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The song of Celine Dion will be included in a new romantic drama titled Love Again. The original title was supposed to be “It’s All Coming Back to Me,” after a hit from her album Falling Into You from 1996. The film is an adaptation of Karoline Herfurth’s 2016 German smash SMS for You, which she also directed and acted in.

From the end of 2020 until the beginning of 2021, filming took place in London. Dion’s debut on the big screen will be in this James C. Strouse-penned, -directed musical.

Further information on Love Again, such as its release date and a preview, is now available. All of the details regarding the forthcoming film are provided here.

Love Again Release Date

Not only did the Sony Pictures and Screen Gems film have many titles, but it also had multiple release windows. The release date of the film was pushed back from 2023-02-10 to 2023-2-10. As opposed to its originally scheduled release date of February 2023, the film was released in May 2023. The new release date for Love Again has been set on May 12 of that year, 2023.

Love Again Promo And Trailer

On Valentine’s Day in 2023, Sony Pictures released the first official trailer for Love Again on their YouTube account. It depicts the beginning of Mira and Rob’s relationship, as is typical in romantic comedy teasers.

Love Again Dealt With?

Chopra’s character, Mira, is introduced in the teaser as a grieving widow who has lost her fiancé in a horrific accident. She starts writing love notes to his old phone only to find out it has been given to Rob (Heughan), another guy going through a breakup.

While they ultimately meet and form a strong relationship, they are both haunted by their shared pasts until Dion and her music inspire them to take a risk on a future together. The teaser also reveals that Chopra’s real-life spouse Nick Jonas appears as a possible suitor with whom her character goes on a date, alongside Dion.

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Love Again Plotline

A chance text message might lead to the love of your life, according to the official narrative summary for Love Again, produced by Screen Gems. In this comedy about a woman coping with the death of her fiance, Mira Ray sends Rob Burns a series of affectionate messages to his old cellphone number, unaware that the number has been transferred to his new office phone. Rob, a journalist, is moved by the openness of these moving confessions. As part of his job, he must profile Celine Dion (in her debut film appearance), so he may ask for advice on how to meet Mira and win her love.

The plot is very similar to that of the German-language original, SMS for You. The protagonist is now a woman, Mira Ray, and she has just broken up with her boyfriend. He’s been deceased for two years, yet she still texts his number. This is how she copes with the grief she has experienced: by not letting go. Yet she has no idea that the number is being used once again.

Journalist Rob Burns, who has been charmed by the messages’ raw honesty and beauty, is now the one receiving them. The film poses a fate-related dilemma that unexpectedly binds the two protagonists together. Rob is interviewing Celine Dion for a story, so she gives him some pointers on how to make a good first impression on Mira. The ensuing romantic comedy is delightful.

Love Again Cast And Main Lead

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sam Heughan star as Mira and Rob, respectively, in the romance drama Love Again.

Heughan is a popular actor who has acted in many shows and films, including Suspect and the films Bloodshot and A Prince for Christmas in addition to his breakout role as Jamie Fraser in Outlander.

Love Again Cast And Main Lead

Musician and Oscar winner Celine Dion makes a rare acting cameo in Love Again and also contributes to the film’s music. Dion’s previous film credits include Titanic and Beauty and the Beast.

Celia Imrie, Lydia West, Russell Tovey, Omid Djalili, Steve Oram, and Sofia Barclay round up the remainder of the cast.

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Love Again Makers And Directors

The Incredible Hulk co-creator James C. Strouse said in April 2019 that he was writing a novel. (Jessica James) would be in charge of the screenplay and the production. Producing the picture are Basil Iwanyk and Erica Lee (“John Wick”), as well as Esther Hornstein (“Criminal”).

Screen Gems and Thunder Road Pictures produced it. Principal photography on Love Again began in October 2020 and wrapped up in the early months of 2021. The film was first filmed in Britain but then relocated to the United States.


The film Love Again stars Priyanka Chopra and Sam Heughan in a love story set to the music of Celine Dion. The release date was pushed back from February to May of 2023. Mira Ray’s new office phone is the same number as the one she used to SMS her late fiance. Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sam Heughan act in the romantic drama Love Again, which features original music by Celine Dion.

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