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Hello everyone, in this article, you know about the Korean drama: Meaw the secret boy. Meow the Secret boy is a television series in South Korea that was telecast in 2020. Meow the secret boy is based on a webtoon named Naver [2009-2010]. This story is basically the love connection between a girl and her pet who convert into humans eventually.

Meow the secret boy primdery image

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Outline of Meaw The Secret Boy

Solah, the female lead of this drama performs as a graphic designer but wants to become a webtoon comic author. She hates cats since the beginning but due to some changes in her life, she has to accept a cat named hong jo who changed into a human eventually. When Solah meets the cat as a human he introduces her as the son of her stepmother. With the passage of time solah and hong jo become friends and as well as they develop feelings for each other but solah unknown about the fact that the boy who lived in his house and her cat both is one. What happened when solah know the identity of hong jo? Is she accept hong jo and her relation with him or not?

Meow the secret boy casting

Meow The Secret Boy Casting details

In this article, we are going to tell you about the real name of those persons who play as the main lead of this drama and also tell about the nature of those characters. IMDb rating is also good.

  1. Sol ah real name shin ye-eun. she plays the role of a talkative and active girl but hates cats beginning later she falls in love with a human who converts into a cat from time to time.
  2. Hong jo real name is Kim Myung-soo he plays a role of a cat who converts from human time to time and also falls in love with a girl solah.
  3. Lee jae -sun real name is Seo ji hoon. He plays a role of a person who first found hong jo [the cat]but also has an allergy to cat so find someone who can adopt the cat. He is also the first love of sol ah.

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Are you watch on free Meow The Secret Boy without ads

you can see this beautiful love drama in Hindi dubbed on MX player. There are a total of 12 episodes in this drama. Every episode’s time limit is around 1 hour. Hindi dubbing of means the secret boy is very good. Every emotion and feeling touches your heart.

 My views:

In my opinion, the drama of Meaw, The Secret Boy is a fabulous series. Shin ye eun’s work in the drama is awesome. Essentially this drama deals with girls and her pet relation but on the other hand, it makes a love triangle between solah, hong jo, and lee Jae-sun. Solah wait for her first love for the last ten years but when her love lee Jae sun met her, there is no positive response from him. Solahs still love him and because of her love she agrees to have a cat for some days. In mid while it shows that leave sun also has feelings for her but due to some misunderstanding not accept her. In this drama, it shows that how a misunderstanding lost love, and once the feelings have gone it never back at the same position.

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Official trailer Reales the Meow the secret boy on youtube.

Meow the secret boy trailer is available on youtube as well as MX player. if you want to see the trailer of this beautiful romantic drama so you can also watch it through the video as we provided below; just play and enjoy. tell us about your wonderful experience.