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Disney movies that word gives you an image of a fantasy world with fairy and castles but here we discuss the movie which is related to a warrior princess who fights for her world. Yes, the movie is Raya And The Last Dragon 2 which belongs to Disney’s first Southeast Asian heroin. The movie is an animated fantasy adventure-based film. The director of the story is  Don Hall and Carlos López Estrada. And the writers are Qui Nguyen and Adele Lim. if you have not seen this movie yet so read this article till the end. The article explains the plotline, cast, release date, trailer, etc.

The Plotline of Raya And The Last Dragon 2

The story begins with a beautiful place where happiness spread over. But one day, Druun (Evil spirit) ruined the thriving land of Kumandra and turned people into stone by using their powers. Dragons sacrifice their life to change into a gem. A gem destroys the druun and consists of all the power of the last dragons. Gem also bring back the life of people but not the dragons. Kumandra’s people into five tribes called Fang, Heart, Spine, Talon, and Tail in getting rid of that gem.

A gap of five hundred years, Chief Benja of the Heart tribe, trains his daughter Raya to protect the gem because they have possession of the gem. Benja believes that Kumandra can be reunited so he organizes a feast. During the feast, Raya befriends Namaari, the daughter of Chief Virana of the Fang tribe. She gives a dragon pendant to Raya and tells her that the last dragon still exists and we can summon it if we want. Namari breaks the faith of Raya and steals the gem.

Also, alert to attack and start fighting over that gem. The result is a gem divided into five pieces and all tribes have one piece now. Druuna awake and people start turning into stones. However, Benja saves Raya by throwing her into the river because druun is afraid of water.

After six-year, the scene showed that Raya is still searching for Sisu to revive all things fine. Raya and Sisu travel a lot to summon Sisu and also face many problems. In between, she successfully finds sisu and also meets new friends. The story twists when Sisu is dead and the whole river water disappears. Druun starts attacking the people. Will Raya save people or not? Or is sisu really dead?

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Release Date Of Raya And The Last Dragon 2

First, the movie is scheduled to be released on November 25, 2020, in the United States but due to some reason, it is delayed. Because of covid-19, this movie was not released on the announced date so it will be released next year. Then the movie was released on March 12, 2021. 

The cast of Raya And The Last Dragon 2

Here we present the whole voice artist of the movie Raya And The Last Dragon. All artist’s voices suit their characters and give soul to the movie. 

  1. Kelly Marie Tran voiced Raya, the warrior princess in search of the last dragon.
  2. Awkwafina voiced Sisu, the last dragon (Raya search her). She is bubbly and insecure in her nature.
  3. Izaac Wang voiced Boun, a smart 10-year-old boy who lost his family but the entrepreneur in him is still alive.
  4. Gemma Chan voiced Namaari, the warrior princess of Fang and Raya’s rival.
  5. Jona Xiao voiced Young Namaari.
  6. Daniel Dae Kim voiced Raya’s father Chief Benja, the leader of Heart.
  7. Benedict Wong voiced Tong, Spine’s warrior who is kind-hearted and lost his family and fellow villagers to the Druuna.
  8. Sandra Oh voiced Virana, Namaari’s mother and the chieftess of Fang.
  9. Thalia Tran voiced Little Noi, an infant con artist who lost her mother to the Druuna.
  10. Lucille Soong voiced Dang Hu, the chieftess of Talon.
  11. Alan Tudyk voiced Tuk Tuk, Raya’s best friend, and trusty steed who is a mix of armadillo and pill bug.

As of October 2021, many critics praised the movie and voice acting and the movie has grossed over $130 million worldwide.

Raya And The Last Dragon 2 Actually Based On?

The movie is based on Southeast Asian cultures. Both writer Qui Nguyen and Adele Lim belong to Southeast Asia that is the main reason why the movie has a southeast Asia touch. The Disney princess name Raya means “celebration” in Malay. Her animal friend name “tuk-tuk” belongs to  Cambodia’s iconic motorbike-powered carriages (you’ll find similar sets of wheels across much of Southeast Asia).

Rating of Raya And The Last Dragon 2 on Different Sites | IMDB

The movie is very attractive and shows a strong girl as its lead. Rating of movie 7.3/10 on IMDB,  4/5 on common sense media and Metacritic gives 75% scoring. After observing the scoring on such sites it gives us one more reason to see this awesome movie.

 The movie was watched for 355 million minutes only in the first three days of the week of March 1. The film is also available without any cost on Disney+ from June 4, 2021. After Netflix’s Lucifer, It became the second most viewed streaming title. 

Raya And The Last Dragon 2 

Raya And The Last Dragon’s trailer Available On Youtube

The trailer of Raya And The Last Dragon is available on youtube. You can also see the whole movie on disney+ as well as on Netflix. The trailer gives you a wonderful experience and gives you a synopsis of a different storyline. A story that is different from other Disney princesses. you can also see the trailer just click and enjoy.

End line

We suggest that the movie is good enough to stick with your screens and is worth watching and the whole movie is good to watch due to its interesting characters and storyline. Thank you for reading the article till the end if you have any queries so you can ask through the comment section and you can also share your experience in the comment section.

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