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Oh Belinda: Belinda’s idyllic existence is about to take an unexpected turn when she decides to work in advertising and finds herself quickly absorbed in the world of her character.

This is a trailer for the 1986 version of the film Oh Belinda. Netflix’s next Turkish fantasy comedy will be directed by Deniz Yorulmazer and written by Hakan Bonomo.

Around 1 hour and 37 minutes will have gone. A young actor’s sheltered life is thrown into upheaval after agreeing to perform in a commercial when she finds herself embroiled in the odd world of her character.

When a young actor decides to take part in a commercial, her sheltered life is upended as she becomes sucked into the world of the character.

Oh Belinda Release Date

Neslihan Atagül Doulu, Serkan Ayolu, and Necip Memili star in the Netflix remake of Atif Ylmaz’s 1986 film, which will debut on April 7th.

The international premiere of Oh, Belinda! is slated for April 7, 2023.

Oh Belinda Plotline

Similar to the original, the protagonist of this tale is a young actress whose idyllic existence is upended when she decides to appear in an advertisement and is forced to take on the role of her imaginary alter ego.

After reading the script for her part, the actress realises that she is actually going through the same things as her character.

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Oh Belinda Cast And Main Lead

The actors who portray Necip Memili, Meral Etinkaya, Beril Pozam, Efe Tuncer, Gamze Karaduman, Sacide Taşaner, Kamil Güler, and Anl Elik are Neslihan Atagül Doulu, Serkan Ayolu, and Beril Pozam.

Oh Belinda Cast And Main Lead

Remake of the 1986 movie Oh, Belinda! by Atif Ylmaz, starring Neslihan Atagül Doulu, Serkan Ayolu, and Necip Memili.

For the next Turkish fantasy comedy on Netflix, Hakan Bonomo will write the script and Deniz Yorulmazer will direct.

Serap may be seen reading the screenplay for her upcoming shampoo commercial in the remake’s trailer. The script characterises Mrs. Handan as a mother of two grown children and a superb housewife.

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Oh Belinda Teaser

The teaser shows contemporary theatre actress Serap reading the script for her upcoming shampoo commercial.The story depicts Mrs. Handan, the character she plays, as a wonderful housewife who prepares dolmas after a long day at the bank and the mother of two adult children.

Serap finds the word offensive because it implies that women should be restricted to taking care of the home, raising children, and cooking. She chooses to go her own way rather than conform to what society expects of her. Nonetheless, she agrees to participate in a commercial for the most recent Belinda shampoo.

Filming proceeds largely without incident despite some worries, but the director is dissatisfied with her performance in the shampoo-using scene.

He believes she is unable to grasp the significance of the circumstance and the atmosphere. She consequently makes the decision to fully commit to her last try, to the point where she fully absorbs the experience and begins living a parallel existence.


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