Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 |Release Date Confirmed Or Not| Who Work As Cast Get All Info Here

It’s been two years since the Japanese anime series Mob Psycho 100 launched its second season. A lot of anime fans are becoming restless awaiting Mob Psycho 100 Season 3. So, here’s all we know so far regarding the third season of Mob Psycho 100.

What anime fans who live outside of Japan’s core markets have come to realize is that patience is a vital aspect of the game. In “Mob Psycho 100,” which has had two successful seasons and has left fans wondering if and when the third chapter would come, here is an outstanding illustration of this.

Mob Psycho 100 What About?

An anime adaptation of One’s manga series, Mob Psycho 100, was released in Japan in 2012. Bones and Yuzuru Tachikawa developed and directed the anime adaptation. Kenji Kawai composed the music, Yoshimichi Kameda created the characters, and Hiroshi Seko penned the texts. The show was broadcast on Tokyo MX from July 12 to September 27, 2016.

Season 1’s opening and closing theme songs were sung by Mob Choir and ALL OFF, respectively, while “99” was performed by Mob Choir. On Crunchyroll and Funimation, the series was streamed simultaneously. Bang Zoom! Entertainment was responsible for the English dub. April 25, 2019, has been announced as the release date for the second season of Crunchyroll and Funimation.

The crew and actors of the anime series have been confirmed to return for a second season. From January 7 until April 1, 2019, Crunchyroll broadcast a simulcast of Mob Psycho 100 II.

Production of the third season has been announced.

How Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Became An Anime?

First announced on December 2, 2015, Ura Sunday’s anime television series adaptation of Mob Psycho 100 would premiere in 2016. Bones and Yuzuru Tachikawa developed and directed the anime adaptation. Kenji Kawai composed the music, Yoshimichi Kameda created the characters, and Hiroshi Seko penned the texts. After broadcasting on Tokyo MX from July 12 to September 27, 2016, the series was also shown on ytv, Fuji TV, and TV Asahi Channel 1. Mob Choir sings the opening theme song, “99,” and All Off sings the closing theme song, “Refrain Boy,” respectively.

Crunchyroll and Funimation aired the show’s simuldub at the same time. Bang Zoom! Entertainment was responsible for the English dub. Southeast Asian viewers may watch the show in real-time on Animax. Toonami on Adult Swim began airing the Bang Zoom!-produced dub on October 27, 2018, along with a limited edition Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack.

In the United States, the series may be seen on HBO Max. In Australia and New Zealand, Madman Entertainment imported Funimation’s release, while Manga Entertainment released the show in the UK and Ireland.

Attendees of a screening of three Bones films said that Bones hinted that a new Mob Psycho 100 anime was in the works after the showing. Reigen (Shirarezaru Kiseki Reinoryokusha) was unveiled in October 2017 as an event anime, Mob Psycho 100 Reigen -The Miraculous Unknown Psychic. Arataka Reigen takes the stage in this 60-minute mashup of the anime series. Chiba’s Maihama Amphitheatre hosted two screenings of the event anime on March 18, 2018, which was eventually published on DVD.

There will be a second season of “Attack on Titan,” with the original cast and crew returning to reprise their roles. From January 7 until April 1, 2019, Crunchyroll broadcast a simulcast of Mob Psycho 100 II.

Crunchyroll and Funimation revealed the simuldub date for Season 2 on April 18, 2019. Sajou no Hana and Mob Choir team together for “99.9,” the show’s season two theme song. Sajou no Hana performed four different ending themes for the second season, including Gray, Memosepia, Mabuta no Ura, and Ikiru Hitobito.

Another OVA was announced after the completion of the second season, with Yuzuru Tachikawa returning to direct. As of September 25, 2019, an original video animation titled Mob Psycho 100: A Healing Trip that Warms the Heart: The Spirits and Such Consultation Office’s First Company Outing has been published.

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 release date

On September 1st, Crunchyroll Expo 2019 hosted the international debut of the second OVA episode. On September 25, 2019 (except in Asia), Crunchyroll started broadcasting the OVA episode simultaneously globally (except in Asia).

It was revealed on October 19, 2021, that a Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 is in the works. Yuzuru Tachikawa is the main director and Takahiro Hasui is the season’s director. The majority of the actors and crew will be returning.

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Revealed Storyline Here

Season 3 of “100 Mob Psycho” will be familiar to viewers because of the anime adaptation’s adherence to the original material.

A Reddit user pointed out that the first two seasons of ONE’s “100 Mob Psycho” manga accounted for six of the first 12 volumes, with six volumes each. As a result, the anime will have to fill in the remaining four volumes of the manga, which make up the final two plot arcs. A divine tree sprang from Mob’s pocket-sized broccoli seed, ending Season 2 and the “World Domination Arc” and Volume 12 at the same time.

The “Divine Tree Arc,” the “Telepathy Mini-Arc,” the “??? percent Arc,” and the epilogue will all be included in Season 3 of the series. Fans may expect to witness Mob take on the Divine Tree, which might be one of anime’s greatest moments, and perhaps find peace at the end of the “100 Mob Psycho” epic.

Cast member And Main Lead Of Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 

Producers didn’t appear to have a problem re-hiring voice actors for the second season since the dubs were produced so close together. The actors and actresses who portrayed the show’s most beloved characters in the first two seasons could return if shooting on Season 3 gets underway any time soon.

