Perfect Life Season 3 Is Not Coming This Year? Stay Tuned And Know More

Spain’s Movistar+ produces the comedy-drama series Perfect Life Season 3. Corte y Confeccion de Peliculas and Movistar+ produced it. Most individuals, when asked, will state they prefer romantic or suspenseful shows, but the vast majority of viewers also enjoy comedies.

Most people turn to comedy-drama when they’ve had their fill of suspenseful shows and need to lighten the mood with some laughter. As we live in a globalised society where people often watch television from other countries, this is a very real concern. Several of us have just begun watching and appreciating international television series. While there is still a strong audience for English-language shows, there is also a growing audience for shows in other languages.

Perfect Life Season 3 Happen Or Not?

On October 18, 2019, the first season premiered on Movistar+. A typical episode lasts for 25 minutes, and there are 8. The show was given a 7.4/10 rating on the website IMDB. According to Film Affinity, it was rated 6.8 out of 10. Fans were left eager for more after watching the premiere. After nearly two years, on November 19, 2021, fans were able to see the second season.

The second season consists of six episodes. Amazon Prime Video subscribers around the world have another outlet for watching the series. As with the first season, the viewers gave the second a high rating. Fans are eager for a third season despite the recent release of the second.

It has been decided that the show’s current second season is its final. When the second season of Perfect Life premiered on Netflix on November 19, 2021, many were devastated to learn that the show would be ending after just two seasons. However, no explanation for the cancellation is provided.

Perfect Life Season 3 Plotline

Maria, played by Dolera, found out she was pregnant six months after the first season ended when she had an affair with a mentally ill gardener. In season 2, this actually occurred. Maria sought help in counselling and discovered she had trouble establishing a bond with her child.

She can’t seem to get anywhere while everyone else seems to be progressing around her. Esther (Aixa Villagran) was having second thoughts about her marriage to Julia by season’s end, as reported by the Pop Times. Perfect life season 3 may focus on these events, despite the fact that it has not been officially announced.

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Perfect Life Season 3 Cast And Main Lead

There has been no announcement of Perfect life season 3 cast members as of yet. Our investigation, however, indicates that the same actors from the previous season will return. Let’s take a look back at the show’s history and see who’s been on it. A successful outcome for Leticia Dolera.

Manuel Burque and Leticia Dolera are the authors. The film was co-directed by Leticia Dolera, Elena Martin, Ginesta Guinda, Irene Moray, and Lucia Alemany.

Cris played by Celia Freijeiro; Esther by Aixa Villagrán; Maria by Leticia Dolera; Gari by Manuel Burque; Gustavo by David Verdaguer; Pablo by Font Garcia; Jose Antonio by Fernando Colomo; Maria del Pilar by Carmen Machi; Ricardo by Pedro Casablanc.

In the second season, two new people were introduced to the show, and one of them was Sara González, Gari’s girlfriend. “If anyone can speak about disability in the first person, it is Sara,” Dolera gushed. When discussing the making of the second season, Dolera also revealed that she had consulted with several psychologists. “Many women approach childbirth with remorse because it is not as wonderful as they hoped,” she continued.

Perfect Life Season 3 Release Date

On October 19, 2019, Movistar+ aired the launch of the first season of the show, and in November 2021, the show returned with the second season. A Perfect life season 3 of the show, if renewed, might premiere in 2023.

When a young woman’s life begins to fall apart, her sister and best friend come to her rescue. When Mara’s long-term boyfriend dumps her and she unexpectedly becomes pregnant after a one-night stand, her carefully laid plans begin to unravel, but her sister Esther and best friend Cristina are determined to see her through.

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Perfect Life Season 3 Ratings

On October 18, 2019, the premiere of the first season was made available on Movistar+. Made up of 8 episodes, each one running for about 25 minutes. On IMDB, the show was rated 7.4 out of 10. And Film Affinity gave it a 6.8 out of 10. Fans were left longing for more after seeing the first season.

Also, on 19 November 2021, fans finally got to view season 2 after waiting for it for about two years. There are six new episodes in Season 2. For international viewers, the series is also accessible on Amazon Prime Video. The crowd reacted well to the second season as well. Even though it’s only been a day since the second season was published, eager viewers are already looking for more.

  • There was a 7.4 average rating for Perfect Life on IMDb.
  • Rotten Tomatoes gave Perfect Life a perfect score.
  • In a review for Common Sense Media, “Perfect Life” was given four out of five stars.
  • An overwhelming majority (84%) of Google users rated this TV show as “liked.”

