Romantic Killer Season 2 Episode 12 Review, Story Line, Ending Explained

Binge-watching Romantic Killer Season 2  a satire of dating simulations, was a blast, but the show was over much too soon. Although fans are hoping for a second season, the manga has already been properly adapted, so the anime will have to keep the tale going. This is everything we know about the upcoming second season of the Netflix original series Romantic Killer.

The Japanese romantic comedy anime series Romantic Killer is based on the manga of the same name by author Wataru Momose and is available exclusively on Netflix. Kazuya Ichikawa directs this movie based on the manga, which won multiple awards.

Video games consume Anzu Hoshino’s life, and she has no interest in anything else. A wizard from a magical planet suddenly emerges and coerces Hoshino into helping him reverse the population fall on his world. Hoshino, who is currently starring in her own dating simulation, only wants to go home and play video games while eating chocolate and petting her kitties.

Romantic Killer Season 2 Release Date

Early signs point to Romantic Killer getting renewed for Romantic Killer Season 2, but no official confirmation has been made.

For one thing, Netflix has a history of successfully renewing its original anime series. Multiple seasons of popular anime including 7 Seeds, Aggretsuko, There are a variety of reasons behind that.and Baki have been greenlit. The second reason why the stakes are so high in the Romantic Killer Season 2  is that the conclusion to Romantic Killer leaves many questions unanswered.

Finally, out of the manga’s four total volumes, only two have seen official English translation and publication. This suggests that there is more to the story to come.
A lower renewal probability awaits Romantic Killer if it does not perform well. Even still, given the manga’s popularity, it’s hard to imagine that happening.

Romantic Killer  Season 2 Plotline

It’s likely that Season 2 will pick off right where Season 1 left off, with Anzu continuing to navigate her complicated feelings for the boys even as Riri returns and raises the stakes significantly. Once again, the ticking clock device is eroding Anzu’s desires. That would give her good reason to reevaluate her connections to Hijiri, Tsukasa, and Junta.

Romantic Killer Season 2 Is Worth Watching

It’s a reflection of the outward, self-conscious shifts that happen to kids as they enter adulthood, which may not be as flattering as first appears. There are more than one strand to the plot than meets the eye at first. Don’t pass judgement until you’ve seen the last episode. This anime does not have a single disappointing element. The film doesn’t try to play with viewers’ feelings by presenting an over the top love triangle or settling for a morose take on romance.

The romance in this novel is secondary to the development of these characters as a unit. Furthermore, Riri’s persona cheekily subverts expectations of female and male roles.

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The show not only gives us plenty of time to care about its characters and the world they live in, but also leaves us with the message that authenticity and kindness are the best policies. for assisting a friend in need. You may not know how to alleviate their worries, but you can show them that you care by offering a helping hand. In conclusion, Romantic Killer is an entertaining film to see.

On Thursday, October 27, 2022, Netflix added Romantic Killer to its extensive library of anime titles. This analysis also discusses the sequel, Romantic Killer 2, and its plot development. I pray that it may be of use to you.

Trailer for The Romantic Killer Season 2

In the short trailer that Netflix released, we meet Anzu Hoshino, a cynical tomboy, and Riri, a positive but nagging fairy. Riri bursts out of Anzu’s screen and tries to make her fall in love with her as she is enjoying her life without boys in a video game. Riri claims to have accomplished this by removing objects that “may be damaging to [Anzu’s] love life.”

After having all of her favourite distractions—including video games, chocolate, and her cat—taken away, Anzu is left with only her intransigence as a companion on her compelled path toward love. This teaser trailer looks to focus on the antagonistic dynamic between Anzu (who is opposed to romantic attachment) and Riri (who desperately wants to find love).

It appears that Anzu will have to play along with the fairy’s games, as Riri is a magical being and cannot be destroyed by his wrathful blows. Their sweet and sour dispositions will make for a humorous dynamic throughout the series. Maybe that’s why the manga was so well received.

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Where To Watch Romantic Killer Season 2 Online?

Since only the first volume has been translated into English so far, we had to resort to scanning the original Japanese manga to see how much of the original story had been included. The anime series on Netflix has, indeed, adapted all 38 chapters of the manga.

In any case, I’m sure Romantic Killer will return for additional episodes on Netflix. The manga and anime both end on the same cliffhanger, with Anzu discovering that her beloved video games, chocolate, and cat have been temporarily returned to her. At the end of her high school career, Anzu risks losing all three of them if she hasn’t found a partner. The wizard Kate, in the anime, is assigned to Yukana as her new task, however, in the manga, Anzu’s love life is progressing and the story ends with a “to be continued” when Riri flies into the sky to tell the audience.

So while it appears that the manga has concluded, the anime has no plans to cease anytime soon.

Recap of The First Season Of Romantic killer

A high school girl named Anzu Hoshino is suddenly transported to a fantastical realm typical of shojo novels.. Despite her lack of interest in love, Riri, one of the fairies, decides to set up Anzu on a date. Until Anzu addresses her courtship head-on, she will never be able to go back to the carefree existence she has known and loved as a single person.

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To some, the idea of a Shojo heroine who does not want a romantic interest may sound ridiculous, but there is still an allure to the concept. A tale about a magical world that schemes to boost the human population by hurting the hearts of young people. According to Riri, who describes herself as a “fairy who hates romance,” Anzu is the perfect subject for this experiment.


Since a second season appears to be in the works, I anticipate it. I have no doubt that everyone who caught the ending teasers will be just as excited for season 2.

After it has been made available on Netflix, I fully expect it to gain a cult following among viewers like myself. In this way, folks who have seen the entire first season on Netflix will be able to find it more readily because it will be on the popular list.