookism, the most popular Naver Webtoon, Netflix is making its first venture into animation.

What is the story of Netflix’s first original webtoon animation?

Business Proposal and True Beauty are just two of the many successful webtoons that have been adapted into television series.

Conversely, Lookism is Netflix’s first original animated adaptation of a webtoon

In case you’re not familiar with the term, webtoons are simply cartoons or comic strips that are made available on the World Wide Web. The most read Webtoon may be found on Naver.

One of the most popular works of all time, Lookism was released on Naver in 2014 by renowned webtoon creator Park Tae Jun.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Explain the concept of a webtoon to me.

Webtoon was launched in South Korea by the Naver Corporation in 2004. Webtoons and other short digital comics are posted on this site based in South Korea.

  • In other words, what is a manhwa?

Manhwa refers to a wide variety of Korean comics and print cartoons. South Korean comic novels are what this phrase usually refers to when used outside of South Korea.