Magpie Murders Season 2 Release Date, Cast And Trailer Check Here

Magpie Murders Season 2: With Anthony Horowitz’s unique take on the topic, Magpie Murders, which debuted on BritBox last year and recently finished broadcasting on BBC One, has captivated fans of the crime fiction genre.

In the drama, Lesley Manville portrays Susan Ryeland, an editor who looks into the murder of author Alan Conway (Timothy McMullen plays Atticus Pünd in the performance). But will Susan and Atticus return for a sequel now that the first season has finished aired in its entirety?

Continue reading to learn all there is to know about Magpie Murders’ second season.

Magpie Murders Season 2 Happen Or Not?

Indeed, I do! The Moonflower Murders second season of the BritBox series, which the BBC acquired in January, will be produced. The second novel in Anthony Horowitz’s Susan Ryeland series, also named Susan Ryeland, will presumably be adapted for Season 2. In that novel, Susan lived in Crete and was investigating a homicide that had happened nine years before.

Horowitz was cited as stating, “I’m very happy that Magpie Murders is going to be shown on the BBC – it’s a natural home.” when the acquisition and renewal were revealed. The director and performers did a terrific job of bringing the screenplays to life, and it was a delight writing them.

I can’t wait to start writing the scripts for Moonflower Murders, Horowitz continued. Magpie had a positive response from the audience, and I can sincerely say that I had fun bringing Susan Ryeland and Atticus Pünd to life. There are several surprises in the second book, including one I’ve never utilized in a murder mystery of mine. You’re going to have a fun, in my opinion.

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Magpie Murders Season 2 Release date

The release of “Magpie Murders” Season 2 in the US has not yet been set for a specific date or time. Between seasons 1 and 2, the show is going through some behind-the-scenes adjustments because the BBC has now acquired the broadcasting rights to the program.

Production on the new season will start in 2023, according to the BBC’s acquisition statement. Similarly, BBC’s official UK premiere of Season 2 has been scheduled for 2024.

If the forthcoming season of “Magpie Murders” follows the same pattern as the first, American fans will probably have to wait several months after the UK premiere for the series’ official launch in their territory.

To be kind, it looks that all series fans will have to wait until at least 2024 to see any new material. But it’ll undoubtedly rank among 2024’s most eagerly awaited TV programs.

Magpie Murders Season 2 Cast And Main Lead

There are presently little facts available about the “Magpie Murders” Season 2 cast. There has been no official announcement on the return of Season 1 supporting performers Daniel Mays, Michael Maloney, or Conleth Hill in the follow-up. Although the cast for the upcoming season of “Magpie Murders” has not yet been announced, we are aware of potential suspects.

Despite the show’s recent acquisition by BBC, it has been made known that the original cast members from Season 1 of “Magpie Murders” will return for the forthcoming second season.

Magpie Murders Season 2 Cast And Main Lead

Lesley Manville, who portrays editor-turned-investigator Susan Ryeland, and Timothy McMullan, who plays fictional detective Atticus Pünd, will return to take the helm in Season 2 of the show, the BBC said. 

Given the new setting and significant intrigue for Season 2, it is unknown what combination of familiar and unfamiliar characters will join the trio this time.

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Magpie Murders Season 2 Plotline

“The Magpie Murders” will pick up where the first season left off with the plot in the second. By the end of the first season, numerous troubling clues had been revealed, leading Susan Ryeland, a character played by Lesley Manville, to the conclusion of the murder of renowned author Alan Conway.

Despite the fact that the case may be over, Season 2 is likely to focus more on Susan’s inquiry and Alan’s literary legacy.

The second book in the “Magpie Murders” series, “Moonflower Murders,” is what the new title alludes to as the source material for the second season. In the story, Susan has traveled to Crete, Greece, after packing her belongings.

The editor launches an investigation after a witness to a crime that took place around 10 years ago unexpectedly vanishes from a nearby hotel. There is a surprising connection between Alan’s strange death and this.

A later date will see the publication of further information regarding the follow-up series’ storyline, according to the BBC’s official announcement. But if “Magpie Murders” season one is any indicator, “Moonflower Murders” season two will be an accurate adaptation of the book.

Magpie Murders Season 2 Where Can I Watch The Show?

Some fans of “Magpie Murders” might wish to revisit the first season to catch up before the release of the new episodes as Season 2 approaches. There are quite a few choices for watching it online.

Those who have access to the PBS Masterpiece channel and Amazon Prime Video can watch “Magpie Murders” in its entirety. Other ways to watch “Magpie Murders” include on-demand choices and the PBS Video app, which can be used on a number of devices.


The second season of Magpie Murders will likely be based on the second Susan Ryeland novel by Anthony Horowitz. Beginning in 2023, the next season’s production

Based on the book “Moonflower Murders,” the second season of “Magpie Murders” will expand on Susan Ryeland’s research and Alan Conway’s creative legacy. Lesley Manville and Timothy McMullan from the original cast will return to lead the “Magpie Murders” season 2 authentic rendition of the novel.

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