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NBC’s My Brilliant Friend Season 4 has been renewed final season on HBO. The Story of the Lost Child, the fourth novel in Elena Ferrante’s four-part series, will serve as the basis for the last season of the Italian-language coming-of-age drama.

The tale of Elena Greco and her lifelong companion Raffaella Cerullo, or Lila, whom she met in her first year of elementary school in 1950, is told in the HBO/Rai co-production, My Brilliant Friend. Throughout the course of the book’s 60-year span, the characters’ lives are intertwined with the mystery of Lila, who is both their closest friend and their deadliest adversary.

There will be no fifth season of HBO’s My Brilliant Friend. “My Brilliant Friend” Season 3 aired on HBO in February, delighting fans who are immersed in the lives of Lila (Gaia Grace) and Elena/Lenù (Alessandra Ambrosio) (Margherita Mazzucco).

There will be no more episodes of “My Brilliant Friend,” even if season 4 is already in the works, as per TVLine, this will be the series’ last season. Season 4 of “My Brilliant Friend” will be based on “The Story of the Lost Child,” the last book of Elena Ferrante’s literary quadrilogy, series is based on.

Is There Going To Be My Brilliant Friend Season 4?

You’ll be happy to hear this. HBO made the formal announcement through Twitter on March 22, 2022, that Saverio Costanzo, Alice Rohrwacher, and Daniele Luchetti’s drama My Brilliant Friend has been renewed for a fourth season. However, this will be the last season of the show. While some fans may be disappointed, keep in mind that wonderful things may have happy endings, too.

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My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Cast And Character

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Cast

The performers will have to “grow up” for their roles since the story concentrates upon the development of the relationship between the two protagonists. When Lila decides to leave her husband and go to work, Elena is able to finish college and publish a book.

An entirely new cast will be put together because of this. Gaia Grace, who plays Lila in the program, is leaving after three episodes of Season 3, according to TVZap.

In addition to the actresses who played Elena and Lila, the cast also included Antonio Buonanno as Fernando Cerullo, Anna Rita Vitolo as Immacolata Greco, and Margherita Mazzucco as Elena, and Luca Gallone as Vittorio Greco as the actress’s father in the film.

In terms of the next season, Alba Rohrwacher has been confirmed as the actress who would portray Older Elena.

What Can We Anticipate From My Brilliant Friend Season 4?

When Elena Greco and Rafaella Cerullo met in their first year of an elementary school in 1950, they were instantly inseparable. The two buddies, who meet in Naples, go through all the highs and lows of growing up together.

For the first time, Elena and Lila’s friendship comes to an end in the fourth season, which is based on Ferrante’s The Story of the Lost Child, following the events of the first three seasons. If the rumors are true, the final season will be based on the final novel in the series, The Story of a New Name, which concludes the story of Elena and Lila’s friendship.

It’s The Finale Of An Epic Tale Of Friendship.

Lila’s travails in the factory were the focus of Season 3 of “My Brilliant Friend,” which sparked crucial discussions on sexual harassment, discrimination, and the deprivation of bodily autonomy. As a young writer trying to find her voice, Elena’s struggles are more cerebral than emotional, which makes it clear that she is dealing with something very different from Lila. To some extent, it traces their relationship as well as the blending and clashing of their paths throughout their lives, bringing them together in unexpected ways at different times along the route.

Executive Vice President of HBO Programming Francesca Orsi spoke on the “heart” of the narrative, and how Lila and Elena’s travels were filled with “bittersweet sentiments.”

As heartbreaking as this may be to “My Brilliant Friend” devotees, the story of these two pals has been a rich one that’s just begun. It also features Alba Rohrwacher, Alessandro Nardi, Anna Rita Vitolo and Luca Gallone in addition to Girace and Mazzucco in My Brilliant Friend. As of this writing, no new cast members or launch dates have been confirmed for Season 4.

My Brilliant Friend’s third season premiered on HBO on February 28, 2022. The season finale is slated for April 18, 2022, and new episodes are broadcast every Monday.

