Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions Season 3 May Surprise You With New Story?

There’s no set time or place to watch “Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions Season 3,” a Slice of Life anime. Japanese authors Torako and Nozomi saka adapted their series of light novels into an anime. Two high school students, Yta and Rikka, each with their own Chnibyo, enjoy a charming love tale in “Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions” (delusions).

In 2018, there were two seasons of the anime followed by a movie that continued the tale from where it left off. Many have speculated that production on the anime’s third season has already begun. How true is that? This is the last bit of data we have.

Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions Season 3 What is It?

As children, we constantly daydream about becoming adults, and as adults, we long for the carefree days of our youth. As we mature into adulthood, we get the freedom to make our own decisions. Then, we’re saddled with a mountain of work.

That flick is Chunibyo’s Love and Other Illusions The third season sees massive success with Japanese audiences of all ages. The Japanese term for people who are always making things happen and dreaming big is chunibyo. This is the typical Japanese usage of the phrase. Those with supernatural abilities are also referred to using chunibyo terminology. In contrast, the English language uses this name for the disorder also known as eighth-grade syndrome.

The eighth grade is often referred to by this word since it marks the transition from childhood to adulthood. The film focuses on the fantasies and exploits of an older demographic. For the record, “koi ga Shitai” is the preferred word in Japanese by Chuunibyou. Students in eighth grade are not immune to life’s difficulties; in fact, they are among the most vulnerable.

Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions Season 3 Happen Or Not?

Numerous online speculations have circulated up until this point, suggesting that production on Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions Season 3 is already beginning. Although many fans have been hoping for a third season of “Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions,” no official word on a renewal has been made public by Kyoto Animation or any other entity involved in the show’s production.

Between October 4 and December 19, 2012, the first season of the anime was broadcast in Japan. Season two began airing in January of 2014 and ended in March of the same year.

There were 12 episodes in both seasons. In instead of a new season, the studio has opted to end the anime with a film.

The film adaptation, titled “Eiga Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Take On Me,” had its world premiere in 2018 and served as a “decisive ending” to the story. As a result, it seems quite doubtful that there will be a Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions Season 3.

But if you have boundless energy and optimism like the characters in anime, there is still a possibility! There is often a lengthy hiatus between seasons of an anime. To get to season 17, even long-running anime series like “Bleach” had to wait almost a decade.

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Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions Season 3 Release Date

A new season might be announced before the end of 2021, according to persistent internet speculations. Despite The Cinemaholic’s scepticism of a Season 3 in 2020, rumours of the show’s return have lingered elsewhere online for the past year, so fans’ expectations have not been shattered just yet.

A one-off special followed the first season’s June 2013 airing, but Season 2 didn’t begin until 2014. After the second season of “Chunibyo & Other Delusions” ended in March of that year, fans had to wait another four years until the release of the feature-length sequel, “Take On Me.”

Users of the website Rotten Tomatoes rated “Take on Me” at 78% positive. With that kind of enthusiasm, producing a third season is definitely doable.

Maybe this would spur Kyoto Studios to fulfil “Chunibyo” fans’ high hopes, but given the absence of proof to the contrary and the film’s four-year release pattern in the past, we wouldn’t expect it before the year 2021’s end at the earliest.

Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions Season 3 Trailer And Teaser 

Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions Season 3 will premiere in 2022 and its promotional video will air in 2023.

Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions Season 3 Cast And Main Lead

Without any confirmation, it seems safe to presume that Yta and Rikka, the show’s key couple, will play a big role in a third season. In light of this, both Jun Fukuyama and Maaya Uchida remain plausible reinstatement prospects. After all, they have always been there, from the very first draught to the most recent film adaptation of “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions.”

It’s possible that we’ll see more of their friends and family members. As Yta’s trusted advisor and confidante, Eri Sendai’s character Taka Takanashi had an important role in the film, especially when tensions with Rikka rose. Azumi Asakura’s lovable portrayal of Kumin Tsuyuri provides a steady stream of humour as she is shown as being insatiably enthusiastic about napping.

Even though Sumire Uesaka’s Sanae and Chinatsu Akasaki’s Shinka have appeared in every episode of “Chunibyo” so far, it may be time for some new cast members to be introduced.

Chunibyo, keep dreaming, and followers, be alert for the official confirmation.

  • Togashi Yuta
  • Shinka Nibutani
  • Rikka Takanashi
  • Tsuyuri Kumin
  • It’s Sanae Dekomori.

Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions Season 3 Plotline

Yta Togashi, a former chniby sufferer, is the protagonist of this anime. People who suffer from “Chniby” may falsely assume they have extraordinary skills. To describe himself, Yta chose the moniker “Dark Flame Master.” Yta’s growing age consciousness is a direct result of his erroneous views. It was at this point that he made the decision to redo his high school career. His chance encounter with the insane Rikka came at the very moment he was ready to put the past behind him.

Despite knowing about Yta’s delusions, she still falls for him. In the first two seasons, viewers watched as the protagonists started dating. Delusions of Love, Chunibyo, and More! Make me take the challenge!