If that’s the case, Kyle McCarley, Chris Niosi, and Michael Sorich will reprise their roles as Mob, Reagan, and Dimple, respectively, in this new series. There is a good chance that Max Mittelman will be portrayed as Mob’s younger brother Ritsu, while Ryan Bartley is likely to play Tsubomi.

Teru, portrayed by Erik Scott Kimerer, comes back, as is Musashi, the head of the Body Improvement Club, who is spoken by Patrick Seitz, and Tome, who is played by Cherami Leigh.

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Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Release Date Announced

There hasn’t been an official statement that Season 3 of “Mob Psycho 100” has started production, thus it’s difficult to know when the next season will premiere. To at least have a sense of when the anime’s third part could be published, we can take a look at the development history of “Mob Psycho 100.”

On Anime News Network, “100 Mob Psycho” Season 1 was announced in late 2015, and the first episodes aired in July of 2016. It then took a break while the first season of the show was dubbed into English. Two years later, in October of this year, those programs were made available to the public.

Season 2 was revealed by IGN just before the dubbed Season 1 episode was published. In January 2019, the episodes aired in Japan for the first time. The English dub of Season 2 started airing in April 2019, the same month as the Japanese broadcast ended.

Is there any significance to any of this in terms of Season 3? However, “Mob Psycho 100” will need to be greenlit before Bones can begin working on it. The most fans can expect at this moment is a 2022 release date, but they should wait for an announcement before they get too enthusiastic about Season 3’s coming.

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Rating And Reviews Of Manga And Anime

Mob Psycho 100 has sold more than 1.2 million copies as of July 2016. The manga won the shnen category of the 62nd Shogakukan Manga Award in 2017.

Anime critics Polygon and Crunchyroll both recognized Mob Psycho 100 as a top ten pick for best of the decade in their lists published in November 2019. Mob Psycho 100 was also named one of the finest anime series of the 2010s by IGN.

The first season of Mob Psycho 100 was named one of the top anime series of 2016 by Anime News Network. ONE’s other work, One-Punch Man, also received accolades from Nick Creamer for its visual style, character plot, and themes of heroism and society. Lauren Orsini lauded the series’ animation and music for Mob’s coming-of-age tale, as well as the show’s overall quality.

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 rating

When Donald Trump’s son Eric tweeted about the series in September 2020, linking it to charges of Google censorship since search results for “mob” showed Mob’s face instead of a gathering of people, the series became viral.

Ratings for this series have been favorable on a variety of websites. IMDb’s rating for Mob Psycho 100, for instance, is 8.6/10. Aside from that, gave Mob Psycho 100 an 8.48 out of 10. On Crunchyroll, Mob Psycho 100 received a rating of 4.8 out of 5. So there’s even more incentive to stay glued to your television sets while the drama unfolds.

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Mob Psycho 100 Has How Many Seasons?

The Mob Psycho 10 anime series has two seasons and an OVA about Reigen. The Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 has not yet aired.

An OVA about a hot spring trip is also available. “Mob Psycho 100: A Healing Trip That Warms the Heart” is the name of the first company outing of the Spirits and Such Consultation Office.

Anime fans in Japan were treated to the first 12 episodes of Mob Psycho 100’s first season in July 2016. Since then, the series has gained a devoted following eagerly anticipating the arrival of Mob Psycho 100 season 3.

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Where Can I Watch?

  • Funimation has both English subs and dubs for Mob Psycho 100 and Mob Psycho 100 II. Pay $5.99 a month or $59.99 for a year, and you’ll get additional streaming privileges. They also offer 14-day free trials.
  • You can also watch the English-dubbed versions of Mob Psycho 100’s first and second seasons on Amazon Prime. Membership costs $12.99 a month at the earliest. HBO Max subscribers may watch the first season of Mob Psycho 100. Ad-supported plans begin at $9.99 per month.
  • There are both seasons of Mob Psycho 100 on Crunchyroll, one of the most popular anime streaming websites. It’s ad-supported but free to view. However, they offer 14-day free trials for their premium subscriptions, which start at $7.99 a month for ad-free streaming. You may choose between a sub and a dub.

Trailer For Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 

You can see the newest teaser for season 3 of Mob Psycho 100 below, which was released in October 2021. This page will be updated as soon as the official Twitter account of Mob Psycho 100 posts the latest trailer.

However, this isn’t a genuine trailer, but rather an announcement of Season 3. The following several months should see the release of a new trailer.

Final Words

The first thing I’d want to mention is that this is a work of art. This is one of the best action anime I’ve ever watched, and I’ve seen a lot. Because of the visual aesthetic, it has a mostly unappreciative audience. Despite the fact that this type of painting is unusual, it isn’t horrible.

 At first, it may appear strange, but as the narrative unfolds, you’ll come to accept it as normal. At the same time, the characters are well-drawn and the narrative is exciting and suspenseful. In some ways, it’s serious, but there’s also an air of fun about it. 

A few of the sequences are really moving and well-executed. After reading the synopsis, I decided to watch it on Netflix at random and was taken aback by the visual style, but I persevered and was not disappointed. If you can look beyond the visuals, this is one of the greatest shows that anime has to offer. Without a doubt, I would suggest it.

To summarize, the Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 has been confirmed for release in the second half of 2022. The release date for Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 should be announced in the coming months. Due to the lack of an official trailer, I don’t believe it will be released in April 2022.

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