Serpent Queen Season 2 Release Date Cancelled Or Confirmed?

Here’s the latest on “Serpent Queen Season 2” and more! When will Starz premiere the second season of The Serpent Queen? You’ve found the ideal site if you’re a television junkie curious about what will happen in Serpent Queen Season 2. Both Samantha Morton and Liv Hill make their television debuts as Catherine de Medici in the season premiere of The Serpent Queen.

Serpent Queen Deals With?

Samantha Morton, Amrita Acharia, Enzo Cilenti, Barry Atsma, Nicholas Burns, Danny Kirrane, Sennia Nanua, Beth Goddard, Antonia Clarke, and George Jaques feature in the Starz cable TV drama The Serpent Queen. In spite of adversity, Catherine de Medici (Morton) rose to become one of France’s most influential and long-reigning monarchs. Catherine’s story is shown in flashbacks as she justifies her acts and teaches her new servant girl, Rahima, from her own experiences (Nanua).

Catherine (Hill) marries into the French nobility when she is just 14 years old, during the 16th century. Her uncle, Pope Clement (Dance), has arranged a substantial dowry and a geopolitical alliance in exchange for the match, and she is expected to have numerous heirs despite her commoner status. Catherine’s new husband, however, falls in love with Diane de Poitiers (Sagnier), a stunning lady’s maid who is twice her age. Catherine’s future is suddenly clouded, and she has little prospect of becoming pregnant.

To live, she must swiftly identify those she can trust among her personal courtiers and among the members of the royal court, while also outwitting those who doubt her will to do so.

Serpent Queen Season 2 Cast And Main Lead 

Hill portrays a youthful version of Catherine, who becomes a queen when she is played by Morton. Hill’s Catherine is youthful and witty, while Morton’s Catherine is marvellously cunning and nasty, and this instantly sets this historical drama apart from others in its type. If Catherine is to continue surviving, she must demonstrate all of these qualities.

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Serpent Queen Season 2 Release Date

The renewal of Serpent Queen Season 2 by Starz has not yet been announced. The Serpent Queen will make its debut on September 11, 2022. Those who subscribe to Starz may immediately see the pilot episode and the rest of Season 1. When initially presented to the audience, Catherine de Medici utters the now-iconic phrase, “If you don’t give your rivals a lesson, they’ll never learn.”

A brief summary of Catherine’s ascent to power is provided in the preview. She breaks the fourth wall by speaking directly to the audience and the camera while recounting her childhood.

She describes how she initially married Prince Henry because it was in the pope’s best interest, but how she ultimately fell in love with him. A short time later, however, she learned that her husband had developed emotions for another lady, and their joy quickly faded.

Serpent Queen Season 2 Trailer

A promo for the show has not yet been made available. Without a confirmation from the show’s creators, we have no clue if there will be a Serpent Queen Season 2.

If you were unable to see the critically acclaimed pilot, fear not: STARZ has you covered. You just need to be a STARZ member. Netflix also has The Summer I Turned Pretty in this format, as does Apple TV+ with Loot, and VUDU with Model Minority (Amazon Prime Video)

However, The Serpent Queen Season 1 is now streaming online.

The calibre of the show’s actors is crucial to the success of the show. This means the makers need to be extra careful about who they cast in the parts. The completion of this endeavour, if accomplished, would be akin to the creation of another masterpiece on par with The Serpent Queen.

The amazing performing cast of this series includes Samantha Morton as Catherine de Medici, Naomi Battrick as Ann d’Etampess, Rebbeca Gethings as Queen Eleanor, Amrita Acharia as Aabis, Adam Garcia as Sebastio, and many more.

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Serpent Queen Season 2 Ratings 

Season one of The Serpent Queen averaged a 0.03 rating among adults 18–49 and 176,000 viewers across live and same-day broadcasts (including DVR playback through 3:00 AM). These figures don’t account for viewers who watch a programme later or watch it online, but they’re still indicative of the show’s popularity relative to others on the same channel. Although ratings aren’t the only influence in a show’s renewal or cancellation, they tend to be the most decisive. Compare The Serpent Queen to other series on Starz and see where it stands.

  • The average user rating for The Serpent Queen on IMDb was 7.7.
  • Rotten Tomatoes gave The Serpent Queen a perfect score.
  • Common Sense Media gave The Serpent Queen four out of five possible stars.
  • It was a hit with 82% of Google users.

Serpent Queen Season 2 Plotline

Samantha Morton, Amrita Acharia, Enzo Cilenti, Barry Atsma, Nicholas Burns, Danny Kirrane, Sennia Nanua, Beth Goddard, Antonia Clarke, and George Jaques are among the actors and actresses who play roles in Serpent Queen.

In spite of severe opposition, Catherine de Medici (Morton) rose to become one of France’s most powerful and long-reigning rulers.

The past of Catherine is presented in flashbacks as she defends her decisions and advises her new maid, Rahima (Nanua). 14-year-old orphan Catherine (Hill) marries into the French nobility in the 16th century.

Her commoner uncle, Pope Clement (Dance), has planned a marriage that would bring him a substantial dowry, a powerful alliance, and many children for her.


Catherine learns that her new husband is over heels in love with Diane de Poitiers (Sagnier), a lovely lady’s maid who is twice his age, on their wedding night. Catherine, in order to ensure her own safety, must swiftly choose who she can trust among the courtiers in the palace and the members of the royal family. She can’t conceive, and her future is in jeopardy.

