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 if you are a lover of “Ray Donovan” which is an interesting intellectual journey that changes moods and tones quickly. It was made by Ann Biderman, who brought the show to Showtime, and she made it into a TV show. For a “fixer,” Ray Donovan Season 8 UK, the story is the most important thing. He helps high-profile clients do things like tamper with evidence, make threats, pay off bribes, and do other illegal things. so here are the updates regarding Ray Donovan Season 8.

As a result, Ray is very good at what he does because he is very careful. People don’t get along very well with his wife and brother, but he likes to spend time with his kids. As soon as Ray’s evil father is freed from prison, trouble is on its way. If you want to know when the rumored movie “Ray Donovan” will be out, we have the answer for you.

ray donovan season 8

Based Plot of Ray Donovan Season 8 Detail

 They come to terms with their troubled past and prepare for a future that isn’t sure when ” Ray Donovan season 7 ” comes to an end.

Following the truth about Bridget’s death, Ray wreaks havoc on the fortunes of the Sullivan family. Smitty and Declan are killed in a firefight. Daryll almost kills his father, Mickey.

The last chapter is expected to start with events that happened right after the seventh season came to an end. Because of this, angry Ray is very determined not to let Mickey do any more damage.

As a way to tie everything together in a new movie, it will go back 20 years and look at the Donovan-Sullivan dispute from Mickey’s beginnings to how things have changed in the present.

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All Ray Donovan seasons Deep Details Release Date

Hence you have all details regarding all seasons and the release date of the show.


Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
  1 12 June 30, 2013 September 22, 2013
  2 12 July 13, 2014 September 28, 2014
  3 12 July 12, 2015 September 27, 2015
  4 12 June 26, 2016 September 18, 2016
  5 12 August 6, 2017 October 29, 2017
  6 12 October 28, 2018 January 13, 2019
  7 10 November 17, 2019 January 19, 2020

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Actors and other people in the Ray Donovan Season 8 cast.

Also, we provide you with the main lead cast of the show. as their performance made the show superb in every season. so viewers expected to come back of all the cast.

  • Liev Schreiber plays “Ray” Donovan
  • Paula Malcomson plays “Abby” Donovan in seasons 1–5. Ray’s wife.
  • Eddie Marsan plays Ray’s older brother, Terrence “Terry” Donovan, in this movie. He used to be a boxer, but now he has Parkinson’s.
  • Dash Mihok plays Ray’s younger brother, Brendan “Bunchy.” As a sexual anorexic, he says he is.
  • In the movie, “Daryll Donovan,” Pooch Hall plays Ray’s younger half-brother, Daryll (son of Mickey and Claudette). Boxer: He was trained by Terry and drives limos.
  • He played Avi Rudin, Ray’s right-hand man. During seasons 1–5, he was an IDF soldier and a Mossad agent.
  • Katherine Moennig plays Lena Burnham, Ray’s investigative assistant, in this movie.
  • Dorsey played Ray’s daughter, Bridget Donovan, in the movie.
  • As Ray’s son Conor Donovan, Devon Bagby played Devon Bagby in seasons 1–6 of the show.
  • Jon Voight plays Ray’s father, and he was called “Mickey.”
  • Samantha “Sam” Winslow plays Sarandon, Ray’s new boss in the movie (recurring season 5; season 6)
  • Jacob “Smitty” Smith plays Graham Rogers, who was Bridget’s boyfriend and then her husband, in the movie. (Season 5; Seasons 6–7).

can you watch Ray Donovan on Netflix for free?

No, Netflix doesn’t have any seasons of the show. As long as the show is sold outside of the United States, that will be the case as well.

Some thought CBS All Access would be the show’s permanent home. In July 2020, it was announced that the Peacock would be the show’s home for an unknown amount of time.

Hence, You can only use Netflix to watch Ray Donovan right now if you have the DVD rental service that lets you rent the DVD boxsets for each season.

Also, Watch it on Prime Video, VUDU, Spectrum TV, Vudu Movie & TV Store, Showtime Anytime, Apple TV, Peacock TV, SHOWTIME, or The Roku Channel on your Roku device.

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Is Ray Donovan Season 8 canceled or Renew?

It started on November 17, 2019, and ran through January 19, 2020. Because the show has been in very bad shape, and the show’s creators have hinted at the possibility of a ninth season, it’s possible that there could be a ninth season.

Another thing to note is that the show’s producers have talked about making a second season. For those fans who have been waiting for the eighth season, there is nothing to look forward to.

After Season 8, the show’s producers officially canceled the show. There will be no more seasons of Ray Donovan after that.

This is the rating for Ray Donovan Season 7 & Ray Donovan Season 7.

The show has a good enough rating on a lot of different sites. IMDb gives it 8.3/10, and Rotten Tomatoes gives it 73% of the vote. The show’s rating also gives you a reason to go see it, so you might want to.

Ray Donovan Season 8: Why did it get axed?

It shocked the fans when they learned that the show was ending because they had high expectations. Disappointed viewers asked for a new season of the show.

The audience’s anger and the outrage caused a lot of people to wonder. Some people are demanding that there be more episodes of the show. Twitter has been taken over by Season 8 tweets. Angry fans have taken to social media to vent their anger at the news that the show is no longer being made.

David Hollander said, “We didn’t know that the show was ending. We had no idea.”

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It’s possible that Season 8 will happen. 

As he saw it, we were acting as if we were in the middle of a sentence, It was clear that there would never be a conclusion to the story; that was the point. “This was not the last episode.”

The eighth season of Ray Donovan has been a long time coming for diehard fans of the show. As soon as the show was canceled in 2020, fans have been trying to get their hands on a new one for years now.

It looks like the long wait for the audience has finally paid off, so they can enjoy the show. Fans have been asking for a second season, and the show’s creators have been very happy about it.

End lines-

A big fan of the show, I thought they were going to kill each other at the end or something. There was no end at all. There is no end. It doesn’t matter if you stopped watching the show on any season or something; you’ve seen it all. you can give suggestions through the comment section. Ray Donovan Season 8 Australia Released