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Will Have How Many Episodes?

There are 24 episodes in all in the first, second, and third seasons of the program, making it a 24-episode series. Episodes range in length from 43 to 67 minutes. My Brilliant Friend Season 4 is projected to contain the same number of episodes as Season 3 assuming the producers don’t decide to bring in a few more.

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Ratings And Reviews

The show has been well-reviewed by critics. 57 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes give the first season an average rating of 8.4 out of 10 based on a 93% “certified fresh” rating. To paraphrase what they say, “The closeness between the principal couple — and the outstanding performances that bring them to life — is what spectators will recall most clearly” in this vast epic, “My Brilliant Friend,” they say. Based on 20 reviews on Metacritic, it has an 87 out of 100 rating, which indicates “universal acclaim”.

Rhiannon The Guardian’s Lucy Cosslett made the claim “The fact that female friendship is being addressed in this manner on television is still groundbreaking. It’s a given that it passes the Bechdel test and is thereafter transformed into ragù.”

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Plot

The second season has a “certified fresh” rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average score of 9.5/10 based on 15 reviews. The site’s critics agree that “My Brilliant Friend’s second season widens its little universe with rich results,” saying, “Gorgeously filmed and packed of amazing performances.” “Universal Acclaim” is what Metacritic gives it based on its score of 92 out of 100 based on 8 reviews.

A 9.2/10 average based on 10 reviews gives the third season of Homeland a “certified fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It has a Metacritic score of 96 out of 100 based on six reviews, which indicates “universal acclaim” on the site.

Is There A New My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Trailer Out Yet?

Unfortunately, there is no official trailer for My Brilliant Friend Season 4 available now. My Brilliant Friend Season 3’s trailer is available here.

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 has yet to get an official release date. And because the third season is still being streamed, a release date for My Brilliant Friend Season 4 is still a long way off at this point. It’s enough to make us delighted that the show has been renewed for Season 4.

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 trailer

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Frequently Asked Question

Where can I see the third season of My Brilliant Friend?

In order to see My Brilliant Friend, one must subscribe to HBO or Rai 1. HBO is now broadcasting the third season of My Brilliant Friend, which will come to a finish on April 18, 2022.

Elena and Nino’s Relationship Is Possible?

Elena ultimately resolves to accept Nino as he is and moves to Naples with her three daughters to be closer to him, despite her earlier efforts to break up with him. – During the same period of time when Lila is carrying Enzo’s kid, she becomes pregnant with Nino’s child. One month apart, their children were born.

Neapolitan cuisine is distinct from Italian cuisine since it is based on Naples.

Italian is the mother tongue of Neapolitans. No, it isn’t the same as Italian at all! Even though I am Italian, I am unable to communicate in Neapolitan due of my geographical distance. Neopolitan, like Venetian, Genoese, and other regional dialects, is a dialect of Italian, not a foreign language.

Director Of the Show

Italian auteur Daniele Luchetti directed the third season, which was greatly inspired by 1970s American cinema, particularly the works of filmmaker John Cassavetes, as opposed to Seasons 1 and 2.

One of the greatest film adaptations of a book I’ve ever seen is My Brilliant Friend. By combining New Wave-style shots of Italian landscapes with the quiet, vulnerable moments of its stars Gaia Gerace (Elena) and Margherita Mazzucco (Lila), who bring the emotional subtext of the story to life by simply glancing at each other, it does justice to Elena Ferrante’s gorgeous, violent, and the emotionally dense tale of Elena and Lila growing up in post-war Naples.

Two seasons of Ferrante’s four-book Neapolitan Series follow the lives of Lila and Elena. Lila is allowed to attend a public school, whereas her father’s shoe shop and her marriage to a member of the town’s criminally connected families force her to stay at home and work in her father’s shop until she is 16.

Season 3 of Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay, which follows the third book in the series, was introduced this week during an online press event in Rome ahead of its Italian launch on February 6. On February 28th, HBO will air the pilot episode.

Everything you need to know about My Brilliant Friend’s third season so far can be found right here.


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