Meateater Season 10 Release Date Confirmed Or Cancel Know Here Latest Updates

The Netflix original series “Meateater season 10” is a hunting reality show. Veteran outdoorsman Steve Rinella travels the globe in search of game to hunt and fish for, then prepares for our visual (and his own) delight.

The first season of “Meateater” debuted in 2012 on The Sportsman Channel. However, Netflix has taken over the distribution of the show beginning with Season 7.

This includes both waves of releases for the ninth and most recent season of the show, which occurred in 2020 and 2021. However, after the conclusion of Season 9, Part 2, viewers are already curious about what Season 10 will bring. When can we expect its debut? Where will we go, what will Steve Rinella kill, and what will we eat? To answer all of your questions, here is the latest on “Meateater’s” tenth season.

Meateater Season 10 Cast

Steven Rinella is back as host of ‘Meat Eater’ for its ninth season. Rinella is an outdoors enthusiast as well as a well-known TV host, travel writer, and author. Outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, and adventuring are some of his favorites.

Because of his love for nature, Rinella decided to pursue a career in adventure travel writing.

He also writes for publications such as The New York Times, Outside, Men’s Journal, the New Yorker, Field & Stream, American Hunter, and Petersen’s Hunting in addition to the outdoor activities that he photographs for his followers.

Since Rinella has always had a deep love for the outdoors and has a lot of charisma, he was a natural choice to be the ‘Meat Eater’ showman due to his high profile and widespread appeal. After nine consecutive seasons, he is still the show’s host.

Steven Rinella acknowledges and thanks all of the people who contributed to the success of “Meat Eater.” Rinella recently stated the following in an interview:

The cast and crew of the show also contribute greatly to the reliability and excellence of each episode. However, the identity of “Meat Eater”—Steven Rinella—is virtually impossible to disprove. The show would cease to be itself if he were no longer the host. Thankfully, he will continue to serve as the show’s central figure in Season 9.

Meateater Season 10 Plotline

Many people are interested in hunting; some even consider it a viable occupation. However, in the modern world, hunting and boasting about one’s hunting skills are both impossible and often controversial.

Seeking a series to get your heart racing? Season 10 Part 2 of “MeatEater” has what you need. The show’s host will go on exciting expeditions like underwater hunting and exploring frozen rivers in search of magnificent species. Here’s another tasty tidbit of information: after a day of hunting or fishing, the host prepares a delicious lunch to show off his culinary skills.

Before we get into the specifics of this Netflix documentary, we recommend watching “Baby Chimp Rescue,” “Tiger King 2,” and “Penguin Town,” all of which are in the same genre.

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Meateater Season 10 Episodes

S10 E10 · New Mexico Ibex
The exotic Persian ibex was imported to New Mexico in the 1970s, and since then, Steven and Jeremy Romero have made it their mission to track down and kill one.

S10 E09 · New Mexico Archery Elk
With the help of professional caller Jason Phelps, Steven takes his bow elk hunting in New Mexico’s Lincoln National Forest and harvests a number of impressive bulls.

S10 E08 · South Carolina Turkeys
Robert Abernethy, a biologist and conservationist, helps Steven during his wild turkey hunt in the swamps of South Carolina.

S10 E07 · Spearfishing the Big Island
Chef and world spearfishing champion Kim Werner takes Steven and Cal spearfishing off the Kona coast of Hawaii, where they bring back a bounty of fresh seafood for a feast.

S10 E06 · Hawaii Feral Goats and Wahoo
When Steven isn’t fishing for wahoo and grey snapper offshore from the Big Island of Hawaii, he’s out hunting feral goats.

S10 E05 · Hillbilly Heaven
Hunters Steven, Clay Newcomb, and Janis Putelis ride mules into the Ozarks every day and night, respectively, to pursue squirrels and raccoons.

S10 E04 · Flash in the Pan
When Pennsylvania’s flintlock season rolls around, Steven goes on what he calls a “humbling, humiliating” hunt for deer with 18th-century firearms.

S10 E03 · Lone Star Whitetails
Steven and Clay Newcomb of a South Texas ranch have wild-game chef Jesse Griffiths prepare white-tailed venison in five delicious dishes.

S10 E02 · High Country Mountain Goat
Steven and his hunting companion Kurt Racicot were in the Rockies on a mission to bag an alpine mountain goat when they ran into trouble due to the whiteout conditions.

S10 E01 · Wyoming Pronghorn With Luke Combs
While hunting pronghorn in Wyoming with country music star Luke Combs, Steven runs into an unusual obstacle: a herd of sheep.

Meateater Season 10 Release Date? 

Fans of “Meateater” will be disappointed to learn that television shows have seasons that differ slightly from hunting seasons. It’s not just the season or what the state government says; it also depends on whether or not the show’s producers want to keep the ball rolling. This leaves us in the dark as to when (or if) Netflix will release Meateater season 10. But we do have a good track record from previous seasons, so we can use that to make an educated guess as to when the next release might be.

Since new episodes of “Meateater” have been released annually since the show’s 2012 premiere, we can be fairly certain that there will be more “Meateater” to devour before the year 2021 comes to a close. Season 9’s second half premiered in the early months of this year, so it’s possible Netflix won’t feel ready to drop Season 10 until 2022 at the earliest. Season 9 Part 2 was shorter than any previous season, but Meateater season 10 could still emerge from hiding within the next 12 months.

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Where We Watch Meateater Season 10?

Whether or not we like the content that will be included in Meateater season 10 is more important than when it will be released. Both the sights seen by the audience and the game that Rinella will hunt and cook depend heavily on the setting.

Rinella has been confined to the western hemisphere of Earth for the majority of his hunts so far. For the most part, “Meateater” has stayed within North America, South America, and Central America, with the exception of New Zealand. Over the course of its nine seasons, the show has visited nearly every major city in the Western Hemisphere. Many of the top hunting spots in the United States have already been explored (in some cases multiple times), as have others in the Americas and elsewhere, such as British Columbia, Mexico, and Bolivia.

Given this, it’s possible that Meateater season 10 will take a different approach and focus on locations other than the Americas. The “Meateater” crew hasn’t explored all of Europe, Asia, Africa, or Australia, so many of the regions’ diverse ecosystems remain unexplored and undiscovered.

What dishes will we see in Meateater Season 10?

The biggest question about Meateater season 10 is what types of food will be featured and discussed. As we’ve mentioned, Rinella’s hunting trophies are heavily influenced by the regions he visits. In a similar vein, the food he prepares depends heavily on the types of the game he catches. It’s a shame that viewers of “Meateater” can’t enjoy the show’s culinary elements.


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Whatever Rinella happens to bag at the range or in the woods, you can bet he’ll make some hearty home cooking with the ingredients. We can also be grateful that the show frequently changes which animals it features, so we can look forward to deliciously prepared versions of a wide range of aquatic and terrestrial creatures. The only thing holding up the filming of “Meateater’s” next set of adventures is Netflix’s approval.