After the credits roll in the anime, Yta realises how much he loves Rikka. Yta, on the other hand, returns home. Rikka’s new apartment is located two stories above his former one. Rikka rides down on a rope as Yata comes to terms with the fact that there was more than one quality about her that drew him in. The realisation that Yata used to find Rikka annoying adds depth to this emotional scene. They’ve become increasingly fond of one another thanks to the many happy times they’ve spent together over the years.

In the event that the anime is given a third season, Yta and Rikka may play pivotal roles. We may have to look elsewhere for love intrigue in the forthcoming season, despite the fact that their cinematic romance seemed to have a happy ending.

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Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions Season 3 Ratings

Even now, the anime is one of Crunchyroll’s most-watched shows. MyAnimeList users gave the first season an average score of 7.72, while the second season averaged 7.55. These are encouraging stats if you’re looking for recognition. The show was well-liked by a majority of Google users (86%), with ratings of 7.4/10 on IMDb and 4.8/5 on Crunchyroll. However, we have seen lower-rated anime that nonetheless were revived.

Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions Season 2 Recap

After rejecting Yta Togashi’s middle school values, Rikka Takanashi leaps off her balcony. On the way to school, Yta makes friends with Girl Scout Makoto Isshiki. When Rikka gets chniby, Yta brings her to the school nurse. He is now conscious that she heard him daydreaming. Despite Yta’s misapprehensions, Rikka regards him as her soulmate.

During the opening ceremony, Makoto invited Yta to dinner, but Nanase Tsukumo told him to invite Rikka instead. She and Tka Takanashi have been living in the loft above Yta’s place for the past two days. Yta finds out that Rikka’s belongings have finally arrived from his sister Kuzuha Togashi. After assisting Rikka with her relocation, Yta is asked to store her belongings.

Even though Rikka is convinced that a stray cat is actually a chimaera, neither Tka nor Yta will adopt it due to their respective allergies. After the student council meeting, Yta feels awkward around Shinka Nibutani. When Kumin Tsuyuri finally tracked down Dodomen, he immediately inquired about the feline. No, the stray cat Yta and Kumin have in their strange bedroom isn’t named Dodomen. In Yta’s chamber, Tka knocks down Rikka. Tka blackmails Yta into giving up the stray cat by saying she will expose his chniby deeds. Yta and Kumin steal Rikka’s recorder. Tka manages to triumph over Rikka. Yta is the one who has custody of the feline.

A new high school year has begun for Yta. Due to her extreme pickiness, Rikka feeds Yta “tainted” rice. When Yta meets Rikka under the ginkgo tree, he finally knows which club he wants to join, despite having been undecided throughout the entire club presentation process. The Far Eastern Magical Society’s Napping Club, which only Kumin joins, is based in Rikka’s imagination.

In Yta’s opinion, Rikka’s plans to audition for the Cheerleading and Theater Clubs could lead to tensions. One day later, Rikka’s best friend Sanae Dekomori walks into Yta’s room. Without a fifth member, Yta, Rikka, Kumin, and Sanae have Nanase’s blessing. Yta’s resolve is weakened by Shinka’s membership in the Far East Magical Napping Society Summer Thereof.

It seems like Yta has some doubts about Shinka’s quiz-taking abilities. Rikka, Sanae, and Yta act out the ritual of calling forth an entity. The missing Mabinogion notebook is recovered by Shinka. Shinka wants to meet with Yta on Sunday. Yta successfully connives Rikka and Sanae.

Whenever she appears, Shinka goes on a search for the Mabinogion. Yta’s chniby persona, Mori Summer, breaks down in tears from shame. Even though Sanae has multiple copies of the Mabinogion, Shinka decides to join the group and burn it. After hearing Yta’s suggestion that they cross the overpass, Shinka gives in to Sanae’s desires. She holds off until Sanae’s evidence is gone.

If Rikka does poorly in math, Nanase says the club will be dissolved. The non-student Sanae is Rikka’s top student. Cleaning the pool is a great way for Rikka to advertise the club. The three-hour charade ends badly. It is important to Nanase that Rikka keeps her grades up so that the club may continue. Rikka becomes distracted by Yta’s study assistance. Rikka and Yta communicate via email. Yta promises Rikka a brand new email account for a week if she passes her exam. As a reward for just passing the math exam for the semester, Yta provides Rikka a brand new email address.

The reflections of Yta and Rikka are contradictory. Makoto shares with Yta his speculations on a love letter he believes Shinka penned. When Yta confronts Sanae, she learns the truth about Shinka. When Makoto makes an observation, Shinka instructs him to ignore it. Makoto abandons his notepad of schoolgirl ranks not far from the station. Inomata explains it to the class the following day.

When asked, Makoto admits that he wrote the notes to keep the other guys safe and that he will shave his head to do so. Despite Makoto’s pleas, Yta gives him a buzz. Under a ginkgo tree, Makoto’s classmates enthusiastically greet him. Kumin is captivated by his new appearance. Tka plans a trip with Yta and Rikka. They travel with Yta by hopping aboard a train. Yta is bothered by Rikka’s apparent unwillingness to communicate.