Serpent Queen Season 1 Recap

Queen Catherine de’ Medici tells servant girl Rahima about her childhood. Catherine, a convent-raised orphan from a wealthy Florentine family, is sent by her uncle, Pope Clement VII, to marry Henri, King Francis of France’s second son. Catherine negotiates with Francis to accept her, despite the royal family’s disapproval. Catherine instantly loves Henri and thinks he does too.

On their wedding night, Catherine’s distant cousin Diane de Poitiers advises her on how to treat Henri. After a flawless consummation, Henri is unhappy and sends Catherine away. She returns to his bedroom to discover him in bed with Diane, seeking answers. Catherine informs Rahima that she learned never to trust anyone. The Queen yanks the maid.

Catherine hires Rahima as her maid. After her uncle, the Pope, dies in a vision, young Catherine is anxious to conceive to ensure her place at court. Henri laughs at Diane’s proposal that he marry Catherine to get rid of her. Catherine sleeps a steady hand to become pregnant because Diane’s influence prevents Henri from entering her bedroom. Henri follows, sympathetic to her suffering.

Catherine and Henri connect over their loathing of the Dauphin, Henri’s aggressive elder brother. Catherine, with Henri’s help, forms an alliance between Francis and the strong Sultan Suleiman, the king’s guest, who both oppose the Holy Roman Emperor. In the present, Catherine correctly deduces that Nathalie is bullying Rahima. Catherine provides Rahima a little bag of explosives, which the servant mixes into Nathalie’s bread dough. Rahima flees as the kitchen explodes.

Catherine saves Rahima after Nathalie loses an eye. Catherine’s widowed daughter-in-law Mary, Queen of Scots, swears to stop “that Italian witch” from reigning through her son Charles. Henri’s wartime letters enchant Catherine, but his homecoming with Filippa Duci and Diane upsets her. Diane exiles Filippa and her kid and helps Catherine conceive for their future.

Catherine’s alliance and Henri’s military victory in Italy impress the king. Bourbon advises to Francois that Catherine have a “accident” to end France’s Italian relations. Catherine escapes attackers. Ruggeri helps Catherine get pregnant by throwing her a book of remedies and citing a future price. Francois died playing tennis. The king denies poisoning and blames the Italians. Sebastio’s chamber contains Ruggeri’s book, and Catherine tearsfully surrenders her atelier to save herself. Catherine is pregnant after Sebastio is killed.

Nathalie threatens Rahima with retribution if Mary becomes queen. As Catherine and Henri lose a newborn boy, her story skips fifteen years and nine children. Catherine fogs up alone. The Guises take Château de Chenonceau from Pierre Marques, while the Bourbons try to ally with Marques to stop them. King Francis falls during an early morning hunt and dies, but not before promising Catherine that she will survive. Catherine joins the secret council and informs Henri of a Holy Roman Emperor threat.

She gives Diane Château de Chaumont, who is furious about being exiled. Diane pays Angelica well for a gold solution that would supposedly keep her young. Henri wears Diane’s colours on coronation day, shocking Catherine. A messenger brings the Holy Roman Emperor’s Valois envoy’s head. Catherine receives a troubling letter today. Rahima says she can’t read it but reads in her room.

Catherine informs Rahima the telegram proves Mary and her cousin Elizabeth I, Queen of England, are plotting against her. Catherine recalls Henri appointing her regent while he fought the Holy Roman Emperor. Catherine outwits the Bourbons and Guises and asks the Protestants for financial and military support. Angelica cautions Diane that too much gold solution can drive her insane, but Diane is addicted and wants more.

Henri comes to court triumphant after Diane convinces him not to fight, but he worries being viewed as weak and under Diane’s influence. Catherine urges Henri discover and bring Montmorency back to court. Protestant Pierre warns that commoners will topple the self-indulgent ruling aristocracy. Diane slashes him. Catherine’s smart regency impresses Henry. At Catherine’s request, Rahima investigates Mary’s apartments for additional Elizabeth-Mary communication. Catherine sends a lady to Mary’s room despite distracting her. Rahima found.

The Guises and Diane plan to marry their devoutly Christian niece, Mary, to Henri’s successor, Francis II, to gain power. Henri follows Diane despite Catherine’s meddling. Catherine finds Ruggeri and relates her dream of Diane and Henri’s deaths to get rid of Diane. Holy Roman Emperor and Spanish King Charles V attends the wedding. Catherine pushes Henri to joust to neutralise Diane’s influence. Henri kills her despite her last-minute change of heart. Catherine keeps Rahima imprisoned and manipulates her maid.


However, Starz has not yet confirmed whether or not the programme will be renewed for a Serpent Queen Season 2. All Starz members may now watch the premiere season of The Serpent Queen. It’s the first time you’ve seen Samantha Morton and Liv Hill on TV, as Catherine de Medici and Prince Henry.

In her long reign as queen of France, Catherine de Medici (Morton) amassed great authority and prestige. Samantha Morton, Amrita Acharia, Enzo Cilenti, Barry Atsma, Nicholas Burns, Danny Kirrane, Sennia Nanua, Beth Goddard, Antonia Clarke, and George Jaques are the cast members of Serpent Queen.

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