Perfect Life Season 3 Trailer

A trailer for Season 3 has not been released as of yet. You may want to check out the new trailer for season 2. Take a look at the show’s trailer before committing to watching the series. In the video below, you can see a preview for Season 2.

What Is Perfect Life Deal With? 

Different in every way, Maria, Cris, and Esther are three women over 30 who believe they have finally arrived as the women they will always be. They are completely wrong: Maria had just signed the papers to purchase the house she planned to spend the rest of her life in.

A young woman’s sister and best friend rush to her aid when her life begins to unravel. Maria’s carefully laid out life plan begins to unravel as she is left by her long-term boyfriend and becomes pregnant as a result of a one-night fling, but her sister Esther and best friend Cristina are determined to help her.

All three of the women in this group, Mara, Cris, and Esther, are far past the age of 30, and they all feel like the people they’ll always be. They couldn’t be more wrong: María was only signing the paperwork to buy the home for the rest of her life. But at that moment, her future husband and father of her children recognises that Mara would never, ever surprise him again, especially in a sexual way. Worse then, what should we do?

Now, in the instance of Mara, the sister Esther, a lesbian artist with her own brand of “crisis medication,” is the one to turn to for comfort. Which may be pretty amusing when you go up to a little girl’s birthday party high as a kite and find out that the birthday girl is the daughter of your best friend Cris, who is living her own little, huge lie with her hubby Pablo. Then, after getting pregnant from the kind but dim-witted janitor she had an unfortunate encounter with in the children’s inflatable bounce house, Mara decided to stop fighting life and just go with the flow.

Perfect Life Season 1 Recap

Leticia Dolera’s Spanish-language HBO Max Original Perfect Life (Vida Perfecta) first broadcast on Movistar+. Season 2 of Perfect Life continues up immediately after the end of Season 1, as protagonist Maria (Dolera) deals with parenthood, antagonist Esther (Aixa Villagrán) mulls about marriage, and protagonist Cristina (Celia Freijeiro) faces a similar problem in her own marriage.

Love, and life as a whole, is messy. There is simply no avoiding the truth. Reality rarely resembles the idealised versions of life and love portrayed on television. Finding a means to balance our lofty goals with the harsh reality of life has always been at the heart of Perfect Life. But Season 2 of Perfect Life amplifies this message by encouraging us to see the beauty in our flaws. First and foremost, it’s due to the fantastic portrayal of a therapist.

Maria has a hard time bonding with her infant son Juanito. She is incredibly envious of Esther’s upcoming nuptials and Cris’s commitment to an open relationship, so she is not exactly welcoming Gari (Enric Auquer), the father of her unborn child, into either her or Juanito’s lives. She wishes things were more typical and worries she’s a terrible parent because of it. So she does something almost no TV character ever does: she visits a therapist. And a decent one at that.

The second season of Perfect Life centres mostly on her weekly therapy sessions and the wise counsel she receives there. This portrayal of the therapist is neither overly flattering nor very negative; instead, it strikes an appropriate balance between the two extremes, leaving Maria to do some of the heavy lifting. She’s just a wonderful therapist who makes mistakes but eventually delivers the kind of aid that many of us need, and who helps her see the help that’s already there if she stops pushing it away.

It’s not just about Mara, though; her on-and-off boyfriend Xosé (Manuel Burque) has commitment issues, Gari and his girlfriend are trying to improve their communication skills, Cris is refusing to talk to her husband and sabotaging any chance of their marriage working out, and Esther is having trouble accepting the stability in her life. All of the problems presented here are grounded in reality and portrayed convincingly. As the season progresses, so do the intensity of people’s feelings. But what I value the most is that everyone is ultimately compelled to make tough choices regarding their relationships and deal with the consequences.

Who are we to judge the merits of their decisions? Perhaps this will be elaborated upon in season three. But the fact that they all made clear and deliberate decisions is what elevates this season to near-perfection. Some of the jokes I attempted to translate or dub throughout the season fell flat. The best portrayal of neurodivergent life and love on television, however I still wish the lead autistic character had been played by an autistic actor.

The second season of Perfect Life presents a new definition of perfection: a chaotic yet loving existence. The tale and performance are powerful, and the resolution is so satisfying that you might even start believing that your own life could be wonderful if you just tried hard enough.

Season 2 of Perfect Life is currently available to watch on HBO Now. Also eagerly waiting for Perfect life season 3.

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