The grandparents of Rikka and Tka live in a small cottage. Yta has learned that Rikka is being held against her will by her grandparents. At the beach, Yta learns that it has been three years since her father passed away, and that she has yet to pay her respects at his gravesite. Concerned, Yta wonders why Rikka didn’t join Tka for dinner. Yta takes Rikka to the place where her father was three years ago to help her get away from Tka. The house where Rikka spent her formative years is now abandoned. As Tka tells Rikka.

As Yta explains to Tka, Rikka’s delusions can’t hide the truth from anyone. Yta, on the run, eventually catches up with Rikka on the train back to town. As Yta’s pals abandoned him, he began to chniby. Since Yta and her family are away for the evening, Rikka is unable to gain entry to her flat without a spare key. A shopping trip with Yta and Rikka. After Makoto and Kumin leave, Yta starts to doubt that he loves Rikka. Rikka steals a kiss from a sleeping Yta.

Since Yta hasn’t seen Rikka since the summer, Shinka has been pushing for the club to do something for the ginkgo festival. Since returning from the beach, Yta and Rikka have changed in ways that have alarmed the group. Fearing that Rikka’s emotions haven’t subsided, Yta tries to comfort her over lunch. Kumin is not fooled by Rikka and Sanae’s Yta shrine ceremony.

Shinka reveals to Kumin how much Yta adores Rikka. Shinka manipulates Rikka into informing Yta. After Rikka rejects Yta’s love approaches, Yta protects her. Meanwhile, Yta goes to Makoto for advice as Rikka confesses her love for Yta to Sanae. When school is out for the day, Yta and Rikka have a chat. Although she is embarrassed, Rikka finally opens out. Yta has revealed to Tka that she will be attending a culinary school in Italy.

Rikka stopped paying attention to her mother when he passed away. To improve relations with her mother, Tka hopes that Yta can encourage Rikka to grow out of her chniby period. Rikka and Yta get dolled up for the ginkgo festival. Yta receives a lunchbox from Rikka’s mother. Rikka becomes upset when Yta urges her to take off her eyepatch. Rikka serenades everyone at the afterparty with her father’s all-time favourite song. The woman takes off the bandage covering her right eye and notices that her golden contact has fallen out.

While Tka is in Italy, Rikka is without his eyepatch. Sanae has a strong aversion to the “normal” morning commute. Shinka inquires whether Yta has any second thoughts about assisting Rikka, but Tka has ceased to be concerned and Rikka’s mother is doing fine. When Rikka decides to disband the club after gaining new acquaintances, Sanae is devastated. Rikka’s mother is coming to visit, so Yta helps her organise her chniby collections. Sanae confronts Yta about Rikka’s chniby request after visiting her father’s grave. Yta agrees, but she thinks it would do more harm than good to tell Rikka.

Yta is concerned about Rikka, so Kumin plays the part of Sanae’s chniby. Likening his chniby persona to that of Drama Club is Shinka. Rikka’s mother and grandmother are Yta’s next-door neighbours, a fact she learns about after dark. Yta finds Rikka in an old letter. When he runs into Kumin, he learns that Rikka liked his chniby syndrome two years ago, shortly after the death of her father. Yta adopts Rikka and all their chniby ways. Despite Yta’s shame, Rikka continues to chniby.

Since school is out for the holidays, the group wants to have a party in the clubroom, but Nanase forbids it. When women don’t dress normally, men start to get nervous. After Rikka and Sanae had gotten drunk while playing cards, Yta drags her home. When they take a boat ride at the amusement park, that’s where they run across the gang. Drunk Sanae takes exception to Rikka’s Yta comments. Yta defends Rikka from Sanae. The two of them share a passionate kiss. Rikka is decked out in a black Santa attire as Yta returns home.

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Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions Season 3 Summary

One of the most watched anime shows is “Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions.” There have been whispers of a third season already being produced. There’s a chance that Jun Fukuyama and Maaya Uchida’s characters will return. Yta Togashi, a former chniby sufferer, is the protagonist of this anime. Deluded Rikka Takanashi, whom he meets, falls for him. If the anime gets revived, we might see more of their friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions of Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions Season 3

Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions Season 3 Where Available in English Dubbed?

Crunchy roll and enjoyable Imation both feature the dubbed version.

Does Yuuta like Satone?

Certainly, that is the case, to answer your question. Yuuta was the object of Satone’s affections. They have mutual feelings of warmth and appreciation.

Is Chuunibyou a mental illness?

Despite the anime’s depiction of chuunibyou as a disease, it is not actually a mental disorder.

Who is Rikka in love with?

Rikka Takanashi develops feelings for Yuuta Togashi. She attends the same high school as Yuuta Togashi and is known as a “chniby” patient.

What happens at the end of love Chunibyo and other delusions?

While riding the ferry back to their hometown, Rikka confronts Yata about “abandoning her powers” and whether or not Yata still loves her. Yta tells her he still loves her, and the two of them lock lips.


Season 3 of Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions is the focus. My sincere desire is that you will find the information presented here to be informative. For updates, keep checking back with us here on the website.

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