Lost Bullet 2 Ending Explained With Unknown Twists

In Lost Bullet 2, do you hope Lino tracks down Areski and Marco? If that’s the case, you’ve landed in the correct location. Here, we’ll talk about Lost Bullet 2, a new Netflix film with a fascinating plot. We’ll fill you in on Marco’s whereabouts and the events of the film’s climax. If you want to know everything about this, read this article. If you found this post to be informative, we would appreciate your comments. We value your opinions very highly.

Written by Guillaume Pierret, Alban Lenoir, and Kamel Guerra, and starring Alban Lenoir, Nicolas Duvauchelle, and Ramzy Bedia, the French action thriller Lost Bullet is set to be released in 2020 under the direction of Guillaume Pierret. A Netflix release date of November 10, 2022, has been set for Lost Bullet 2, the sequel.

Lost Bullet 2 Plotline

When Lino’s mentor, Charras, is murdered by the dishonest police officers Areski and Marco (Sébastien Lalanne), Lino resolves to exact his revenge. According to Julia, who is aiding Areski in this operation, Areski has fled, abandoning everything, including his wife Stella (Anne Serra) and son.

Lino was about to confront Marco when he learned that Marco, too, had escaped, albeit he believes that someone had helped Marco get away. Lino has been stalking Areski’s wife Stella for the past six months in the hopes of catching him if he returns. Stella confronts him soon after and tells him to desist, explaining that Areski will never go back to his family.

Despite Julia’s warnings, Lino continues to keep an eye on the area outside Stella’s house, where he has observed the presence of several unfamiliar males. After rescuing Stella from the men, he finds out that Areski paid them to get in touch with her. A year later, Lino and Julia take over and form a new narcotics squad to investigate Charras’s murder.

During one of their drug runs, they cross the border from France into Spain, where they run across Alvaro, a Spanish police officer who is familiar with Charras. Alvaro said that Marco and Areski are wanted in Spain because they helped kilos of cocaine enter the country.

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Lost Bullet 2 Ending Explaination

After Lino captures Marco, he contacts Alvaro about turning him over to the Spanish authorities. A meeting is called for somewhere near the border between France and Spain. Meanwhile, Moss orders Julia to prevent Lino from giving Marco up to the Spanish. Alvaro assures Lino that Marco will be held accountable for his acts.

Julia won’t make it in time even if she speeds up. Within a short amount of time, Julia and Lino learn that Alvaro is in danger since commander Alexander Resz is aiming for Marco. They report to Alvaro that they are ten kilometres from the border and that Alexander Resz’s forces are still hot on his trail. They decide to save Alvaro and Marco by going after Alexander’s men on their own, despite Julia’s request for help.

Julia takes Marco into custody after she and Alvaro escape from Alexander Resz’s men. When Moss instructs her men to also arrest Lino, Julia threatens to hand Marco over to the Spanish police unless Moss releases Lino first. Youri intervenes and starts shooting before Julia can even try to bargain with Moss.

In the backseat, Lino is being handcuffed while Marco, who happened to see the whole thing, drives off in a police cruiser. Lino becomes hurt while beating him up, so he takes Marco to a nearby house and stabs him there. Julia walks in while they’re arguing and shoots Marco dead with a shotgun. The Lost Bullet teaser trailer is here for your viewing pleasure.

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Lost Bullet 2 About What?

While Lino is in detention, a man goes to a junkyard and asks for a specific part. The contents of a wrecked Renault 21 that had belonged to Charas and been driven by Lino were hidden from view while the car was being destroyed in a scrapyard.

Areski, it turns out, is the one who now takes away all of these items, including the good luck charm that Charas had in his car. In the second film, the corrupt police officer from the first appears at the very end, suggesting that production on the “Lost Bullet” series is still going strong.

Now that Julia is out of a job with the police, she may join forces with Lino to take on Areski and Resz. Another twist might have Areski making amends for his past mistakes by joining forces with the other two to confront Resz.

It’s a typical tale of tracking down the perpetrators of wrongdoing and exacting vengeance through punishment. But the movie’s excellent direction is what really draws you in. The story grabs the audience’s attention from the get-go.

Guillaume Pierret, who directed both portions of The Lost Bullet, has done an outstanding job of maintaining a steady pace and producing a thrilling experience for the audience. It’s safe to assume that fans of action movies and automobile chases will enjoy Pierret’s picture.

The film primarily consists of thrilling and exciting races between Lino and several other characters. These vehicle chases and battles are shot so well that they enhance the viewing experience.

When Lost Bullet 2 Concludes, Where is Areski?

Strangely, “Lost Bullet” concluded with Lino going after Areski and making him pay in the next novel. On the other hand, by the end of “Lost Bullet 2,” Areski has returned to the scrapyard where Charas’s wrecked car has been transferred.

One of the employees rummages through Charas’s car and steals his belongings, including a pendant that hung from his rearview mirror. Areski also packs a car, citing its utility for family outings. Is he planning on seeing Stella again? We have no idea what is going on.

For over a year and a half, we have no clue as to his whereabouts. Is it true that he visited Reisz? The same is true for this question. We’ll have to wait for the sequel to find out what happens now that Lino is in jail, Julia is no longer a cop, and Areski is back in town.

Given his introduction here, Commander Resz will return in the sequel as well. Julia will devise a plan to free Lino, and the two of them will then hunt down Areski and Reisz. The stakes will increase, as will the field size.


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